Top 30 Free & Easy Ways To Make Money Online Fast in 2018 – Best Side Business Ideas

Earn money fast and start your own side business by sitting at home. Make your dream come true by earning a good income. Read more below the best and easy ways to make money online fast.

The fastest way to success is to find a mentor that has what you want and model their every move” 

Online jobs are now most common around the whole world, doesn’t matters where you live. You just need a computer or a laptop and right there you’re earning starts.

Make Money Online Fast!! Easily doable!! Yeah, that’s right.

Every single person is rushing for a comfortable and established life. Preparing very hard for themselves both physically and mentally from their childhood days. However, most of them are failed or you can say 90% fail by the time due to certain reasons, that could be anything, as mentioned below-

– Lack of proper education

– Unable to encash the right Opportunities

– Not getting expected payments and salary package ( as per your education qualification )

– And tons of more reasons.  And believe me, financial conditions are going to be worse in the coming future if you have not set your target to make money either online or offline.

In brief, I recommend everyone these key 4 steps to “make money online fast in 2018”. I can assure you 100% for my strategies if you are dedicated, sincere and have ZEAL to achieve something in life.

Simply follow this, and forget rest all –

1) Choose your favorite niche – Shopify, Amazon FBA, Facebook ad, e-commerce, blogging, Social Media marketing, affiliate marketing, Youtube, email marketing etc.

2) Stick with it for at next least 8 months to 3 years regardless of what else you are watching on the internet and how incredible it really sounds.

3) Find your mentor and monitor his every single move (even if it doesn’t make any sense… that’s ok sometimes 🙂

4) Get mastery in the skillset of your chosen niche – Digital marketing, Leads generation, make money online, traffic generation, product sourcing, copywriting etc

It’s up to you if you want to learn how to move ahead from zero to your first 10k or even 100k online?                                                                                                 You are the uncharge of your life and take control of your financial destiny by simply click through this link here.

Now, let’s jump to the top 30 Free & Easy Ways To Make Money Online Fast in 2018 to start your own side business.

Below provided is a complete guide where you can understand what are the most popular fields for working online, by applying in these fields your online career can go up in much less time.

Top 20 Free & Easy Ways To Make Money Online Fast in 2018 to start your own Best Side Business Online


Most of the people really get worried while applying online for jobs because they think about the skills they have but online jobs are really not about skills, well most of them aren’t.

So now it doesn’t matter what skills you have below posted are some of the jobs which can be done by anyone without having many skills.                                                        Please read them thoroughly to raise your chances of success.

1. Blogging – Best to make money online Fast in 2018

Make hobby your source of income. Therefore writing can be considered as one of the easiest ways for everyone to earn.

For the people who love to write have many ways to earn money from it.  It’s not a difficult task to acquire a special skill in writing. The content should only be logical and grammatically correct. The Accounting to statistics bloggers earns a total of $14 billion per year.

Be Patient initially it takes time and chooses a good and trending topic. Write a great content attracting viewers interests this increases the ratio of earning. SEO    writing is very popular nowadays.

Another easy way is to start your own blog site or self-hosted blog site, all you have to do is to buy a domain from either Hostgator or BlueHost at first.

This is not much costly. If you know about the WordPress themes things will be much better for you as the presentation of your blogging site also matters a lot.

Before installing the plugins from WordPress, you should be kept in mind that the more colorful your site will be it will attract more audiences. A good number of visitors ensure a good sum of money in your pocket.

Another little trick for earning is to have ads from Google AdSense, as you will be paid per clicks on the ads displayed on your blogging site.

If you get lucky and popular different marketing agencies will also contact you for displaying their ads on your site, this commission is a bonus for your writing skills.

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2. Getting Paid by Taking Surveys

For those are not comfortable with writing paid taking the online survey is a better option.  Most of the companies nowadays offer you online surveys, some pay with money and some will pay via gifts.

No special skill required for taking surveys, just power on your operating system and earn some cash. The best site for taking online surveys is Clixsense as it guarantees with earning money for taking some survey reports.

Don’t you consider it an easy way to make money online fast??  Also, another good point of this site is that it has a complete list of surveys of all companies so instead of going from site to site.

Also, the minimum withdrawal quantity at ClixSense is under different websites that starts at simply $8. Enables to withdraw your cash often.

3. Produce your own YouTube videos and Monetize your channel

YouTube is considered the most famous site for Video Marketing . Opportunity to earn handsome money just by posting videos from YouTube channels.

