WhatsApp limits forwarding function worldwide

WhatsApp continues to fight the fake news and chain letters: in the future, the number of contacts to which you can forward a message or a link will be limited to five. WhatsApp responds to the increasing spam that spreads in Messenger.

WhatsApp has introduced a new rule that goes in the same direction as the flag forwarding message introduced some time ago. You’re right, WhatsApp limits forwarding function worldwide!!!

While it was still possible for users to send messages, links or pictures to many or even all contacts in the address book at the same time, this feature is now decidedly limited.

In the future, messages should only be forwarded to five people at the same time. This is reported by the blog WABetaInfo. The new restrictions have a sad background.

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Special regulation in India

In India, the limit to forward messages to only five people maximum has been active for some time. There had been more problems with fake news and even subsequent violent crimes.

In India alone, 31 people have apparently been murdered in the past decade, after rumors that were previously invented by WhatsApp have been spread, according to the Economic Times India. That’s the reason WhatsApp limits forwarding function from its platform.

That’s why there was a special regulation for the Asian country. In all other countries of the world forwarding to 20 contacts were possible – now WhatsApp makes it over.

As the developers of Messengers announced in a blog post, this is supposed to take the messenger back to what it was originally designed for: “A private messaging app that people love.”

Bottom Line

Now WhatsApp limits forwarding function, ie, it is restricted the number of forwarded messages to 20 chats Globally; however, in India, it is limited of 5 chats.

According to IANS news agency, WhatsApp confirmed that in near future, it has begun rolling out its forward message limit in India. Whatsapp has the biggest market of 200 million users.

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