YouTube Ranking Factors - Keyword Research, Video Optimization & Right Upload Parameters

YouTube is the new internet, some say. Others even dare to forecast that eventually, everything is just video.YouTube has gained popularity in a short time span.YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google.

YouTube has gained popularity in a short time span. YouTube contains the Video Content that more engaging for the viewers. This content can be more informative for the user.

YouTube has become very important for bloggers, self-employed, teachers, Learners, celebrities, for promotion and many more.

YouTube allows selling, presenting, View, tutorials. Viewers share, like videos on YouTube. YouTube has become an informative source of social media.

Since the YouTube approach is from Google, everyone should be clear that behind the system is working a particularly clever algorithm. This can ideally sort everything by itself, arrange and present to users.


Unfortunately, this does not always work so well and sometimes there are certain rules that must be followed by everyone to keep yourself distanced from unwanted act on social media.

Keep in mind whenever you handle social media, be careful about what you post and write.

But as always, the criticism brings little in Google, it only helps to adapt to the giant. In order to optimize YouTube Presence, Having a better understanding of factors affecting ranking, idea to make a better ranking and many more.

Here are some important features to pay attention for better Ranking on YouTube Media:


Video Title & Description

Its important for youtube videos to have good on-page SEO for the posts. Metadata, SEO optimization contributes a lot to a ranking factor for YouTube. It includes Video Title. Video title gives you a short glimpse of what is Video all about.

Use of the better keywords to make on the Search page. Always create a relevant Video Title. Video description is also an important ranking factor.

It consists of 250 words space. Make it relevant, catchy and genuine. Keep your main keyword in within first 25 words.

Google extracts information from your video title & description and presents it on the Google search engine page (SERP).

Ensure that you use relevant language, make the title & description logical and genuine and use some keywords to get searched easily by the users.

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Importance of Keyword on YouTube

Now, as with Google, it’s important to find the right keyword for your video on YouTube. The one word that users type into the search engine, looking for the content you offer.

However, this works a little differently on YouTube than it does on websites because the right keywords are mostly filtered by the video results. So you need for YouTube mainly the keywords that appear with video results in the search.  There are many things for optimization yet to be done.

For example, when I search for “cute cats”, Google does not give me any results on websites, at least not at the top, but pictures and videos that are integrated directly into the search.

Such terms should include your videos on YouTube to be directly linked to Google, and indeed with the video itself.

YouTube works well with certain terms (example: test video), visual content (example: cute cats), but also tutorials, which often includes a video, which is presented by Google, even before the websites themselves.

Many websites provide a better tutorial, test video, or a whole list of cute cats. Google wants to push YouTube in these informative topics for better results. Thus, the clicks on such videos are much higher and therefore

It is important to choose keywords,  which appears in the Google search results. It’s easy to find the keyword on Google and observe if you’re getting video results.

Why is that so important? Users of YouTube rarely search, but rather follow certain channels. Who is unknown on YouTube, therefore, not found.

Unless they design his content so that they also appear on Google as a direct video hit in the search results.

Then he is found there and receives the important user signals for his uploaded video.

Filter search volume

So now you’re looking for keywords that match your video and have received a video result on Google at the same time. It’s not all that hard and after a few submissions, you’ll probably have found the right keyword for your video.

It’s important to know which keyword also has enough search volume? Who said that the keyword is really worth it?

Here we are now classically in the keyword research, because now it is appropriate to filter out the appropriate volume, and as usual with the Google Keyword Planner.

This will show you the approximate monthly searches on the keyword. Offers the complete analytics of keyword research. This data can surely help to predict your further keyword searches.

Every view counts on YouTube, which in turn pushes the video on the video platform itself, which can also drive new visitors.

So it does not matter here that you immediately have 10,000 requests for the keyword, it’s more about giving Google a positive signal about the video. To show that it is clicked and seen.

 Upload, tag, and name a video

Having selected the right keyword for your video. With the right keyword in hand, it continues now. Professionals in this area recommend naming the video always according to the scheme “term-keyword-term.mp4 “.

Allegedly, the file name is already an indication for GoogleWhether that’s true, as it is the case with pictures on the Web, I do not know exactly, because the videos are indeed converted once again, but

Its required to rename his videos before the upload accordingly and keeping the mindset audience pay attention to file names. Maybe it only brings 1percent viewers, but that’s better than having nothing.

Extremely important is the title on YouTube videos. The keyword should always, be at the top of the title.If your keyword is something like “flowers” and is the video of the most beautiful flowers in the world, do not call it “the 5 most beautiful flowers in the world “, but ” flowers: these are the 5 most beautiful in the world “. Roger that? Always insert the keyword at the very beginning so that Google and YouTube perceive it accordingly.

The description of a video has so far been little used. It’s important to have a glimpse for the viewers that what they are going to see. Ensure to incorporate title & description in a video.

Google is still depicting the actual content of video or judge what’s there. So be sure to include a text in your description that explains the video and has 300+ words.

Also, as with any well-optimized text on the web, the keyword should be integrated multiple times. Since few use the opportunity, this is your chance to score.

The same game is for the tags for the video. First the actual keyword, then matching terms. Not too much, not too little. Just a handful of terms that seem appropriate for the topic. Five to seven such keywords should sufficient.

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Small tricks that work for many

Copy the full channel name of a major competitor and add it as a tag to your video. That makes sure you appropriately tag it again and again in your videos.

Tagged video often appeared in the recommendations, in addition to the videos of the big channel. Whether this works as you follow it consistently and the outcome is good.

YouTube Ranking Factors # 2

Tips for Optimal Ranking of Your Videos

Google’s search engine is increasingly linking directly to YouTube, many are focusing on how to influence their position in YouTube itself.

