Best Affiliate marketing Tool used for your Business

If you want to generate a passive income than affiliate marketing tools help you to monetize the process in a much faster way.

These best affiliate marketing tools will be effective in the optimization process and make good passive income online and allow you to track your work performance.

The below mentioned list of best affiliate marketing tools used by affiliates and marketers for making money online without any heavy investments.

Buying  SEO, SMO, and other internet marketing tools. These help you enhance your marketing skills in this competitive world. How exactly affiliate marketing work, you can see in the below-mentioned image.

Important to have a thorough understanding of highly converting tools for becoming a successful affiliate. Check the List of the Best affiliate marketing tools that you can use to make your lucrative affiliate marketing business of your niche.

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Best  Affiliate Marketing Tools For Your Business in 2018

That’s true that affiliate marketing sector is highly competitive and that competition will be more intense in the next 5-8 years. It is going to turn into $7B in revenues in the next 5 years.

As an affiliate marketer in today era, you need not only to compete against just well-established entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and other marketers BUT also you have to compete against another multi-million dollar sophisticated digital marketing companies and publishers.

In this my today’s blog post, I’m going to share with you the powerful and best affiliate marketing tools used for your Business to understand the market, conversion ratio, daily visitors, website traffic, page views and many more.

So, Let’s jump to the best affiliate marketing tools in 2018 list that you can use to grow your affiliate marketing Business in a much better way –


A good email marketing program for several reasons its wonderfully customizable, broadcast messages(e-mails, etc), reports, and managing subscribers efficiently to enhance the performance of your business.

By clicking on account reports, enables you to view all revenue of your lists accumulated over a period of time.

Lists can be scheduled in daily/weekly/monthly subscribers, follow-up, subscriber growth, ad tracking and many more.

Get to Know more about Affiliate marketing Program

Link Provided by Aweber for Affiliate Program

Whenever you initiate by becoming an affiliate of Aweber. It will provide you a dedicated affiliate URL link

Add Your Id to the link

Then you can add ID at  Awebers end of any page. Once you have an Affiliate link, this way you are able to begin advertising AWeber to your own network. Make sure you have read  Affiliate Agreement.

New customers click the link

Whenever a new customer visits your unique affiliate link. They will get directed to that page and your referral cookie will be added to their browser.

The cookie remains in the browser for a year, or until the customer manually clears out their browser.

Commission Earned

When they order an AWeber account, the referral information is submitted automatically with their order and you earn a 30% commission on that sale.

AWeber is an email marketing service providing platform. Each time needs to pay an invoice for the next period of service you earn a commission on that payment too. As long as they have their account and use your referral link, you earn commissions for it!

Promote Online Services

A unique link that is provided to affiliates to promote an online service.

Which is then used to credit sale commissions to the affiliates A typical link starts with the original domain then ends with the affiliate id number.

Get started with Aweber Affiliate Program.

Set up your Free Affiliate Membership; get started with referring businesses and earning commissions online.

If you want, You can check GetResponse also, just to compare. However, for me, both are the best.

2. AgoraPulse

AgoraPulse is a time saving social tool with the flexibility to manage fast scaling client base, and single-click reporting.

This tool can easily impress clients with all metrics that require. Agorapulse helps in improvement of your productivity, manage all your social communities notifications and respond accordingly.

AgoraPulse Suit helps in  Scheduling posts and arranging accordingly in a calendar.

One of the great features of this tool is  Ad account integration. It’s so handy to be able to see all comments your ads and engaged audience.

Agorapulse’s has a  user-friendly dashboard. It also provides an affiliate marketing program, this program is designed for those who want to commit to a long-term promotion.

AgoraPulse offers an affiliate marketing program and how does it work?

Create Account

In Order to participate in the affiliate program, you need to create your account on AgoraPulse here.

