How to Fix Suspended Google Adwords account

Google Adwords is Google advertising service which allows placing search results for your website on a search engine results page (SERP) by giving payment to them & describes ays to resolve suspended Google Adword account.

Google AdWords is basically Google’s advertising platform, where advertisers bid on certain keywords for their ads that are clickable so that they will appear in Google search engine results page (SERP).

It works in with proper bidding processes, AdWords ads auction and with few important factors like Quality Score and cost-per-click(CPC).

Guidelines for Google Adwords advertising policies

Let’s jump on the guidelines of Google ads, keywords, & website. Ads that violate google ads policies will not be able to run ads, as account gets suspended, sometimes on a temporary basis or for permanently.

• Have a review at guidelines for Google Ads Policy Center that are applicable. Find out ways Ways to resolve suspended Google Adwords account.

Google’s advertising policies provide to promote a good experience for people viewing ads, helps to make as successful. Need to ensure that ads follow applicable policies in different countries according to the rules applicable of countries.

• The approval process for the ads to run is essential and to ensure the ads are safe and apt for users to.

• Whenever the user makes changes in existing ads, the review will be automatically submitted for the ad. This way google ensures advertising policies are being followed.

• Ads found violating policies will be marked Disapproved or Suspended and will not be able to run.How to Fix Suspended Google Adwords account

Reason for the Suspension of Google AdWords account

Each Google AdWords account suspension message has it’s own reason for the account suspension.

Your Google Adwords account has been suspended for various per decided violation of Google’s Advertising Policies in this or a related account.  However, there are few ways to fix suspended Google Adwords account :

Before starting the process to fix suspended Google Adwords account, the user needs to check the this-

• Sign in to your Google Ads account with the correct email address.

• Check the exact reason (in the Google Adwords notification) behind suspension for your account and accordingly find the solution to fix suspended Google Adwords Accounts.

• Refer to Google advertising policies and go through the Google’s Terms and Conditions to know more about the problem.

Common reasons for Google Adwords Account Suspension

There are tons of reasons, why your Google Adwords Account gets Suspended. Below I’ve listed the key reasons of it –

1. Google Policies are not being followed

How to Fix Suspended Google Adwords account

If your website is not following Google Adwords Policies, then it’s fair chances of your account suspension.

A user’s website should not include copyrighted content, unwanted ads or apps, gambling content, pornography, under-construction content, misleading content, any illegal services or anything which is not being allowed on Google.

2. Your account has malicious ads, sites, or apps

If the ad contains any links to a website or a page that contains malicious or unacceptable content, then your account gets suspended.

Maybe if the ad leads any user to malware infected websites, then Google can suspend the ads and the ads account.

In such cases, there will be a need to remove any malware, content and correct the landing page and after this need to resubmit it for evaluation.

3. Misleading Content in Ads towards False Advertising

Your ads are misleading and you are advertising wrong about your business/ service.

This is one of the common reasons, that your ads or a website are misleading towards False Advertising. You need to fix it before moving ahead.

The user needs to go through advertising policies of Google to fix suspended Google AdWords account.

4. Using Cloaking on your website

A user should avoid cloaking. Cloaking is a process where a different website is shown to the Google team and a user sees it as a different website.

You need to be wise while working with Google. As Google is so smart to detect your such illegal errors.

5. Using Multiple Google AdWords account.

You are using multiple Google Adwords Account for Same Business. Can be one of the reasons of suspension of Google AdWords account.

7. Using the same billing Details for multiple accounts.

You are using the same billing details for multiple Adwords Accounts. Google AdWords account that has been suspended if your billing related to google account is not been verified.

Such Account suspensions occur when the user enters in a fake billing information, usually done by virtual credit card and entering random names and profiles.

8. Having trademark issues.How to Fix Suspended Google Adwords account

• Google local trademark laws. Requires that Google Ads ads don’t break third-party trademarks. Google ensures that third parties are properly making use of trademarks in situations, such as by resellers to describe products.

• Google may restrict a trademark from appearing in a subdomain of an advertiser’s display URL.

• It is important to know that the ad may not be disapproved; instead, no subdomains will appear in the display URL.

• Trademark owners can contact the advertisers directly.

• Google can remove definite ads on the Google Network in response to trademark owner complaint.

9. Repeat Policy violation.

Suspension of account due to repeated violation of AdWords or Landing Page or Site policies –
• The Landing page is violating the Google TOS (Terms of Service)

• Sending traffic directly to the Affiliate Offers. Google does not allow it, Google wants the user to have a landing page on their own. The user can only send direct traffic to that offers sent by the owner of that website otherwise need to have a landing page.

•  Find out the reason for suspension and then focus on what to advertise. Advertising or promoting restricted products & services such as Tobacco, Cigarettes, Casino, Porn etc is not allowed by Google.

10. Displaying URL in ads are different

The Display URL and Destination URL in Ads are Different from each other. [Violation of Ad Policies]. This can be the reason for the suspension. The user needs to be genuine while providing information to ads and Google.