A hobby of Video creating and photography can help to earn money again by using you great cool stuff. Creating regular videos is the easiest way of earning but it takes time to be popular, for more viewers and more likes hence more chances for increasing earnings.

Many marketing agencies can connect seeing an increased number of viewers and ask to display their ads on the popular channel

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4. Micro Jobs to Earn Money Online

These micro Jobs don’t need any skills except for the basic information on the website. Homemakers, students and another can utilize in free time effectively.

So if you want to earn a little more cash alongside with your pay micro jobs is the best option for you.

Micro Jobs website pays you for finishing some easy tasks like sign-ups to websites, commenting on blogs, Tweeting or retweeting, Facebook sharing, finding more info on the web, digital product etc.

Paying rates of such jobs are affordable. You’ll be able to simply complete these jobs besides your regular jobs or maybe on a part-time basis to make more money online.

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5. Fiverr to Make Money Online 

Fiverr may be a website that provides opportunities for everybody to form cash online. You’ll produce a “Gig” that tells individuals what you’re willing to try and do for $5.

The Gigs is fully something from skilled services like technical writing, SEO, online promoting to non-professional.

Even if you are doing not have any skills, you’ll still earn with Fiverr for your power.

There are consumers for power, and if you’ll offer inventive Gigs to individuals, you’ll earn some simple cash.

Register on Fiverr for FREE to Make $100/day.

6. Make Money online by offering your Online Tutoring

Top 30 Free & Easy Ways To Make Money Online Fast in 2018 – Best Side Business IdeasTeaching is considered as the most respectable professions among all, what if you are provided with an opportunity to teach online.

It is a lovely job and you don’t need to put in much effort only knowledge about the subject you are going to teach also it is on the list of highest paid jobs online.

You can also provide online tutoring along with your ongoing job. Online teaching there is need of 3 spare hours and gives some extra income.

Makes you in touch with studies and also provides you with an opportunity to interact with other people.

Join the FREE workshop for Social Media marketing to promote your Business Online.

7. Make money online by Selling Profitable Online Courses 

Various presentations on a topic that is beneficial for the readers can help to earn a good income. Other options available like account planning your own on-line Courses.

This can help to begin own website and sell your courses there, or you can begin it on websites like Udemy.

Whenever someone buys your course, website Udemy can pay you when deducting its commission. Registering on Udemy is free. Many another website are there where you can register.

8. Earn Money by Selling Your Own Designs online

Opportunity for designers and sell merchandise, Print on Demand websites enables to earn money online.

Registering with the websites to increase your brand power and product publicity. Helps to earn money just by selling products and increasing traffic to the website & products.

You can promote your brand on Social Sites by Agorapulse. Highly Recommended!!

When someone buys our products, deliver to the consumer, you will get paid for royalty for the style. Few reliable Print on Demand websites like CafePress and Zazzle.

9. Become a Content Writer

Blogging is one of the most common ways of earning online. Writing meaningful and grammatically correct content. Content should be trending to attract auiedence for longer.

Use Ginger for proofreading, spelling mistakes and make your content perfect before publishing it.  Or else Editor is also a good choice.

Choosing a trending topic to attract viewers as per their interests. Blogs require regular updates, keep blogging site fresh for attracting viewers.

10. Make Money through Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter connect friends is also nowadays used to make money.

Social Media has grown as a huge online marketing and advertising platform.  Social media campaigns created for advertising on social media platforms and generate affiliate sales from here at a very reasonable cost.

   11. Manage Client’s Social Media Accounts   

Social Media can easy way to earn money online. Social media used as important for generating awareness among the audience.

Social media used celebrities, politicians, players and famous personalities to stay connected to public and followers. They hire a freelancer to manage their accounts on social media.

Social media accounts of newspapers, companies, and many other categories require to maintain accounts precisely

12. Make Money Online by Website Designing

People interested in website designing can get a good break to showcase their creativity along within earn money online as well.

Start designing your blog or your client’s website for FREE with Weebly.

Top 30 Free & Easy Ways To Make Money Online Fast in 2018 – Best Side Business Ideas

Designers need to learn about the Shopify, WordPress and WordPress themes, plugins to generate presentable website designs.

Top 30 Free & Easy Ways To Make Money Online Fast in 2018 – Best Side Business Ideas

There are many options, they join Shopify Here, create your own e-commerce website or for your Client. It’s very easy to design a website on Shopify compared to WordPress. The website designers get paid very high in terms of online jobs.