Factor 1:

High-quality content will always rank well, it is often said, but what is really high-quality? Above all, it means to me that a video has been adapted to YouTube in the best possible way, in such a way that it achieves good positions there and does everything right.

Just as a website needs to have perfect meta tags and headlines to slip up Google, videos also have to meet certain requirements for YouTube to recognize its true value.

Factor 2:

It’s important to clarify which factors on YouTube actually influence the ranking itself. To have proper information and knowledge about the factors including the rules need to be kept in mind for Ranking Best on YouTube.

Knowledge about how you can manipulate and address these mechanisms. Have the proper understanding of the factors to successfully rank the best on YouTube.

Explanation of important youtube ranking factors

The YouTube ranking factors are not a mystery, they are very difficult to classify and influence. Above all, it is about user signals.

What works for websites still over links over links (whereby also their user signals become more and more important), that is a little different with YouTube. This is all about how viewers react to a particular video.

Watch Time

Watch Time refers to the length of viewing a video session. First of all, YouTube looks at exactly how many of the viewers watch the video refer as View Count until the end and for how long they watch it. The watch time has become a big factor and therefore very important.


Subscribers are the viewers who indicate those users who are interested in viewing the more of the content of your Videos.

This indication is a signal that viewers Like your video content. Continue with subscribers who have made a video. Who saw your video and then subscribed to your channel?

Subscribe channel is important to keep engaging users for your video and hence help to rank better on YouTube.


Thumbs and Comments

YouTube’s “Thumbs Up / Thumbs Down” features responsible to rank, as well as the comments, are also a factor, but one that has little impact and is essential for creating a good rank on YouTube.

Nevertheless, without comments and active thumbs, the users are not very active and thus it is a signal for Google that the video is just one of many.

If you really like a video, comment or leave a thumb. That is why these signals are part of it and complement the internal “importance” of a video on YouTube. Generally, this depicts how genuine your video content is.

So there’s a reason why many creators in the video ask again and again that the audience should leave a thumbs up, or leave any answer to any question by the comment. YouTube stimulate users to interact, and that’s important in the YouTube system for good positions.

Shares and Embeds

It is interesting that shares and embed have meanwhile also become very important. The larger the website or blog on which a video has been embedded, the more it can contribute to the ranking of the video itself.

Audiences see would be that YouTube sees something like a trust here. The better and more popular the video is outside of YouTube or the better it works there, the better it has to be in general. So YouTube could at least interpret the whole thing.

At any rate, depending on the page, embeds have a very strong influence on the ranking of a video on YouTube. A bit similar to the backlinks on websites.

Google can intercept of the embeds course corresponding user signals and intercept. Hence help in ranking better on YouTube.

Subscriptions, subscriptions, subscriptions

It is interesting, however, that identical videos on a channel with more subscribers work much better and have a better ranking. Subscriptions seem to be worth a lot on YouTube.

So it can be assumed that when ranking on YouTube also depends on how many of the subscribers really still click on the video. The more active subscribers, the better the video will be listed and managed on YouTube.

You have to get your fans to click to get the positive signal that almost all subscribers watch your new video right away.

High-quality views

High-quality, highly targeted views are also an advantage for ranking better on youtube. You get such views, for example, if you respond to “questions and answers” websites with your video, which clarifies exactly the question asked there.

Such viewers are usually very satisfied, watch the video until the end and possibly again for control or the like. Such long, real views increase the reliability of your channel and make them trustworthy too.

An SEO professional from the USA put it this way, watching the videos and creating such content of videos that can be shared among the friends and family members.

Such outstandingly positive signals are the ones who make the difference. As most of the views are characterized by a low attention span and hectic bouncing users who hardly see or even evaluate anything until the end.

It is therefore important to generate these outstanding views over and over again because exactly these are perceived by YouTube for a long time accordingly.

Video length

The video length has also proved to be increasingly important in various. Google is slowly but surely starting to favor longer videos. Often it is videos that go more than 30 minutes, which are recommended surprisingly often.

Like long articles on websites, Google seems to honor long videos and wants to move away from the short clip to real, long-lasting entertainment.

So it seems at least if one looks at the average of the videos, under which conspicuously long videos find their place.

Google provides space to both long videos and short videos for the audience. It’s important to keep in the mind, what are the audience interests to reduce the bounce rate.


It creates a huge impact on Click-Through-Rates, In order to maximize your views and ranking. YouTube can automatically generate a thumbnail for your Video. However, you can customize the Thumbnail the way you want.

Takes a little time to create and upload custom thumbnails to represent it to the audiences. Thumbnail should be relevant, catchy and aesthetically pleasing.

Size required to create a thumbnail is 1280*720 px resolution aspect ratio of 16: 9 to perform the best for YouTube ranking.

My Final Thoughts

Here we have discussed 2 articles YouTube Ranking is that you can influence it quickly and easily. Basically, it’s just a clarification that YouTube, like Google, knows certain rules and can understand certain factors well.

Anyone who sticks to it and tries to optimize it in a targeted and careful manner will succeed on YouTube and actually improve its position, etc. It’s about the best possible adaptation, not about scams or nasty tricks.

Nevertheless, these tips are no guarantee for the big breakthrough on the platform but surely can help you to be consistent throughout or can even be the best. As you still have competitors who are also on the ball.

It’s a guide to getting the most out of your videos because just like e-commerce websites and blogs, nothing works without perfect optimization today.

Even on YouTube, to create the golden times we need to work efficiently and constant optimization to help channel to rise and keep up. Hope our article has helped to have a fair Idea of YouTube Ranking factors.

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