Get a Unique Tracking Link

There will be a unique tracking link that will help you to get people to sign up for Agorapulse. This way they can be tracked as your future prospects. The appearance of your link should be like his:

Track your clients

Whenever a user signs up to Agorapulse without having clicked on that definite tracking link, they will not be tracked as your prospects.

Only New Clients will be considered for tracking

Any user who has already signed up with us previously will not be considered as your prospect, even if they click your link in the future.

Tracking of users will only be done if they have signed up only for the first time with AgoraPulse after clicking on that definite link.

Commission Earned

For each of your Clients, you will be granted a 20% commission of all the dues we receive without limitation in time.

This commission will add, for monthly subscribers or annual subscribers.  Refunding for the commission will be denied.

You will always be able to check your commissions by logging into your account at. Commissions will be denied if you used the affiliate program for your own use

Get started with  AgoraPulse Affiliate Program.

Setup your FREE Affiliate account on AgoraPulse and get started with referring businesses and earning commissions online.

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3.Google Analytics

Google analytic tool is free and can easily be used. This tool is mostly used as a web analytics tool. For an affiliate marketer priority is to track all traffic useful sources and to monitor all monetary value to each lead.

Various functions performed by Google Analytics:  Tagging best campaigns, measuring better conversions, Reduce in Bounce rate and low converting landing pages.

Google Analytics provides an affiliate program and how does it work?

Set Definite Goals

Google Analytics is easy to set up. It offers you to keep track of all activities performed like clicks on links, views, downloads etc. This way you can get an idea of how your campaigns, ads are performing

Determine Most Effective Keywords

Use of apt Keywords is the most important to generate leads. Google Analytics Offer a feature to set up the best and most effective keywords on search engines through traffic sources page.

Working together with affiliates enable you to optimize search engine presence by use of correct and effective keywords or phrases.

Check your Affiliates

It is necessary to keep a check on affiliates performing their task. There are many affiliates like “brand bidders” who steal credits for any conversion for their own use.

It’s better to avoid such affiliates Every affiliate have URL indicators at the end of site’s address. This address enables to identify the affiliate.

Performing custom operations in   Advanced Segments section, create a custom segment which has affiliate site indicators.

Be Aware of user Activity

Google analytics keep the track user activities like who visited your page, conversions, bounce rate, impressions etc.

Visitor activities are categorized in: Unique visitors: visitors who viewed multiple numbers of pages on your website, can be noted be seeing IP address of a visitor  Page view is the Number of page visits on a specific page

This way you can watch who brought visitors to your website. Compare the performance of affiliates who sold your products effectively, Conversions from your landing pages and easy setup.


SEMRush is one of the best  Digital marketing tools used to provide Professional Services.  This tool can be very useful to determine which strategies your competitor uses, Work done by them in past has benefited them and many more.

Reasons of SEMRush Affiliate marketing program that need to know before joining it:

Affiliate marketing program is the lucrative type of marketing program which helps to connect clients through blogs or website owners, and eventually making cash as well.

Keyword Search allows increasing the website traffic

When people are browsing the search engines in looking for the products. Keywords and phrases used by the people can be tracked.

SEMRush allows you to type the keywords and also suggest the similar keywords that may be beneficial for increase traffic towards the website.

SEMRush enables you to determine the type of content needed for your website and then optimized. This increases the chance for customers to land on your page

Finding out vendors spending time on Affiliate products.

An important feature of SEMRush for affiliate marketing program. It helps you to use “Ads History” function helps you to essentially plug-in into the landing pages of an e-commerce website. It can also help to know which keywords are being targeted by Google  PPC Campaign

Determine the value of the keyword for the proper functioning of the affiliate program.

With the help of Ad History tool, you can find out the keyword which is being targeted by ads or PPC campaigns.

This way you can find out the keyword value and bid on it. The high Value of keywords assign can convert into sales

Determine Patterns of your selected Niche.

