Top 50 Most popular Mom Blogs In India to Inspire Women Entrepreneurs (1)

You must have heard a lot of women’s inspirational stories of success in India. Their Inspiring Stories are the big time change makers in Indian Women.

In my today’s blog, I’m going to share a big compiled list of top 50 mom blogs in India to inspire female entrepreneurs of India. These are the bloggers from different niches such as travel, food, fashion, beauty, parenting, fitness and financial blogs.

This Indian mommy blogs in 2018 will serve you a lot of information about their website, social presence and their fan following.

We’ve comprised the top Indian Mom blogs from diverse phases of life, still, maintain successful mom blogs.  This will assure you their fascinating the blogging experience and success ratio.

These are the people behind their successful mom blogs and we all unconditionally love to read their content.

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Top 50 Mom Blogs of India you need to follow in 2018-19

1.  Mrs. Funnybones by Twinkle Khanna

Twinkle Khanna, after her acting career, this celebrity jumped into the world of writing. Her cheeky writing and blogging turned her to be a successful writer.Mrs.Funnybonesgotoverwhelming response.

Website: The book funnybone  
Followers:  9.4kFacebook
Category: Parenting Ideas, child care tips, comics lifestyle

2. ConfusedParents by Ekta Chawla

Ekta Chawal writing blogs as a young mother to connect as an expert and provide basic medical assistance. As one of the successful parenting mom blogs in India, she covers a range of topics like from pregnancy, and motherhood. She feels good, mothers get benefit from her mom blogs.
Website : 
Followers:  25K Facebook,
Category:  Parenting hood, child care tips,medical assistance

3. Artsy Craftsy Mom by Shruti Bhat

Shruti is a writer, blogger, entrepreneur, and a published (co)author. She keeps the perfect balance between family and her full-time work from home. She resigned her job in 2015 now pursue her greatest passion. Mainly shares home projects, easy recipes, parenting tips, kids crafts, and more.

Followers: 3K Facebook
Category: Art ideas, project work)                                                                    Website:

3. ShishuWorld by Priya

The idea for doing something great for Indian Parents and Parenting hood. Providing blogs and important information’s that is helpful. ShishuWorld aims to bridge that gap and offer the lot that a parent might need to recognize, from concern to motherhood phase.

Follower: 16K Facebook                                                 Website:                                                                       Category: Parenting hood, healthy recipes moms and babies

4. KidsStopPress by Mansi Zaveri

Mansi started her blog with the motive to help parents make learned decisions It is the most trusted source of information among parents. She is a mom of two kids. Gives best Ideas to      Make life simple for parents and shares reviews about products, recipes, places to visit, things to do with curiosity &  fun.

 Follower: 98K Facebook, 35.2k Instagram.                                                       Website:
 Category: Parenting hood, healthy recipes, Ideas to simplify

 5. Wholesome Mamma by Aloka Gambhir

Aloka started her popular lifestyle blog with Idea to share evolutionary lifestyle and her own health and fitness information for moms. Most blogs are about healthy eating,  special health care to new mommies, baby wearing, cloth diapering, baby-led weaning and evolutionary approach to raising kids.

Followers: 1.6K Instagram
Website: www.wholesomemamma.                                                                   Category: Babycare, health blog, lifestyle & tips for new moms

6. MomJunction by Chetna

Chetna started blogs and named it as MomJuction. Shares information related to care of toddlers, new moms, Proper health and lifestyle guide tips. The main aim is to simplify the journey of parenthood be explaining different stages of childhood journey.


Website:                                                                     Followers: 1.3M Facebook                                                                           Category: a guide for toddlers, Preteen, Kids, healthy lifestyle

 7. Being Happy Mom by Neha Goyal

Neha is a full-time happy mom and advice every mom to be happy. The main motive is to help moms who have less support and provide them with complete guidance. She started with baby care blogs and later came out with new ideas for providing guidance on the different topic.

