Many businesses weigh the advertising abilities of Facebook and Google Ads because they want to get maximum visibility.
They also aim to register new customers, boost sales and increase leads.
Facebook and Google are the two biggest internet giants, and each has its own advertising model. Which is the best? The answer may surprise you.

Many companies wonder whether they should use Google Adwords or Facebook Ads. As you will read in this article, we believe Facebook targeting holds certain advantages.  Use this to run Facebook Campaign Ideas.

Facebook Cheat Sheet Sizes and Dimensions 2018

At first glance, they look pretty similar: PPC advertising can be cheap if you know the tips and techniques for using it. With Google Adwords, you can have highly-targeted, low cost, high conversion campaigns.   You have the same opportunity with Facebook ads. You can build your list by driving traffic from Facebook ads and increase revenue.
Google Adwords works best when someone is in research mode. When a person searches for a keyword on Google, the top results will be advertisements related to the person’s search. So you only reach searchers.
However, Facebook Ads are about making people talk about your business. It focuses on word-of-mouth marketing. Facebook Ads can not only help you sell, they can also help you build an interactive relationship with your customer.

Facebook Vs. Google Adwords Advertising

Now Let’s look at the differences between Facebook ads and Paid Google Search(PPC), ie. Facebook Vs. Google Adwords Advertising

1. Keyword Search Relevance: On Google, your ad is search-related, which means that your potential customer is searching for something specific he or she is ready to buy right now. Few people are on Facebook searching for products, so this point goes to Google. On the other hand, Facebook plants a seed that might bear fruit in the future.
2. Higher Engagement Rate: Facebook wins this point nearly hands-down. While Google generally offers user ratings, on Facebook, brands can interact—answer questions, offer additional information and overcome anticipated objections. There’s not much dissent that brand engagement drives sales and encourages customer loyalty.
3. Fancy Ads Quality: Facebook wins here, as well. On Google, your ads can’t get much fancier than “bold.” If you really want to go crazy, you can post in ALL CAPS (please don’t). On Facebook, though, you can post graphics, a whole carousel of beautiful photos or a video.

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4. Niche Products Ads: Niche products can be difficult to make work on Facebook because Facebook marketing is only as good as the data you give Facebook. For niche products, your target market is fairly limited, no matter where in the funnel you are trying to advertise.
5. Laser targeted Audiences: With Facebook ads, you can get extremely specific about the people who see your ads, unlike Google PPC, which based on keywords. A narrowly targeted audience ultimately translates to a lower cost per click. Facebook wins this one
6. Click Rate on Facebook: Facebook clicks and conversions tend to be more of an impulsive decision. People aren’t searching for your product, but they see your ad and decide they want what you’re selling. This is missing in Google Paid Ads.

7. Local business Promotions: Again, advantage Google. If people are looking for somewhere to have dinner or searching for the nearest gas station, chances are they are already in the car on a mobile phone.


It is regarded as the factor leader in online advertising. It deals with over 3.5 billion search queries daily.
This offers advertisers access to unique and unsurpassed potential for customers looking for goods and services.
·B2B Businesses: Start with AdWords and retarget on both Facebook and the AdWords Display Network. Consider testing Facebook for your business using 10-20% of your monthly ad budget.
·B2C Businesses: Start with Facebook, unless you have a product with a small market niche or one that costs over $500, in which case you should start with AdWords. Consider using 10-20% of your ad budget to test on your non-primary market.

Final words, click here for the facebook contests, pid ads campaigns and Social media marketing Power-up.

Facebook Cheat Sheet Sizes and Dimensions 2018

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  1. As an adwords expert I want to tell that Adwords is better than FB in America, Europe, Australia and some other high developed country. One the other hand FB ad is better than Adwords for some specific country. If you want to get all exact matching visitors then Adwords is best. Thanks for sharing this article.


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