25 Effective ways to get FREE Instagram Followers

Instagram is quickly outgrowing its first impression impactful for kids and elders. Instagram, a Social Media Marketing platform, has become the best content marketing, selling, networking and audience-building tool for brands and others.

It is one of the most popular Social media channels for photos and videos sharing. It is growing at an explosive rate, with over 200million active users.

What exactly you don’t know about Instagram is that it’s an incredible marketing automation tool that allows entrepreneurs and business owners to promote their brand without spending tons of money.

Instagram Marketing platform is much better than other social media platforms in term of engagements, gain more exposure and online fan following and turn them into your potential customer.

Let’s Examine The Ways To Get Real FREE  Instagram Followers

When it comes how to get free Instagram followers, timing is everything to get real followers on Instagram. There are a set of activities you can do to get likes on Instagram and increase your followers at faster ratings.

The effectiveness of every action has an impact for a time, so it’s important to get updated about trends going on.

Having a basic understanding of how Instagram works is a foundation of the best way to get Instagram followers.

If you are using any Insta followers app or Instagram marketing automation tool, it’s important to get ideas for an Instagram profile photo, captions, hashtags and more. This enhances the visibility of your business and influences the engagement too.

Effective ways to get more FREE Instagram Followers.

 1. Add URL to your Bio

It is the primary concern for Instagram Audiences to know your identity. Link your website page with Instagram. To enhance traffic towards your Instagram account, change content with the latest, real and clickable link in your bio-URL. This the best workable Instagram Marketing Strategy to get free Instagram followers.

The pattern of bio-URL to get free Instagram followers

  • Name up to 30 characters.
  • Username: Write it same as other social channels. Make easy for followers to locate.
  • Website: this is where the visitor can click and explore your business. Make it the best
  • Bio: 150 character spacing available to convey brand identity. Make it eye catchy for the visitors

2. Get creative and logical with Hashtagging.

Instagram caption Ideas, first comes into consideration is Hashtag. To enhance your marketing and free Instagram followers. It is essential to use relevant and creative hashtag along with a post on Instagram.

Create your own Hashtag. #ABC to make an impact on the followers.

3. Encourage followers to join you on Instagram through your valid and logical content.

Inform your followers on other social media platforms like facebook, twitter, snapchat etc. Now you are on Instagram too. It’s important to, make the content in post appealing and genuine for attracting followers.

 4. Run Contests and give amazing offers.

Certain ways to lure in horde for new followers. Coupons, discounts and exciting offers always are good to drive traffic towards your website. Rewards given can vary. The contest, free gift basket, discount, scratch cards and many more.

Resources – You can run contests by using Agorapulse or short stack 

5.Important to maintain your High-Quality Content.

Make sure about the content you are posting on Instagram is relevant, high in quality and be selective in posts. This can attract new followers and make existing followers rely on your brand. It is important to deliver the best which will be valued for long.

Resources – Use Ginger and editorr for Proofreading.

6. Tell interesting and meaningful stories with your posts. Schedule your posts.

The audience is interested in stories. It’s the primary source of entertainment on Instagram. Ensure that your stories are genuine, eye catchy, original, good graphics and relevant. You can add photos, videos up to 10 in a row.

The Instagram platform is perfect for storytelling to get real FREE Instagram followers, as it’s really tough to get real Instagram followers. Don’t buy Instagram followers.🙂 🙂

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7. Make the content look interesting and eye catchy with emojis and other.

Emojis can draw readers eye and are an appropriate way to convey feeling in the text. One of the most difficult thing in writing is tone and emotion.

Emojis makes it simpler. Communicate a lot in single character displayed. Using the relevant emojis when needed according to the content.

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 8. Forming a reliable partnership with an influencer.

Form the best partnership between the brand and the influence. When the influencer appreciates your product or the services offered, it works in a better way for both well.

There are different ways in which you can work with an influencer. Firstly, you can ask them to review products or feature them on Instagram posts. Secondly, you can ask them to invite their followers to their account.

9.Important to incorporate the latest trends and updates or popular subject in content.

Keep your account and post updated. Always be current trends are going on. Posts should be relevant and fashionable, to attract an audience. Capitalizing on current trend can be a kick start for your new venture.

10. Target a niche audience and tag your location.

Specifically in marketing trends focuses to generate a deeper response from the audience. It makes the reader feel you are presenting directly to them and their experiences.

This is the reason audiences are more passionate and dedicated to certain brands. Be Genuine, Post Relevant things and always be updated, this makes a good impression on the niche audience.

Resources – You can use ClickFunnel (14 days FREE) for better sales funnel to for targeted audiences. And LeadPages for designing High converting landing pages.

Check out these beautiful templates from Leadpages

11. Schedule your post regularly and stay updated.

You can also use a tool called Hootsuite that helps to schedule and publish your posts directly to Instagram. Posting regularly also makes your brand more visible to the large audience and makes you more active status.

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12. Develop your unique Instagram style for your Business.

It’s important for a venture to develop a unique Instagram style for your business that may be the trademark for your brand. This unique style is instantly recognized by the audiences. Whenever viewers see it in their news feed. A specific trademark helps in marketing your brand in a better way.