Followers: 23K Facebook,
Category: Nutrition, food Chart, Health tips, Home remedies

8. Simple Indian Mom by MenakaBharathi

Menaka started writing blogs in 2008.Ideas of keeping mom updated about the various topics and information of healthy living. She is pursuing Ph.D. in Agricultural Microbiology. she is a full-time blogger and a content developer.

 Followers: 18.1k facebook,5k Instagram
 Category: Mindful Parenting, Super Food, Organic Eating

9. What’s Cooking Mom NidhiAxat

Nidhi is an architect by profession. Leaving her job she wanted to help other ladies to share tasty recipes. She Loves to cook, so this inspired to write blogs. Health Blog is for healthy recipe presented in an innovative way is tasty and healthy too.

Followers: 5.1K Facebook,2K Instagram
Category: Recipe Index, Restaurant Reviews, craft activities

10. MomScribe by Uma Anandane

Uma MaheswariAnandane started blogs with Vedic maths as priority Later started writing about diverse topics like lifestyle, brand magazine, reviews. One unique Idea of involving her kids in her posts be it creative writing or arts. Attracting decent traffic towards her blog, Website.
Followers: 2.1k Facebook,
Category: Parenting & kids, lifestyle, product reviews, Vedic Maths

11. All Things Gud  by Dr. Sania

Dr. Sania started her lifestyle blog – all things GUD! Shares valuable experiences & considerate insights on certain topics. Along with being a doctor, she believes working with passion gives you peace of mind. She shares information of looking good, easy recipes and health issues prevalent in kids.
Followers: 6.1k facebook,1.2k Instagram
Category:  events, recipe, good words, DIY, Medical Advice

12. Maa Of All Blogs by Prerna

Prerna Sinha is one of the best bloggers among Indian Moms. She shares blogs related to fitness, lifestyle, motherhood and many more. She understands fitness and lifestyle are an essential part of everyone’s life. This she conveys in blogs effectively. She is now a full-time work at home as a mommy blogger.

 Followers: 22.1k facebook,29.9k Instagram
 Category: Motherhood, fitness, travel diaries and lifestyle

13. Monica Gupta Top 50 Most popular Mom Blogs In India to Inspire Women EntrepreneursCraftsvilla by Monica Gupta

Monica Gupta a great Digi-mom owns her own e-commerce store known as Craftsvilla. The main aim for her e-commerce venture was to keep the authenticity alive. She sells a handmade product ethnic wear, organic and natural. She is one of the most inspirational and admirable mom for becoming a successful entrepreneur.

 Followers: 1M Facebook
 Category: Ethnic fabrics, suits, accessories

14. Mumma Diaries Top 50 Most popular Mom Blogs In India to Inspire Women EntrepreneursMumma Diaries by Amruta Ram

Amruta Ram is started her blog and youtube channel as well. Her Blogs are a beautiful blend of parenting ways and the importance of fitness. She represents many blogs related to Mindful living, good parenting, and fitness.

Followers: 10.1K Facebook,
Category: tot labs, Safe and home remedies, toddler projects,                                              fitness, pre-schooler kindergarten.

15 Nykaa by FalguniNayar Top 50 Most popular Mom Blogs In India to Inspire Women Entrepreneurs Nykaa by FalguniNayar

FalguniNayar with mom’s vision is a successful mompreneur. She owns an online beauty store which has become a hit. She has a successful makeup brand, fashion, lifestyles, beauty tips, and health advice. Nykaahas committed followers. Power Moms.

Followers: 3M Facebook                                                                                 Category: Beauty, fashion, lifestyle, beauty tips, brand.

16. Sheroes SaireeChahal Top 50 Most popular Mom Blogs In India to Inspire Women EntrepreneursSheroes SaireeChahal

SaireeChahal has mass focused on the women empowerment is good at parenting writers. Basically, it is a women’s community platform that nurtures secured online community by presenting, resources, opportunities, and communications among women. Sheroes also conducts many events for the Raising women. Sheroes was awarded by the IAMAI Digital has been Awarded for “Social & Economic Empowerment”.