11. Using Unauthorized Access.

Your Google AdWords account has been temporarily suspended due to suspected unauthorized access attempts.
Whenever a user tries to log in to the account using public proxies, random VPN, RDP or from a remote location as of where Adwords didn’t expect the user to log in. Can be the reason for the suspension. So whenever the need to log in, make sure network has safe proxy server etc.

12. Sharing your Account details with others.

It can be unsafe for AdWords user to share their account details with other parties. This information is needed to be private. Ensure the safety of Google Adword account.

13. Your account violated the Unfair advantage policy.

Google Adword polices does not allow the user to Promote similar content from multiple accounts. This is updated google policies. Make sure you share the content is alright with Google AdWords policies.

14. Payment IssueHow to Fix Suspended Google Adwords account

If unpaid balance or charge back is the reason for users suspension of Google AdWords account, follow these steps:

1. Need to Pay the balance amount 1st on main Billing page in the user account.

2. Need to Submit account details.

3. If payment is done for Google Ads directly through your bank account (also known as direct debit), it’s important to send google a proof of payment for the last three payments.

4. Proof can be a scanned copy of your bank statement or a screenshot for an online banking account showing an account balance of user, the payments made to Google, and user’s name on the bank account.

15. Suspicious payments

If a suspicious or fraudulent payment activity on an account is detected. Google may restrict how much the account can be spent or suspend the account right away.

Apart from the above mentioned reasons –

There are times when users Adwords Account is mistakenly being suspended by the Google Adwords team.

Above mentioned issues can be the reason for the suspension. Know the exact ways to fix suspended Google Adwords account, before that user need to know the reason first and then go ahead to resolve.

There can be main reasons why most of the time your Account is suspended and check out how to fix suspended Google Adwords account in reality, however, the case may vary.

Common Google Adwords Suspension Notices

1. Your Google AdWords account has been suspended because of violation of Google’s Advertising Policies in this account or related accounts.

2. Your Google AdWords account has been permanently suspended for repeated violation of AdWords or Landing Page and Site policies in this or a related account.

3. Google AdWords account has been suspended because your billing information in this or a related account could not be verified.

4. Google Ad Words account has been temporarily suspended due to suspected unauthorized access attempts.

Every Suspension Message has it’s own reason for the Account suspension

If you have got the above-listed suspension message, it means your Account has been suspended for one of the following reasons –

• Using black-listed keywords such as Tobacco, Cigarettes, Casino, etc..

• Using redirects that are not allowed and cloaking.

• Showing something different to Google Spiders/Crawlers and showing different to the audience who are landing through clicking on your ad. Misleading towards reality check.

• Repeatedly Disapproved Ads are also one of the reasons why account can get suspended firstly we need to find  Reason Behind Suspension for Google Ad words Accounts and Ways to resolve to suspend Google Adwords account.

• Adwords suspend your Account after an ad is disapproved, but they suspend when you do it excessively.

• Budget Increase is harmful to Adwords Account and can put your account in Adwords radar of account suspension.

• Tried using an already suspended domain or website, that’s the reason for your account suspension.

Ways to Fix Suspended Google Adwords Account

The user’s topmost priority is to find the right reason for the suspension of the account and then work to fix the issues.

Below, I have listed the ways to fix suspended Google Adwords account

1) Resolve issue with Suspended Site by AdWords

For the suspended website, strategy written by Adwords on how to fix the suspended site and how to re-submit for review. Click here for more details on that.

2) Resolving issue with Disapproved Ads

If ads on your website (e-commerce or services) are being disapproved, check the Google Adwords Policies immediately on ‘How to Fix Disapproved Ads’ to get it corrected solution.

3) Contacting Google Team to resolve the issue 

Next step is to reach out Google Adwords Team. The first way is to file an appeal regarding Adwords Account Suspension. Good to ask your Adwords Account Manager.

•1st step is that user should be a professional while asking the reason behind suspended Google Adwords account for businesses.

This will create the impression that the user is very alert and cautious regarding your Business with Adwords. In this way, the Google’s team can understand your problem.

• Next step is that the user needs to ask from Google team, what kind of user policies are being violated and how you resolve them.

• Inquire about any changes need to be done to the AdWords account to be safe from suspension notices.

Key Points

Do not submit your ads for review until violations are fixed. If there is still a trouble in finding the exact reason for the suspension, then find a way to resolve your suspended Google Adwords account before moving ahead with ads and other.

Google team provides services to get your account restored. It takes time to resolve the issue of suspension, so be patient.

Patience is the key here.  The process and review can take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks. You can remind Google team multiple times to get the issue resolved.

Final Thoughts

We discussed the top reasons and ways to fix suspended Google Adwords account. You must be updated about the revised Google ads policy, paying bills, other policies and new rules etc for better and an error-free ads copy.

Important for the user to be reliable in eyes of Google and customers for further growth in business.

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