7 ways to earn money on internet

Normally I present in my blog professional and permanent ways on how to earn money on Internet, how to actually make money online from home, how to start a side business, save money and enjoy life.

But not everyone is self-employed or wants to earn a full-time income on Internet. Many just want to make a few extra bucks and that too is possible.

Therefore, I present below 7 ways in which you can earn money on Internet at the same time.

Top 7 Ways to Earn Money on Internet

Before I introduce the different possibilities, I would like to point out again that this is not about sources of income, from which one can live in a short time.

Apart from the fact that this is not so easy anyway, the following tips are intended for all those who really want to earn extra money without too much effort.

This is not a long-term business model, nor will one take in larger sums of money, but a little more money makes many happy.

1. Write texts

If you like to write, have a good general knowledge and are also happy to deal with new topics, for the writing of texts is a good and fast way to earn something on the internet.

Platforms like Upwork, textbroker have specialized in exactly this activity and offer the possibility that one earns something by writing texts and start earning more money online from home itself. But even more general websites, such as PeoplePerHour, offer a variety of jobs for those who can and want to write texts.

7 Ways To Earn Money On Internet

The earning potential is not very high at the beginning, but you get very decent compensation. You can even earn significantly more if you have many satisfied regular customers and recommended.

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2. Small services

The market for small services in the network is booming. Of course, this is because many simply want to earn a few euros, but clients also appreciate that motivated contractors are available for small tasks.

Platforms such as Fiverr or Transcribe anywhere enable simple tasks such as transcripts, content creation, research or the creation of graphics to take over. Of course, there should be some experience and know-how in the area. But then you can easily get to small jobs.

Again, this will not make you rich (like any of the tips in this article), but in between, these platforms provide small jobs to earn a little extra. Depending on the order, it can sometimes be more than just pocket money.

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3. Advertise Family and Friends

There are other classic affiliate programs that explicitly exclude advertising from friends or family members. For example, Shopify, where exactly this is concerned. By advertising new customers in your own family and acquaintances you receive compensation.

Of course, this “Affiliate Marketing program” is particularly suitable for those who have a large circle of friends and would like to recommend products. However, you should be careful and do not want to turn everything on everyone. Otherwise, you will soon have a few friendships less.

This type of source of income is well suited for all who pass on recommendations anyway and are very contact friendly.

4. Affiliate Marketing

Correct Affiliate Marketing can, of course, be done as well. You do not even need a website for that. In the meantime, almost all affiliate programs can be used on third-party platforms such as Facebook or YouTube. If you are already very active there anyway and published content, then you can additionally earn something with additional built-in affiliate links.

Of course, you should also be careful not to overdo it and only use thematically appropriate affiliate links. Well proven in the past have current offers, because who is not happy if you can save something.

Depending on the range of your own profile, you can earn quite a lot of money in this way, but mostly it is after all a small extra income

5. Sell on Amazon

This is not about a professional shop on Amazon, but about private sales. Each of us has things in cupboards or under the bed that he or she really does not need anymore. Unfortunately, it is difficult for many to separate, although it has not looked at forever. I know that myself very well.

7 Ways To Earn Money On Internet

This dead capital can quickly turn into money on Amazon. Simply take pictures and insert a neat description text, you’re ready to go.

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Of course, selling your own belongings is not a permanent source of income, but before you can carry things around with you forever, you might prefer to get some money.

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6. Sell your own products

Do you have a crafting hobby and like to make your own products? Why do not you sell these online?

Platforms like Amazon or Etsy offer just that. Here you can set your own creations without technical know-how or other effort and sell.

Of course you should stir up a bit of a drum and as everywhere, good photos are very helpful, but otherwise, these are probably the best platforms for creative people. There are even people who live by selling their product on these websites, even if it takes a while.

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7. Answer for survey

Surveys are one of the earning opportunities on the Internet, which I recommend only limited. Although there is now the opportunity per survey response to take a few euros, but really lucrative or permanent that is of course not.

Nevertheless, one finds in the network a lot of platforms that offer just that. So, for example, find on mylittlejob.de many survey offers, where each earns a few euros.

Often, however, there are also bonuses, which you get in return, but these are also worth money, such as clixsense.

If you really only want to make money online at home for Free and to earn a few dollars now and then, paid surveys are worth a look.

Beware of dubious offers!!

Who accepts such small jobs or orders, should pay attention to dubious providers in any case. Unfortunately, one keeps reading about promises that are too good to be true. And so it is. A few thousand euros incidentally for little work is just not possible on the Internet, even if it sounds very tempting.

At the latest when you have to buy something, the alarm bells should start. The Internet offers many ways to make money, but here also apply market fundamentals and to give away has no one.

Make Real Money on the Internet!

The possibilities presented are intended for those who want to earn a few euros on the side every now and then. A business does not become this.

If, on the other hand, you want to be able to earn good income permanently and maybe even live on the Internet, you should approach it differently.

For example, you can build up a lasting passive income with the development of niche websites on Weebly. Likewise, it can be very rewarding to earn money as an author of eBooks. These are more and more on the rise. And even today, you can build a successful and lucrative blog, even if this of course takes time.


How to get started as an entrepreneur to earn money on Internet step by step and what you have to pay attention to, you will learn in my great tutorial.

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