Find the best and trending topic on the internet. Ways to identify trending keywords of your niche. Identify the top five players in your niche. Second enter the URL of the landing page of the company offers most trending ads other data of the company.

Third, after determining companies running PPC advertisements. View the ongoing ads, Export keyword into a .csv file. Following this process after analyzing the keywords that are beneficial for your business.

Analyze the Performance of other keywords and pages.

SEMRUSH  Automatically spiders finding keywords that appear on the top ten Google pages. This helps to analyze the long tail keyword on a new page.

This helps you to find targeted keyword by performing SEO by inputting your URL in SEMRush. The data shown is analyzing of monthly data.
SEMrushSEMRush helps you to keep the track of what your competitors work and most trending topics on the internet. This way SeMRush can help you to be on the top affiliate Marketer.


ClickMeter is a web-Marketing Agency. ClickMeter has a web tool created to address the requirements of the agency and count and track web marketing actions performed.

ClickMeter is the most widely used software solution agency to collect, analyze and share data with customers.

The Key Features of ClickMeter Affiliate Program

Vigorous Approach :

Rapid Approach for link tracking benefits for future searches.

Rapid Response

Offer a rapid response to the customer’s queries. This helps to increase the reliability among audiences.

Best Affiliate Service Offered

ClickMeter provides many services to their customers. Enables customers to track software, reliable support, web-marketing, link tracking and many more

How ClickMeter Works for an affiliated Program

SignUp to Click Meter Affiliate Program

Complete the Affiliate Program form of click meter. The form will be reviewed within 24 hours of submission by Affiliate Marketer.

Select the Materials that you like to market for (text ad, Banner, products etc)

Compared to other best affiliate marketing tools available in the market, this tool provides link and banner for each affiliate marketer.

Select the marketing material, choose from it and promote accordingly on different platforms to increase sales. Whenever a customer clicks on your link, banner or ads set to refer to your customer.

If customer signup within 90 days and becomes paying customer., you earn commission from that sale.

Publish your product on online platforms

Offers  visitors to view the selected products by affiliate marketer and purchase  the products with the link provided like ( social media, websites, blogs etc)

Get commission on every Purchase of your affiliate product.

Enables you to earn a good commission when customers make a purchase from your link or products you specified

 6. Spyfu

Spyfu Offers best affiliate deal in the industry. Spyfyu gives valuable information of search marketing strategy of successful competitors. This way you can plan your effective strategy. Syfyu Search of domains, Organic ranks, etc.

The topmost Features of Spyfyu affiliate Program

Increase Website Traffic.

SyFyu offers Recommendation drives which help to click your SEO and Adwords  Campaign.

Track Keywords Ranking

Monitors SEO ranking on Google, Bing, Yahoo etc.

Make Reliable connection

Reliable connection with the customers. This helps to build partnerships among customers and generate leads.

40% in monthly returning commissions

Ongoing income for referring clients. Paid monthly for the life of the account.

1 year time of tracking cookie :

Whenever any visitors buy from your link. It locks your commission for a year on sales.

Get Payouts 2 times in a month

Get payouts on your every sale, through safe Medium by Paypal and money transfer

How Spyfu Affiliate marketing Program Works

SignUp forms

Affiliate Marketer needs to first start by Signing Up the Form of SpyFu affiliate Program.

Using Simple Links

Direct visitors to Spyfyu without old links, older affiliate links. Spyfyu credits you as a referring site to earn commission

Make Money

After the conversion of the first link by the customers. Later on, need to make profits from the dividends.

7. Click Bank

ClickBank is known to provide Lifestyle Product to the customer . ClickBank is one of the largest online retailers. It has the power of digital marketing products with more than 6 million products to reach to 200 million customers. Clickbank Commits for featuring product, satisfying customer requirement and providing appropriate tools, resources to entrepreneurs to publish market the products for business growth.  Every time receive a percentage of sales every time a customer makes a buy through your link.