 Followers: 50M Facebook
 Category: cooking recipes, art craft by women, women                                                                    communities, articles, Beauty Makeup tips

17.Ovenderful by Simran Oberoi Top 50 Most popular Mom Blogs In India to Inspire Women Entrepreneurs Ovenderful by Simran Oberoi

Simran owns a healthy baking enterprise. She believes a baker is a caretaker. Mom is the best Caretaker in the world Website. Simran combines simplicity, style, and wellness in her baked recipe that leaves you feeling a sense of delight. She Introduced a stellar concept that undertakes programmes for the underprivileged and needy children baking for those children and making them happy. The generosity of doing such good work makes everyone feel good. 

Followers: 5.4k Facebook
Category: baking tips, healthy recipes, healthy baking.

18. Obsessivemom06 by Tulika Singh

Tulika Singh, Avid reader, book blogger, and parent blogger, she has twin teens. Parents in trenches and early parenthood must follow her.
Followers: 377 Instagram, 520 Facebook
Category: Parenting hood, child care tips, healthy lifestyle

19.The First Time Mommy by Kejal Teckchandani Top 50 Most popular Mom Blogs In India to Inspire Women Entrepreneurs The First Time Mommy by Kejal Teckchandani

KejalTeckchandanibeing Momma where she aims to simplify the world’s toughest job – parenting. In her blog presents the beautiful period of parenting from pregnancy to toddlerhood. She writes blogs on health, cooking, fitness and being the best mom. 

Website:                                                                    Followers: 56K Facebook
Category: Parenting hood, Health, Lifestyle, outfits

20. First Mom Club by Rachita Dar Shah

Ruchita a blogger of ( FMC). Earlier She started her Facebook group, focused connecting with Indian mothers across the world. Later gave it a new name First Mom Club. In this blog, she defines her experiences in various phase of life and way to resolve the issues in an effective manner. She tries to help mothers to deal with situations in an effective way.

Followers: 13K Instagram, 72K Facebook
Category: Recipes, lifestyle, Lifestyle, Fitness, Child Care,

21. MyLittleMoppet by Dr. Hema

Dr. Hema Priya calls her Dr.Mommy. She reveals how beautiful motherhood journey through her blogs. She has two cutie moppets while taking care of her children. She wanted to convey messages to all Mothers that parenting and working full time for their kids can give you the inspiration to write these blogs. Blogs are related to healthy recipes, creative projects, health tips.

Followers: 15.1k Facebook
Category: Healthy and homemade recipes, health tips, creative Projects

22. Mum and Stories By Reshma Krishnamurthy

Reshma Krishnamurthy is good at parenting writers. In her blogs, she covers the cover stories of mom’s journey. Her main Idea behind these blogs is Motivating every mother that is the best. Inspirational, motivational stories and learn from experiences

 Followers: 8.4K Facebook
 Category: Fun Stories, Inspirational Stories, Mums Stories.

23. Mommywall by Jaishri

The founder of the website is Jaishri who is an IT Professional and mother, as well as a mother who frequently travels with her young child. She regularly writes articles on traveling with a child, so if you’re looking for some insight and hacks make sure you take a peep of the blog. Read the experiences of many mothers Who share their stories here So, here is a list of women who did not let anything stop them from traveling, and instead found the best company in their kids and family.

Followers: 2.4K Facebook
Category: Toddler, Fun Recipes, Baby food, Mommy care

24. Backpacking Mama by Deenaz Raisinghani

This mother Loves to travel with their Kids. Backpacking blog where she shares amazing moments, adventure, sightseeing along with their kids and worth seeing. DeenazRaisinghanidreams is to travel the world with their children. Visiting this blogs worth seeing so beautiful experiences and amazing photography. Offers general tips on parenting, lifestyle, health, and care.


