Why Email Marketing is Most Reliable Channel
For years now, people have been saying email is dead or dying because of newer ways for entrepreneurs, small and large business have to communicate with possible, new and existing customers.
Still, Why Email Marketing is Most Reliable Channel??? This is big question by every marketer.
Yet, most smart marketers and business owners will tell you, email for marketing remains the cornerstone of any successful business, online and off.
If you are looking for the most affordable email marketing platform, then I will recommend Sendy.
Here are 6 added reasons why email marketing is most reliable Channel and why I believe email marketing won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

Why Email Marketing is Most Reliable Channel

  • Email is what your readers, customers are used to and expect
  • Email addresses usually stay with someone for years
  • Email marketing can be measured easily
  • Email marketing is targeted and customizable
  • Email is mobile
  • Email is more personal
Here with this Email marketing infographic, you will start to see why email is still very powerful today.
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