Features provide by Clickbank to Make Money Online

Browse Product

Find Unique product Lifestyle on ClickBank. Makes your product appearing in an interesting and attractive way by just a click. Also get an instant access to the products. Providing advice and customer support.

Product Creation

ClickBank has a creative style to display the products which you select. ClickBank works on designing, graphics, featured images etc according to product category.

This makes it more attractive, logical and easy to understand for customers. It can help to increase conversion rates and generate leads. Provides facility to sell the products across the globe. Offers free business support for affiliates.

Digital Marketers and selection of quality products

ClickBank offers to locate the most demanding products for promoting it online. This helps the affiliates to know the most trending products online.

Effectively affiliates can select the products they wish to sell to earn a commission. Affiliates get the facility to select from quality products.

How ClickBank Affiliate marketing Program Works

Select  products that make sense

Being careful about selecting the products, knowing the relevance of each product for customers. Customers who rely on recommendations. Be wise in endorsing products.  A process like paid ads, email marketing, and social media are helpful for affiliate marketing. Promoting product online. Understanding audience interests.

Choose the appropriate Model

For Promoting your product on different online platforms, interests and patterns of promotion should be selected wisely to the target audience.

Various online platforms like Pinterest, facebook, twitter, email market, curationsoft etc to the target market. For Pay – Per – Click Campaign to start to require an account, landing page and small budget.

Invest in the finest visual brand

The appearance of your brand to customers makes an impact and motivates them to purchase the product.

Ensure the design graphics, display you show to your customers is compelling and a masterpiece. This helps you to increase your conversion rate on the products

8.Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program

Amazon Affiliate Marketing is known as Amazon Associates Program. This Program helps the website owners to sell their products and making money by advertising their products through advertisement from Subsidiaries of Amazon like and endless.comBloggers and website owners who are associates create a link for the customers, so this way they are able to earn their 10% referral fees of that link clicked. Get 15% of referral fees on the purchase of gadgets.

Features of Amazon Affiliate Program

Reliable brand.

Trustworthy brand, customers rely on Amazon for its best services and products. A convenient way to access people.

Convenient start-up process.

Easy and a convenient start-up process for beginners. Requires less investment and more gains. Can also provide a basic sense of promoting products and making conversions.

Earn High Commissions

Get a good commission when someone uses your link to buy the product. More the conversions more the commissions. Commissions increases on the purchase of   gadgets and other electronic items

Optimal use of different occasions

Provide different attractive Offers to the customer on different occasion. Discount deals and best deals offer help in generating more leads and increase in conversion rate.

 How the Amazon Associate program works

Learn Basic HTML and its functioning

Need to have basic knowledge of HTML. Some functioning’s like How images are inserted, creating different hyperlinks and some formatting techniques. This makes your business program look professional

Select Appropriate topic

Its important choose the topic fashion, fitness, health, tech etc such as which you have a wide knowledge about it. So the target of keeping customers attracted to your product becomes easy.

Pick best domain name for your business

Pick the domain name that suits your business along with that is easy to locate. The domain name should be like most keyword rich.

Get your domain name Registered

You can register a domain name with the same site you set up your hosting with. Connecting with domain companies like, many more have different management tools to manage your domain you can refer to that as well.

Set perfect Hosting of your site

Be careful while setting up a package for a web hosting. There are companies provide hosting for $10 per month. While other companies provide the same hosting at $4 per month.

Install the suitable blog software accordingly

WordPress is the best option for installation of blog software. It is an open source and easy to use.

Make appearance and Design of your blog attractive

Attractive and appealing design for your blogs as per topic. This builds a good customer relationship, leads to conversion.

Set definite categories

Create different subcategories for the topic. This makes it easy for the customer to understand and make a conversion. Blog software provides different entries to organize it.

Sign up as Amazon Associate from Amazon website.

Direct to and click on join associate button. At this stage, your site must be set up for further process of an Affiliate program.

