Top 35 inspiring Gary Vaynerchuk Quotes for Business Success and freedom

Gary Vaynerchuk (GaryVee), an Investor in Facebook, Snapchat, Venmo & Uber.

In this post, I have written the top 35 inspiring Gary Vaynerchuk Quotes for Business Success and freedom, the financial freedom in life.

“99 percent of people don’t market in the year that we are actually live in”

According to Gray Vee, accountability, it’s about accountability. See if you’re actually willing to take the blame when you’re wrong and leave your ego at the door and your insecurity of being judged by someone else (the 10 people closest to you) well then you can start living.

“People sometimes push against me not having mentors or not listening to others, it’s because they don’t realize I don’t even listen to myself, I let the market decide, which allows me to live fast, free and allow results and truth teach me not ideology and posturing.”

“People are your most important commodity.” Gary Vaynerchuk

“Don’t ever let your circumstances determine your outcome. You are bigger and better than that. You can always control your own destiny. Use what you’ve got, find what you don’t, and make your dreams come true.”  Gary Vaynerchuk

“On Facebook, the definition of great content is not the content that makes the most sales, but the content that people most want to share with others.”  Gary Vaynerchuk

“Saying hello doesn’t have an ROI it’s about building relationships.” Gary Vaynerchuk

“Give value. Give value, Give value. And then ask for the business.” Gary Vaynerchuk

“Know yourself. Choose the right medium, choose the right topic, create awesome content, and you can make a lot of money being happy.” Gary Vaynerchuk

“Be proud. Be kind. Be happy with who you are so you can spread love instead of not accepting yourself and spending all your time tearing down others because of your own pain or insecurities.” — Gary Vaynerchuk

“Ideas are worthless without execution, and execution is pointless without ideas.” Gary Vaynerchuk

“No one makes a million dollars with minimal effort unless they win the lottery.”  Gary Vaynerchuk

“Building and sustaining community is a never-ending part of doing business.”  Gary Vaynerchuk

“No matter what you do, your job is to tell your story.” Gary Vaynerchuk

“Social media marketing is a 24/7 job.” Gary Vaynerchuk

“The incredible brand awareness and bottom-line profits achievable through social media marketing require hustle, heart, sincerity, constant engagement, long-term commitment, and most of all, artful and strategic storytelling.”  Gary Vaynerchuk

“I’m just always looking forward. I spend very little time, looking backward” – Gary Vaynerchuk

“It took thirty-eight years before 50 million people gained access to radios. It took television thirteen years to earn an audience that size. It took Instagram a year and a half.” Gary Vaynerchuk

“Smart work will never replace hard work, it only supplements it.” Gary Vaynerchuk

“Retention is the game. The game in business is not how many customers you can get, it’s how many you can keep.” Gary Vaynerchuk

“There is something else you could do as you re-evaluate your social media creative: stop thinking about your content as content. Think about it, rather, as micro-content—tiny, unique nuggets of information, humor, commentary, or inspiration that you reimagine every day, even every hour, as you respond to today’s culture, conversations, and current events in real time in a platform’s native language and format. ”  Gary Vaynerchuk,

“I’m grinding when you’re sleeping.” Gary Vaynerchuk

“It’s easy to dream, but much harder to execute it.”  Gary Vaynerchuk

“You have to understand your own personal DNA. Don’t do things because I do them or Steve Jobs or Mark Cuban tried it. You need to know your personal brand and stay true to it.”  Gary Vaynerchuk

“Make it simple. Make it memorable. Make it inviting to look at. Make it fun to read.” Gary Vaynerchuk

“Ideas are shit. Execution is the game.” Gary Vaynerchuk

“Love your family, work super hard, live your passion.”  Gary Vaynerchuk

“The only differentiator in this game is your passion and your hustle.” Gary Vaynerchuk

“Don’t justify your dreams. Execute on them.” Gary Vaynerchuk

“Negativity always wins the short game, but positivity wins the long game.” Gary Vaynerchuk

“Different platforms allow you to highlight different aspects of your brand identity, and each jab you make can tell a different part of your story.”  Gary Vaynerchuk

“Content is king, but context is God.”  Gary Vaynerchuk

“People are crippled by perfection. I just keep moving forward.”  Gary Vaynerchuk


So, what you should do? Here’s an advice from Gary Vee: If you want your audience to pay attention to your brand story, you should hang out with them.

If your audience hangs out on Instagram, give what will interest them on Instagram, and engage them with your brand story. Then you can start thinking about pitching them with your products or services.

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