13. Ask Questions and Solicit Inputs.

A reliable way to gain free Instagram followers is to let them notice and speak up their minds. You can ask a question and request their opinion in the post.

This makes the brand look genuine in the eyes of viewers. This makes the audience an easy way to leave a comment. Moreover, helps you to get noticed on Instagram faster.

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14.Important to approve Photo tags, show credit to the owner before the content shows on your profile.

Giving greater control over photos. The tagged photos appear on your profile. There is a setting available on Instagram.

You can customize the settings, so the tagged photos won’t show unless you approve them first. You can locate this below “options”, “photos of you” and “add manually”.

It’s important to set up this feature in your Instagram account, to avoid embarrassing situations later.

15. Remember calls to action.

Instagram is like social networks, it is a conversation, not a broadcasting Platform. Call-to-action refers to what action should viewers take on your posts.

There are some pages on Instagram that focuses on generating engagement by letting people know exactly what they expect them to do with their posts. Often, that call to action cleverly gets people to share or virally spread content.

16. Cross-Promoting your dedicated Hashtags.

If you are a radio or TVs, directing people to use your hashtag and get real free Instagram followers. Need to integrate online and offline campaigns, ensuring that it is listed on other social profiles, websites and in an email. Make it visible for the people.

17. Display the description with your captions.

National Geographic is best in using storytelling along the side of Instagram photos, generate engagement and sharing. Other media brands have a digital platform like files, NatGeo thrived across digital channels and have become the top brand on Instagram.

Better to be descriptive with your captions and attracting more audiences. This can incorporate in your working Strategy over the time your brand can gain an Instagram voice for its likelihood among audiences.

18. Adjust your strategy based on analytics.

It is essential to understand Instagram analytics for your account. Basically, Instagram Analytic Tools Provides data on impression of each post, along with reach, engagements and more.

Instagram analytics enables you to find the demographic information about your followers, gender, age & location. Regularly reviewing data on regularly can help us to identify an area where you can adjust strategy. Which may help you to get more followers on Instagram.

Finding the insights of the real Instagram followers, location. Using these details you can change the timing of your posts to reach to more followers at different locations.

19. Update a consistent and genuine brand story.

A popular feature of Instagram of stories helps to engage more audiences towards your brand. These stories results in direct messaging and most viewed stories are from businesses. Better to post a genuine and great content of stories.

20. Selecting the hashtag with the purpose of the content.

Using the hashtag with a purpose. The hashtag selected for relevant use makes it more impactful for the audiences. Target audiences for more Instagram followers. Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram. 🙂

 21.Consistent brand stories and explore page.

The stories generated on Instagram appears on Instagram explore page. This suggests viewers who are not following you, can watch you through these stories on explore page.

Creating a consistent brand story through Instagram aesthetic and profile. This can help you to switch casual visitors into dedicated, engaged followers. The growing popularity of Instagram, the profile is becoming a new homepage for consumers.

22.Boost Instagram Posts to new audience (Paid campaigns for promotion)

To get free Instagram followers, target on new audiences, Promoting your post all are made easy with the Instagram campaign.

Instagram is a powerful way to reach to new followers, rapidly getting content visible to many viewers. Features in targeting your audiences by Location, demographics other users and interests.

Running own Instagram ad campaign is a simple task to perform. All you need to do is “Promote” click on this button.

Resources for Instagram campaigns – Ninja Outreach Viraleze Pro

23. Follow other relevant users.

You can tag other Instagram users featured in your photos, using Instagram tagging feature.

This way they will get to know the notification from your posts. This way tagging someone can encourage other to engage with the post and share it.

24. Engaging with existing communities.

Like other social media networks, Instagram has different communities built. It beneficial to engage yourself in those related communities. Firstly we need to find those communities with which are relevant to your brand. This helps to identify the influential users to engage with.

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Once you have discovered the relevant communities for your brand, started liking and commenting on their post. In return, people will start following you.

It’s important to keep an eye on the relevant keywords, locations, hashtags and many more. Instagram search streams make easy to discover the new opportunities.

 25. Try Live Video and add a location.

Instagram is the perfect platform to take advantage of live video; this trend is continuing on social media platforms.

This feature is best for covering live events like conferences, community gathering, in-store promotions, and brand engagement stories. When the live videos disappear after 24 hours you can choose it to replay again for the next  24 hours.

This also helps the users to get notified when an account they follow start broadcasting live. Live video is a good feature to be used to target audiences.

Tag location. Tag your photos with the location as it encourages the customer to visit your profiles. Users can click on the location specified and view all images, restaurants, stores or offices. This helps to explore your brand by wider audiences on YouTube.

My Final Thoughts

We have discussed the important features to keep in mind to increase the real FREE Instagram followers for your brand and business.

Different Instagram Marketing strategies help to give the best result to get Instagram likes and increase in real Instagram followers. Instagram can perform schedule, publish, posts, measure performance, go live and many more all under one dashboard.

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Save the time managing your Instagram with the knowledge of proper marketing strategy. Hope this article fulfilled expectation from the topic and We have solved your big query of “how to get followers on Instagram?” 

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