Followers: 9.4K Facebook,
Category: Travel, fun, sightseeing, baby fun and nurturing.

25. Desi GlobetrotterDesi Globetrotter byParmJohal

ParmJohal Travels around the world as she used to travel professionally earlier. This inspired her to start blogs to share her experiences, adventures, beautiful places and inspire everyone. She travels with her family and enjoys Life along with inspiring others to enjoy life through her posts. Her Blog name is Desi Globetrotter can follow to view experiences shared


Followers: 270 Instagram, 1K twitter
Category: Travel, fun, sightseeing, babies’ fun and nurturing.

26. I Share by Indrani Ghosh

Onward Journey by Indrani Ghosh who aims to travel the world. She was a former employee at the Indian Air Force(IAF), She traveled to India as her Job demanded. When she entered motherhood While enjoying that moment she also managed to travel traveled across India, Asia, and Europe and covered almost 20 countries. Experiences she shares in her blogs and inspires every woman to enjoy life and live it the way they want.

Website:                                                                        Followers: 4K Facebook(onward Journey)
Category: Travel, country, lifestyle

27.A Wandering Mind by Anuradha Shankar

Anuradha Shankar love for travel and this love inspired her to write blogs. As a full-time mom on duty wished to find some creative option and found being bloggers is one of them. Now Whenever she travels or in her free time she writes beautiful blogs. She shares her traveling experiences with her family, DIY,                                       recipes, home remedies and many

Followers: 1K Facebook
Category: Travel, fun, DIY, Home remedies & nurturing.

28. Thrilling Travel by Ami Bhat

Ami Bhatt calls her “Traveller with endless energy “. She tunes vigor when she travels shares in her blog. She tunes her journey, experiences, travel themes, photography in her blogs. Inspires women to channelize their energy in an effective way.

Followers: 5K Instagram, 8K twitter, 3K Facebook
 Category: Travel, sightseeing, Travel Themes, Continents

29. Travel Tales From India by Mridula Dviwedi

MridulaDwivedi loves to travel around the world. She travels She has done Ph.D. from IIT Kanpur and worked as a Lecturer till 2005. She loves adventure, Photography and being a super mom as well. She pens down her travel journeys, photography, enjoying motherhood experiences and fun in her blog “Travel Tales from India “. True Inspiration for women.

Followers: 16K Facebook, 8 K Instagram, 10.9K twitter
Category: Travel, fun, sightseeing enjoying motherhood,

30. BeingMomtastic by Afsha Galar

Tripping an Indian Mommy blog is about motivating and inspiring parents to be happy and live a beautiful life with their kids. She is best at writing lifestyle and parenting, Beauty Tips, Healthy Diet,. Blogs she writes are quite inspiring. Afsha also offers helpful tips to moms for their baby care and Mom Fitness Tips.

Followers: 3K Facebook
Category: nurturing, Motherhood, Lifestyle, DIY, Fitness.

31. Bumpsnbaby by Sangeetha Menon

Sangeethashare valuable blogs for women who are going through their pregnancy phase. She shares her experiences and ways to make their pregnancy journey better with moms. She gave off her corporate profession and choose to be full-time Parenting. She shares lifestyle tips, healthy recipes and many more. She is an Inspiration for many moms
 Followers: 20K Facebook
Category: Parenting Indian style, motherhood tips, baby food

32. MommyMojo1 Society by Moina Memon

She had a passion of writing, Being Mom inspired me to write her experiences. She being a writer is creative art to pen down experiences, journey, art and many more. She believes to be engaged in creative activities like art – writing, cooking good food, paintings, planting, and many

 Followers: 6K Instagram, 1K Facebook.
 Category: Health, Nutrition, Inspiring Moms, Planting, Cooking

33. Musings on Biology by Laxmi Iyer

Lakshmi Iyer mom blogger and a great inspiration for all mom blogs. She writes her blogs with a sense of positivity in one’s life. The main topic of blogs she writes is on love for relationships, challenges of parenting, joy for adopting daughters. She uniquely handles her writings ways. She discusses the cause of adoption