13. Offer Your  Online Search Engine Optimization Services

How To Use Google Keyword Planner Tool For Keyword Research & SEOSearch Engine improvement (SEO) another one of the ways to make money online fast, that directly involves blogging, WordPress backend technicalities and many more.

The HOTH is Good to go. Another way to make money online by SEO skills to JOIN SEO CLERK. And create your profile, offer your SEO services to your client in just one click.

Earning money through SEO, either contact bloggers and businesses directly as well. Begin with your own website, proposing the top grade SEO services or you can work with freelancers websites also to earn good money online.

14. Make Money Online through Applications & Web Testing

Website and application testing is a technical way to Earn money online. There is a need to activate the screen recorder software system on a laptop that is provided by the websites. There are several websites which provide earning money from testing web applications and websites.

Several websites like User testing, Testing birds and Ubertesters and many more others Provide a platform to earn money through testing.

15. Become a Virtual Assistant

A great opportunity for the freelancers, as they get benefited by getting multiple clients at one time.

Freelancers charge separately to each client depending on the number of hourly they worked and they will get paid with a handsome salary.

Organization desires staff or a virtual assistant for a certain number of working hours.

Virtual assistants can work from remote or far-off location, from countries with expensive workforce can also hire freelancers from India, Philippines, Bangladesh etc.

16. Start Freelancing

Freelancing is the best way to get started with the online business. Considered as a quick way to generate online income. Freelancing offers a huge range of skills.

Like graphic design, UI design, UX design, web design, creative writing, proofreading, etc. There are many freelancing platforms like up work, Fiverr, Upwork, 99desgin etc.

17. Publish an eBook on Amazon Kindle.

Amazon offers a program for writers to publish their eBooks, creative writings on the platform known as Kindle Direct Publishing.

You can Self-publish your eBooks and paperbacks for free with Kindle Direct Publishing on Amazon. It enables you to reach millions of readers on Amazon.

18. Affiliate marketing to make money online.

Basically, affiliate marketing program is about promoting products on different or websites online and earning a percentage of commission from the sale made.

There are many affiliates marketing program provided for the users to earn money online.  Best networks for 2018 are  Peerfly, Amazon, ClickBank, eBay, Flipkart, eBay, Rakuten Affiliate network, Instamojo,  Share a Sale, etc.

 19. Buy and sell Domains.

Top 30 Free & Easy Ways To Make Money Online Fast in 2018 – Best Side Business Ideas

Buying and seeing the domain is a powerful and profitable online business model. Know best places to buy domains from,& where to sell that domain next how to transfer it to the buyer.

The user can buy domain names from NameCheap, Godaddy; Monika etc domain has an expiry date too, so need to update it.

Sites to sell the domain name on Sedo, NameJet, Filippa,, DomainNameSales. Three main steps to be followed Set Price, Make auction with the highest bid, make an offer. A good way of making money online.

20. Earn money online by dropshipping.

Top 30 Free & Easy Ways To Make Money Online Fast in 2018 – Best Side Business Ideas

Drop shipping is a supply chain management method of earning money.

Where the retailer does not keep goods in stock but transfers the customer’s order details to a manufacturer or retailer or whole seller who then ships the goods directly to the customer.

For contacting the suppliers, will ask for EIN Number or a copy of sales tax, after that you can contact dropshipping suppliers. Best e-commerce platforms for dropshipping are Ali Express, Shopify, Sunrise wholesale, Doba, Salehoo, Dropship Direct, Mega Goods etc.

21. Data entry jobs.

Data entry job is one of the most popular online jobs for users to make money online.

This job begins data entry jobs by freelance project websites like,,, flexjobs and many more.

Make sure that you are working for a reliable company that provides payments on time and are not part of the scam. There are many options for those who want to work in data entry project.

22. Start your own Website by StudioPress or Evanto Studio

Top 30 Free & Easy Ways To Make Money Online Fast in 2018 – Best Side Business Ideas

Making your own website by StudioPress or Evanto is a good way of earning money online.

Firstly of all, you need to set up a registered domain name for the website, then hosted by Bluehost, Install the WordPress and start designing website, that’s all!!!

Second, need to choose an appropriate web host and sign up for an account. Third, designing web pages with HTML editors, plug-in, themes etc.

