Top five reasons how to make new year’s resolutions work

Hey all my blog buddies, Wishing you a very “Happy New Year  2018”

And I promise in 2018 I’m going to store even better things that will be valuable to you. You will learn more and grow more

Now talking about New Year I know you have to make enough resolution like

  1. staying fit,
  2. taking up a new hobby
  3. or  traveling to a new place

These all are good things when you start a new year. However, I believe when you change yourself positively From The Inside Out that that’s what your life change for the better

Now, what is the Inside Out,  you may wonder,  I will let you know when you will let go your past and move on with your life,  your life changes and that change will be permanent. In that way, you will change inside out.

NOW, there are a lot of my clients and professionals of Digital Marketing Workshops, says that their new year resolution failed 90% of the time.

And in this blog, I have mentioned top Five reasons how to make new year’s resolutions work in a better way in 2018.

1st – Start with Mini Habits & Never Set Too Big Goals

Most of the time we set our goals too big. “Like I will be super healthy”, “I’m going to be highly productive this year” or maybe “I follow a strict diet chart”.

So these resolutions are very open-ended  and so big. You need to figure out what the true goal is? start with mini habits,  it requires less energy and power even the less motivation also.

Too High goal required more energy more willpower and more motivation. So sometime too big goals can’t be achieved and we fail to achieve it 90% of the time.

2nd  Follow the Consistency of work

The 2nd vital resolution is consistency. Consistency is the one which is very very important and “no more excuses now” for working upon on daily basis.

“Always keep your eye on how and why. You have a very clear vision about what you wanted to achieve. No why, just you want to do it. Pick one thing at a time and make it as a habit. Then you can add on something else.”

3rd Schedule Your Priorities.  

It is so important. If you want to achieve something in your life,  try to make it around your life instead of fitting it in your life. It should not be negotiable at any rate.

Ignore your emotional like “I don’t want to do now” or “I’ll do it after some time” or “I am not feeling to do it now” etc…  

It will take you away from your habit of consistency of doing any particular thing.  Try to move on, train your brain and develop the consistency.

4th Be focused 

Be focused on your work and decide what you have to do exactly. Start with small and make it a habit of your daily routine.  In this way, your self-confidence and self-belief will not reduce and you will have enough power and energy to stay focused or your set goals.

Don’t think that If you miss something you are total failure,  that’s fine,  It will be OK,  “””that’s what I do in my life”””.

If you continuously think about one thingand it’ss a waste of time.  and it will reduce your focus ability. So make sure make a mini habit, Be confident and believe in yourself.

5th Come out of your comfort zone

Think that you can do much better what you are doing currently. Think about your future goals. Define your future and  and take actionAnd along with this always be happy.  Because  A success is not about  money it’s about your satisfaction.

If you are satisfied about your achievements it means you are successful, but subconsciously if you are always thinking that you have not yet achieved what you exactly want with me in your life which means you need to work out the things in a much better way.  “Take the action on time and work for it consistently.”

“Success doesn’t come from what you do occasionally, it comes from what you do consistently”

So these are my top five reasons how to make new year’s resolutions work a better way in 2018. And Now I would like to hear from you, what’s  one Idea or strategy that help you become more consistent in New Year 2018?

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