Followers: 700 Facebook, 1K Twitter
Category: Parenting, Adoption Documentary, Value of Education, Reflection on a relationship

34. Boldly Bald by BabitaJaishankar

Stylish, Classy mom has opted for being image consultant for other moms.MrsBabitaJaishankar. the Founder of BAJATHENEWU. She provides women clothing tips for the Indian woman. She explains journey from traditional to the western, maintainable fabrics to original textiles. She believes that every woman is a princess, Should style the way they want.
Followers:15K Facebook(Bajathenewu), 2K Instagram                                                     Category: Image Consultant, branding, Corporate Image,

35. Mommy Labs by Rashmi

Rashmi runs her blog to share experiences that are helpful for others, she has a different perspective for educating children. She makes many things for schooling learning ways and many more.

 Followers: 5.1k Facebook
 Category: creative kids, nature, and learning nurture culture,                                                          motherhood, lifestyle & living many more.

36. Mom and Me by Shivangi

Dr.Shivangi is homeopathic child specialist by profession. With an India of helping Moms, she wrote “Mom and Me” blog. The main aim of writing is to help parents to raise their children physically and emotionally healthy. She answers to all question asked related to health issues, nutrition, the behavior of child & parent-child relationship problems. “Mom and Me” will be the best partner while overcoming challenges faced in raising your child. She believes                                       “PARENTING and Nurturing your child need to be positive, logical.

Followers: 270 Instagram, 200 twitter
Category: Parenting, Parent-child relationship, Health Nutrition,                                      Toddlers activity, Behaviour changes of kids.

37. TheLittleFingersatWork by Melanie

She aims in defining Early Learning of a child, Books, Toy, creative Activities and Positive Parenting. Blogs Work for Progress of little artists. There are many blogs written describing the balancing in a personal life and making lesson worth learning by giving attractive examples. A journey of being mompreneur is worth having a look.

Followers: 2.4K Instagram, 3.6K Facebook
Category: Positive Parenting, Early Learning, Child Care, Health

38. Flavors of world by Priyanka Patwari

She Explains her journey in her blogs and encourages to achieve and growing life. Blogs cover many trending topics. She shares her perspective of new people out there. She believes to gear up for living a fun filled beautiful ride

Followers: 9.3K Instagram
Category: Food, Recipe, Travel, Parenting, Child Care Tips.

39. The Moms Sagas by CharuSareen

She believes parenting phase of life teaches us many new things. This beautiful and precious journey of parenting hood shares via writing blogs. Blogs include many topics like parenting hood, woman & child health, lifestyle and education, kids and mom fashion. Find various products and their reviews used in the phase of parenting hood. She shares all reviews in her posts and reflects an honest and genuine opinion.

Followers: 7K Instagram, 1.5K twitter, 5.4K Facebook
Category: Motherhood,parenting,lifestyle,fashion, reviews.

40. Mom Learning with Baby by Kinshu Aggarwal

She believes being a mother is an opportunity to learn many things they come. She describes how Motherhood is about learning. She writes blogs on parenting hood, baby care, toddlers, DIY, Activities.
Followers: 2.1K Instagram, 400 Facebook
Category: Motherhood, Parenting, DIY, Kids activities, toddlers.

41. The 5 a.m. Mommy bySnehal Joshi

She believes motherhood is a full-time job to be done. She writes blogs on explaining the effective way of lifestyle to be followed. She writes Blogs about fitness, home décor, lifestyle workouts, Healthy recipe, and Parenting relationship.
Followers: 270 Instagram, 300 twitter, 120 Facebook
Category: Travel, food, fitness, workout, kids exercise, healthy

42. Kids Kintha by Devi Shobha

Devi Shobha describes motherhood is the journey called “You Are in Charge”. Follows tagline “Raising Parents, Raising Children”. She believes in raising the confidence level of Kids, Self-Care, awareness among children. She focusses on children being independent for demonstrating thought and action. Raising knowledge of kids.