Fourth is testing website properly and collecting credit card information for making money.

The last step is Getting website noticed by search engines. Submit website to search engine and then promote the website on different platforms.

23. Start your own digital marketing agency

Here describe how the user wants to scale, ways Creating a digital marketing agency can be one of the most rewarding businesses.

Mainly focuses on increasing the market size and market audience. The the first user needs to developing necessary skills like building landing pages, designing ads, learning system like hub spot, sale force, sustainable pressure to produce etc.

Second, to become a contractor before becoming a founder. Strike target on own without assuming the risk.

Maintain Good professional relationship among clients. Third, Building the right business model, percentage of spend, taxes liabilities, commission based etc. These factors enable to increase sales.

24. Get paid for the guest post.

Freelance writers are told to write the guest post in order to build their portfolio.

The popularity of writing and speed at which you get paid for a writing job.

Freelance writing is one of the fastest ones when it comes to getting paid for work. The more guest posts help to build career, authority, and audience.

Some of the sites that are ready to pay decent rates for quality guest posts are Make living writing, The Write Life, Top Tenz, Cracked, World start and many more

25. Sell product on Amazon.

Selling Products on Amazon is an easy way to make money online nowadays.

Register on Amazon Affiliate Program now and start making $10,000 per month.

Top 30 Free & Easy Ways To Make Money Online Fast in 2018 – Best Side Business IdeasAmazon Associates is an Amazon’s affiliate marketing program that allows entrepreneurs and passionate bloggers to create affiliate links, promote it and earn referral fees once visitors click through that link and buy products from Amazon.

It’s absolutely free to join and super easy to use. And when someone buys any product, you will earn 8% to 15% as a referral fees.

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26. Create your own woo commerce store.

One of the Popular ways of earning money online is creating own online shop. Planning to launch your own Woo Commerce shop?  Here is how you can do it –

  1. Select your domain name
  2. Buy web hosting space
  3. Choose the Free Theme and WordPress plugin provided by eCommerce site.  just download and use accordingly and design themes for WooCommerce site. These plugins are familiar to basic Word Press plug-in development. 

Set up featured product to sell.  In store. Add shortcodes. The user gets profit when any customer buys a product from their store.

27. Create own design on Evanto 

Understanding the working of website and creativity skills gives a great result. Get paid for designing Website Themes and Plugins and Submit to Evanto Market.

Find the Talent you need in the specific creativity of designing compare it with other designs or portfolios .

Supply your brief: Add a brief description of talent in creative design with evanto and graphics, increase the traffic Approve Job: Once it becomes easy to attract customers and follow projects.G et paid on time

28. Create and sell website.

To create a website, steps used are selected the perfect topic for writing, publishing good and relevant content, create logical content to attract organic links.

Add audience interest for increasing traffic, negotiated advertising deals. Sell the website on a right offer.

29. Become Instagram influence.

Becoming an Instagram Influencer can help to Start Earning Money Now. Steps to be followed Choose a Niche You’re Passionate About, Create a genuine Bio, Share Your Stories.

Make your Instagram Feed appealing and motivating. Post the Content Consistently, choose the appropriate Hashtags, use Instagram get a business Account and Leverage  Instagram Stories.  This way gets paid being an influencer.

30. Sell products on Facebook market Place.

Along with social media platform, Facebook also has a Marketplace to sell products.

It has an open exchange, where anyone can post stuff for sale, buy new and used items within the local area., ranging from cars to video games to rental houses to clothes etc.

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31. Become a style coach or a fitness coach.

Becoming an online fitness coach and motivating the audience to be fit can help to earn money online.

Writing fitness blogs, providing fitness videos and motivating audience on different media platforms, join online training academy.

32. Run your own directory website.

To build an online platform, gather, browse and submit free directory website template.      Collecting different items for crafting own client.

Some of the free directory websites are Listing, Job Listing, Dorne, Classix and many more. World Health Organization will work for the hourly wages, as per the current report.

My Final Thoughts

After reading this I’m sure this will help in generating online income and motivate skills within, idea how to apply for the online jobs, how to make money online and which fields are best for getting highly paid.

So, it’s understood that there are easy ways to make money online, Motivate to perform the best in fields of interest. Certainly, it’s crucial to choose the correct option that you are confident about.

Please share the posts & knowledge to as many people as possible. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel to learn more.

For any questions and your opinions about how you can make money online, please do add in the comments below.

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