SEO Strategies To Increase Web Traffic by 200,000 Unique Visitors a Month!

Do you want to be on #1 on Google??? Really? First, you need to understand is that “Content is always a King” to gain more organic web traffic.

A startup, Business Owners, entrepreneurs, and everyone has the objective of getting more and stable web traffic for the long-term. But, how is it possible and what are such strategies to improve the website’s ranking?

Reaching in the top search results is often time-consuming. Plus, you also need a solid SEO strategy. This means you can get the best and profitable visitors for your site through organic search results.

People visit your website when you have created a valuable online space in order to offer interesting and engaging content.

It means you are able to increase the web traffic or can earn the visitor’s attention if you provide the useful information and resources.

Top 7 SEO Strategies To Increase Web Traffic On Your Website

So, here are several SEO tricks that can help you to improve your organic search engine ranking positions up to a great extent.

Know Your Audience

As with all marketing, at first, try to know to whom you are trying to attract and to whom you are addressing your content.

Creating a buyer-personas means bring together the characteristics of your ideal customers in a tidy package and obtain the information including age, gender, education, income, sources of information, key challenges and objectives.

This leads you to optimize content for lead generation by gaining more organic traffic on your website.

Develop Quality Content

After clearing and measuring the customers’ need, give him/her required information by posting quality content. In order to attract more web traffic to your website (E-commerce, business etc), content marketing is the optimal SEO lead generation strategy.

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Creating a unique and high-quality content will naturally resonate you with the customer and help to improve your SEO. This means focus on the clients’ main issues and their highly searched queries.

Add A Blog To Your Website

A blog must have on your website so you can constantly able to upload new content on regular basis. Blogs allow you to create a helpful persona-optimized content focused on your business industry so that visitors can deep dive into your website.

Search engines give more preference to those websites that provide valuable and fresh content to the end user.

The better the content you publish, the more chances to attract users to your websites and much more chances to gain organic web traffic. Try Weebly for FREE here. 

Avoid providing spammy and poorly-written content. Opportunity to provide possible concerns or even common queries related to your product.

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Using Targeted Long-tail Keywords

The next strategy is – find and use the targeted long-tail keywords that are worth optimizing the SEO lead generation strategy.

These keywords resemble what exactly a user is searching for. Not only use the most popular keywords but also use the specific keywords for your product.

Search engines will identify your website as a destination for that particular subject. This strategy will boost your content and help your customers to find you.

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Use of Meta Tags

The best and effective tactic to increase the web traffic is adding the meta title, URL, and description for a blog or article.

These three key ingredients will help you to optimize the web page or blog post. Use the targeted keyword in both title and description to make it more attractive and useful.

Internal & External Linking

To drive your customer to relevant information or content, you can start linking to your blogs and on your website.

Once you have done with linking, this will increase the user time on your website means you can get the boosting factor for search results.

But the use of too many internal linking can make your website spammy. Google and other search engines allow incoming links, especially from other trustworthy sites.

The sharing of guest blogging and infographic are pre-eminent ways to entice with high-quality links. Focus on quality links, not on the total number of links.

It encourages the family, friends, clients, partners. and bloggers to link at your website. This will not only build the quality backlinks but also allow your readers to spend some more time by going through previously written related blogs or articles.

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Social Media Promotion

This is the best way to promote your product on social media websites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

So, build your presence on these sites to share, like, the comment about your product and eventually increase organic web traffic.

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All these will help to address your website to the internet and people will get interact with your services. You blog so people can easily share your blog.

You also have to add social bookmarking buttons to your blog. So, stay active on these social media websites and write worthy content for sharing.

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Final Thoughts

Use Google analytics to track your web traffic, website ranking and visitors. Trace where they come from and what keywords you are ranking for.


All these above tips will offer you the high and reach an audience. But first, you need to focus on customer requirement and needs including quality content and information.

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