Younger users see social media as the main source of news or you can say Social media become one of the top news sources in India and across the world; although two-thirds do not trust these social media platforms. For publishers a fine line.

Still, television is the most important channel for receiving news and considered as top news sources in India along with across the boundaries. However, not if you exclude over 49-year-old from consideration.

Especially the younger target groups call social media as their number one news source. Studies show that trust in these channels is becoming ever smaller. Especially publishers but also advertisers are faced with opportunities and great risks.

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Social media as one of the top news sources in India

recent study by the Pew Research Center from the US shows that the market is increasingly relying on social media as the source of news.

On an average Social channel still behind the television (49 percent), the news sites (33 percent) and even the radio (26 percent), which the media mentioned for frequent news reception. However, the print newspapers (16 percent) have already been overtaken.

Through Google’s optimized and personalized feed as well as through content suggestions in social media, which are increasingly being adapted to the user for the daily reception of news in the digital space is intensified anyway.

The time spent on social media and the opportunity to share relevant news directly there are important factors for the development. Nevertheless, it is not without problems.

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Why social media declines, while news platforms remain relevant

The more personalized messages become, the less multi perspectivity could result in the worst-case scenario. A lack of objectivity can also lead to a dangerous way of messaging.

From the top news sources in India, whether on TV, social media or the radio: a diverse reception of news always has its advantages. A complete mapping of all facets of a message is not possible. In social media, the danger of actually false reports is even higher.

On Facebook, there is the possibility to report fake news directly. Nevertheless, there are often enough false reports or politically colored opinion on the platforms.

Even Twitter as a real-time news portal, which is extremely vulnerable. Because of such concerns and the uncertain data situation, the social media increasingly lose confidence in the users.

Nevertheless, more and more news is being received there, because it is not only easier but also more up-to-date to inform oneself about these channels.

Here, however, the difference of news websites to social media is central. In the case of the latter, the legality of news can be guaranteed much less because fakes are more likely here than with well-known leading media.

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Opportunities for Journalism in social media

Since users want to read news on the internet, there are tons of top news sources in India and at the same time want to have quality journalism, according to TOI they are even 30 percent willing to pay money in India.

That’s why publishers have some great options to win via social media readers. Facebook knows that too. For example, the social network is running a subscription program that is currently in beta but is to be expanded. In this case, subscription models of the publishers are tested in the Instant Articles.

And there are several features: for example, readers can also gain access to other articles by sharing their email address. And with the welcome screen, the publisher can follow insofar as the user gets more content in the same feed.

Such options are available to publishers to make the Social Media channel, which is definitely the news source, work for them. At the same time, the quality of the journalistic content on the platforms is being worked on.

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However, other then the various top news sources in India, the online news portals have to fend off the fake messages that are sometimes even published on their behalf.

Because social media offer space for almost all facets of the great variety of opinions on the internet.

This nutrient medium is suitable for news but carries the risk of watering down the concepts of facts and objective truths.

So, if you’re into social media, you should always check the source; There are also tools for this on Facebook.

My Final Thoughts

A presence in the social media, on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn is indispensable for news portals now and in the future for top news sources in India.

If these Social media channel offer, even more, controls and also features for publishers to be able to simply display good content, the possibilities on this channel are only slightly limited.

The danger of misinterpretation and distortion remains, but the responsibility of a reasonable reception also lies with the reader.

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