Create a blog link according to products selected or bookmarks

Important to set up a blog posting a link which is located at the bottom of the blog posting page of blog software called “bookmarklet”.

Build first link of your Amazon Associate Program.

Log in to Associates Central account. .At the left navigation sidebar, click on Build-A-link. Drop down menu of Static Links, look for Individual Items. Click on the link and drag that link on your Favourites menu or to Links toolbar.

Build your website

Ensure that your website is ready with the best content. Write several product reviews to make it product look reliable. At least have 2-3 categories of each product so it makes search easier for customers.

Promote your website on various online platforms

Promote your Amazon affiliate website to different social media platforms. This helps in creating popularity online, generating leads and conversions. Online Marketing makes easy to accomplish your targets


Hostgator leading provider of shared, reseller, web hosting provider etc. HostGator has become true host in India brand. Marketing program where we pay fixed commissions to affiliates and drive new customers or referrals. Promoting HostGator India using banners and text links that are provided. Tracking referrals that are sent to your website. Through your affiliate link by giving a commission of up to Rs. 3000 per signup.

Features provided by HostGator to the affiliates

Provide suitable Hosting

Hostgator is known as the leading brand for host provides. Provides Shared, reseller, Application hosting

Provides Domain facility

Offers different domains like register, transfer and IDN domains for users.

Shopping options for customers

Different shopping deals offered to customers like Affiliate Signups, Affiliate Logins and compare plans for the customers.

Reliable customer support.

Hostgator India provides a reliable customer support for customers. Answer the queries of customer perfectly and on time.

How an affiliate program of Hostgator works

Sign Up

Fill the simple Sign Up forum. Fill the specific details required for the forum and Signup. Become an Affiliate of HostGator USA or HostGator India

Promote your Products

Promote your selected products on different online platforms. Promote on social media, different channels etc, with your Hostgator India affiliate link.

Earn Money On every Signup

After Promoting online, get paid on every qualify sign-ups for web-hosting plans like shared, WordPress, cloud, VPS etc.


SiteGround is the largest owned hosting company. Affiliate marketing program has easy tools to track performance. Keeps track of payment and commission, creation and comparison of different campaigns.

Features of SiteGround for affiliates


Unique Speed boosting solutions and customized software system for effective usage. Optimized performance with different software like Joomla, WordPress or other website designing platforms and themes.

Find the best WordPress Themes in Themeforest of  Evanto Market Place. 

Advanced security feature

Different and advanced approach to the security of your accounts, data etc keeps it safe.

Expert Support

Reliable expert solutions to clients problem. Building a good relationship among the customers.

Number of Platforms and server locations

SiteGround provides different data centers among 3 continents. Ensuring the better performance

How SiteGround Affiliate Program Work

Great Commission for work done.

Get performance-based commissions, get weekly payments. Get on-time payments on your conversions

Real-Time Tracking

SiteGroud has nice navigation tools. Used to track site performance, examine payment history and comparing different campaign.

Material for marketing

Gives the facility to make the appearance and design look better for the campaign. These tools consist of visuals like custom banner, logo, deep links etc.

Secondly consists of, great content ideas and fresh testing service etc. Makes it look professional and more eye catchy.

Affiliate Assistance

Signup to get an affiliate manager assigned to your account who is reliable. It offered on strategies for higher performance fast Response to emails and inquires for customers and affiliates.

My Final thoughts

Here we discussed the relevance of the best affiliate marketing tools, that you can use to increase your profitability in your business.

Best Affiliate program offers a variety of platforms which are helpful for beginners to start as a successful affiliate. You can also Try vCommission, I love it, all in one platform I can say…:) for affiliate marketers.

The affiliate program is no doubt a profit program for affiliates if they perform required operations well and in an organized way.

Being an affiliate it is very easy and beneficial for earning.I hope you enjoyed our post and get the best tools and affiliate marketing tips too!!

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