Followers: 500 Instagram, 1K Facebook
Category: Parenting, Kids Phycology, science, Care tips, Lifestyle

43. Mumsphere by Vandana Kamaka

She writes her experience, in various phase of life as writing is her passion. Blogs are related to child care, health, Lifestyle, activities and many more. She is an inspiration for every mom to give a direction to their passion

Followers: 800 Facebook
Category: Parenting, Childcare, Healthy recipes, lifestyle, DIY,

44. Mommy in Me byJhillmill Bhansali

She is a Gold Medallist in Biotechnology and Management, along with it she gave wings to her passion for writing.She worked in the corporate world for about 8 years. Then she discovered her passion for writing through her blogs “Mommy in Me “.The blog topic on parenting hood childcare & many

Followers: 15K Instagram, 2K Facebook, 2K twitter
Category: Parenthood, Motherhood, Raising Parents & Raising the child

45. Fresh Baked Head by Manisha Jain

Manisha writes a blog is a collection of stories, tripping mom, Fitness, experiences of life and tasty recipes. She believes that we should” never stop learning because life never stops teaching”and gaining new experiences in life & learning from it. She likes to read, travel, cook and play well, even pens down what she experiences in her blog. She inspires women to find   their ways of happiness and passion through the whirlpool disturbances and believes in living life, achieves your aim
Followers: 1.4KInstagram, 259 twitter,
Category: Lifestyle, travel, twin mom, healthy nutrition.

46. Bumpnmum by Kavita

Kavita started writing blogs After becoming a super mom. This inspired her to write blogs, where she shares experiences of motherhood journey in a beautiful manner. She writes blogs on Motherhood, Parenting, child care and many more.

Followers: 500 Instagram, 700 Facebook
Category: Motherhood care tips, parenting, childcare, health

47. AluBujia by Monika

Monika started writing blogs with aim of sharing her love for travel, music and motherhood journey. She writes on her genuine experience that everyone can relate like on life, social issues, fiction and many more. She has published her eBook in May 2018 named eBook Astitva which throws light on old customs, women who faces stress or stigma’s in the 21st century.

 Followers: 270 Instagram, 200 Facebook
 Category: travel, Parenting, music, lifestyle, recipes, fitness.

48. Scribbling Journal by Shivi Chinnapa

Shivi love for reading and writing inspired her to write blogs. She gave a direction to her passion and started writing blogs. She shares her experience of motherhood, stress management, baby care, Lifestyle and being a happy mom. As of writing some good things makes her feel happy.

Followers: 270 twitter, 100 Facebook
Category: Lifestyle, stress, happy mom, stress-free tips

49. thebubblyblogcast by Antra Pandit

Antra writes blogs on motherhood journey and inspires moms to live up this phase of life by giving your best shot. She believes being a happy mom is most important, rest every work will have that positive energy to be done. Living and enjoying work moms do as moms are on duty 24/7. She writes blogs on shopping, lifestyle, activities, art craft, child care and many more.
Followers: 370 Facebook
Category: shopping, tips, parenting, activities, art craft

50. Thoughtstastic by Neha Mishra

Neha started writing blogs as she wanted to give direction to her passion. She writes blogs include painting, music, art, and craft. She Loves Learning new things in Life. Being a full-time mommy share knowledge and experiences through her blogs which makes others happy.

Followers: 1K twitter( NehaManiMishra), 2K Facebook
Category: mom, healthy recipes, baby care tips, lifestyle.

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Final Thoughts

Here we discussed the top Indian super moms who are true inspirations for all Indian women. Giving direction to their passion and making a positive impact on their lives. Huge appreciation should be awarded to all super moms who are on full-time duty and are in charge.

I hope you like my list of top 50 mom blogs in India to follow in 2018-19 and also to inspire you all wonderful women entrepreneurs of India.

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