Looking to add YouTube Marketing & Video Advertising to your Marketing Strategy?

Want top YouTube Marketing Tips 2018 to Optimize Video Campaigns?

Are you using YouTube marketing in your social media strategy? Are you interested in getting your video ranked higher on the most popular video search engine, Youtube?

In this article, you will get the latest YouTube Marketing tips 2018 to optimize video campaigns.  Here I will share best practices for maximizing YouTube for your brand expansion, in terms of getting engagement, views, shares, conversions, and optimizing videos on YouTube for search results.

I’ll teach, all you want to know about YouTube Marketing Tips 2018 to Optimize Video Campaigns. To become a successful marketer, it’s always recommended to keep yourself up to date on all the newest YouTube features, trends, strategies and best practices for YouTube channels and YouTube videos.

What is YouTube Marketing?

YouTube marketing is a digital approach that takes advantage of your audience’s proclivity for video, allowing businesses to promote their content and grow their brand.

YouTube is an excellent source of entertainment, but it is also an increasingly important tool for business owners and internet marketers. Simply, the below mentioned YouTube Marketing Tips 2018 to Optimize Video Campaigns works perfectly for you.

YouTube marketing is a way to get your business noticed, and show people what you’ve got! We know it very well, we love it, we use it extensively on a daily basis, we’ve probably all watched one too many funny, inspirational or motivational videos on it. In fact, almost half of all marketers (48 percent) will be adding YouTube to their marketing strategies this year, according to the State of Inbound Report.

Why take advantage of YouTube Video advertising for your Business Promotions

YouTube is incredibly popular; Alexa constantly ranks YouTube as the second most trafficked site globally. Additionally, its content displays up frequently in Google search engine (which happens to be the top site).

Videos are everywhere — on your social media, websites, blog posts, TV, on your Facebook newsfeed and embedded into websites. YouTube marketing is the key to ensuring success in 2018.

This isn’t an accident, it takes extra efforts and in-depth knowledge of Youtube marketing and video optimization. Brands around the world are starting to enhance their marketing efforts with videos, and no business can afford to be left behind. If you want your videos to meet those eyeballs—and bring in business—you’ll need to be smart about your YouTube marketing. But clicking that upload button is just the first step in locking your place as an effective video creator.

YouTube seems like an automatic ticket to visibility, with one billion hours of video watched daily by over one billion users.

YouTube has a huge and very diverse audience consisting of over one billion active users. Collectively, those users watch one billion hours of video every single day, generating billions of views.

Video marketing is gigantic right now. Recent figures show that video content is an actual form of marketing — and the demand for it is growing speedily.

Let’s do some research into my favorite ways of using YouTube advertising in conjunction with other forms of digital marketing platforms.

  • Keyword placements for Video Optimization -If you want Google search engine to do the work, you’ll get more scale as they combined all videos using particular keywords into placement for you.
  • Video marketing for Remarketing to your website visitors – Text and banner ad remarketing/retargeting of audiences is great and easy, but if you didn’t get the message right when someone was at your site, it may take a video to tweak this message in order to get that visitor’s attention.
  • YouTube Channel-based placements- You can add those channels to your placement targeting, iIf you can find YouTube channels whose viewership characteristics match your target audience.

How to Optimize YouTube Videos

I’ll show you first-hand pieces of advice to grow your reach on YouTube by optimizing your video content, your SEO efforts and your channel.

1st step – Create a Brand Account on YouTube

Creating a YouTube channel exactly for your business will expand brand visibility and help people to distinguish you as an authority in your industry. Plus, a brand account can allow multiple people to contribute to the channel from their Google Accounts.

2nd Step – Customize channel art and channel icon

To customize your YouTube channel artwork, choose an image that communicates who you are as a business, while also being visually engaging. YouTube recommends uploading your cover photo at 2560 x 1440 pixels with a maximum file size of 4MB.

The channel icon is the small image that appears on your channel, with your comments and so on. It works similar to a Facebook profile picture. YouTube recommends using an image at 800 x 800 pixels.

3rd Step – Channel Description

Your channel description can include useful information like your email address, your location, or links to your website or social media accounts.

4th Step – Add links

These links are easy to see and highly clickable, so be sure to choose the marketing avenues that are most important for the communication between your business and your audience.

5th Step – Create a channel trailer or featured video

Channel trailers are autoplay videos that (like a good movie trailer) will hook the viewer in and make them want to see more. Create a channel trailer that is short and sweet. Give viewers a quick insight into your brand, your style, and the types of topics you cover.

6th Step – Video optimization

Optimize titles, tags, and descriptions with keywords. “If your content strategy also includes written content, you’re probably aware of how important keywords are. Placing them in the title, tags and descriptions can make content easier to find both on the video platform as well as on search engines.

7th Step – Create a clear Call to Action (CTA)

Don’t forget to have a clear call to action to get more benefits of video marketing. YouTube offers three interactive features (each with a different type of call-to-action) to choose from, according to your marketing goal. You have overlays, end screens and cards, which is the feature of choice in our case study.

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Aforestated YouTube marketing 2018 tips to optimize video campaigns seem like a foundation of a good brand experience. It will help you run a YouTube Marketing Campaign that will reach the target audiences and persuade them to do what you want them to do.

YouTube Marketing is the future of video marketing, you will see stunning and fascinating things in the near future. Hope you liked it, Wish you a great YouTube and video marketing future.


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