Top 150 Content Marketing Tools Your Website Can't Rank Without

Content is a KING and the biggest part of Digital Marketing sector to increase the brand value, 10X leads generation and 4X Sales conversion. Those B2b and B2C companies have incorporated content marketing strategy in their business plan, have 70% more changes sales.

90% of Companies are looking for high-quality content for their website and blog. And so the Freelance content writers are high on demand.

Readers demand the best content to rise their business and mark success.

These content marketing tools are helpful to create content, distribute content and also estimate the efficiency of the content that is to be marketed.

Content marketing has become a competitive arena nowadays to increase the Returns on Investments. The content of audience interest is helpful in increasing traffic results and eventually more conversion and sales.Top 150 Content Marketing Tools Your Website Can't Rank Without

Content Marketing Tools List For Better ROI

Here, I’hv complied the ultimate list of content marketing tools for social media marketing, proofreading, website content, and blogging. Bookmark it for future references as a perfect content marketing guide. 



Editorr, a perfect content marketing tool, and a proofreading software. This is an online copy-editing and proofreading tools and services by humans. Check Ginger also for fair comparison here. editorr


This is an effective content marketing tool, offers a user-friendly layout for writing. The main feature of the typewrite tool is that it has markdown format, real-time combined, historical data editing, Dropbox sync system, and compatible with all devices.


ZenPen provides an error-free and clean place to write, a must have content marketing tools for a blogger. This tool is effective for creative writings. The main feature of ZenPen is Blocking the visual distractions, with stylizing the text, add hyperlinks when required and block the unwanted quotes.


To improve your productivity, Evernote is my favorite content marketing tool to use. Evernote is a place where you can save your creative ideas, things, audio, useful links, video and much more cool stuff.

It can be accessed through any device. Evernote is a content marketing digital tools, that can be used in research work, blog post ideas, status updates, and administrative work. You can consider it a right content marketing management and Content marketing planning tools.Top 150 Content Marketing Tools Your Website Can't Rank Without

Content Ideator

Content Ideator is one of the top content marketing software tools that helps you to choose the appropriate title for your topic. All you need to enter the keyword and you will get the suitable titles related to your keyword.

Atomic Writer

This is a user-friendly tool. The main feature of this tool is to accurately tell you what is the level of content your audience is reading more.

Atomic writer adapts the content to the target audience. Linking up with Google analytics and social media accounts, suggest you who and where you can improve in content writing. Taking reference of historical data and engagement data.

Top 150 Content Marketing Tools Your Website Can't Rank Without


Selenium Documentation

This is a content marketing software tool used for supporting test automation this tool is highly flexible, options to locate UI element and comparing the test result against actual applications.

This tool is able to automatically draw the connection between facts, data, links and many more with help of company’s data. Selenium tool is helpful in creating web pages.


The best content marketing platform to work with. AcroLinx is a content marketing analytics tool, that shows content scores based on unique guidelines, your words, used styles and many more. Helpful in scoring the existing content and making it effective for your brand to grow an audience.Top 150 Content Marketing Tools Your Website Can't Rank Without



This tool is helpful for the writer to find the most shared or most searched content on a specific topic. Helpful in gathering great ideas for the specific topic.

By typing the keyword Buzzsumo is helpful in giving the ideas for best titles, topics of Interest of audience for better conversions.Top 150 Content Marketing Tools Your Website Can't Rank Without

Keyword Planner

The FREE content marketing tool, helpful in finding suitable keywords, the title for a topic and gives the apt outline to increase traffic on your website or blog.

Keyword Planner tells you the most popular keywords and keywords according to how and low competition. This makes your website land on the top page of Google and Bing SERP.

Moz on Page Grader

This is a content optimization tool comes into consideration when content is written and published. This is the best content marketing strategy tool that evaluates how well the content is optimized for a specific keyword. Enter a keyword and link to a webpage and you see the results.



 ProofHub is a work management tool offers a collaboration of project management function and a teamwork.

This workspace allows you to organize files, plan and monitor the projects. Also provides the feature of reviewing file through online proofing tool.

Top 150 Content Marketing Tools Your Website Can't Rank Without


RedBooth is a tool is user-friendly project management and communication tool. This collaboration tool offers a super simple interface for your high performing team.


Easy to use content marketing and project management tool to work with. Trello features in monitoring project and assigned task. Using a framework like agile and scrum that is easy to use.


Wimi offers own “unified workspaces“ for the users, where team members can manage project, share files and schedules meeting.

Wimi enables you to control access to all the projects through the right –based-system. The best project management tool of files sync software allows users to make most of the cloud technology.


Quip tool enables to import and work live on different file type. Edits are saved automatically and chat, comment, check feature make collaboration easy and efficient.


WeTransfer tool helps you to transfer the files from A to B using a web browser. Enables to personalize the way you share your stories, capitative ideas and many more.


GitHub tool enables you to properly do the documentation of the report.

GitHub Builds team to work together to achieve proper documentation to be done. Helpful for the project with longer documentation

Google Docs

Google Docs tool enables to collaborate work of small and big teams.

The main feature of Google docs is to edit, spreadsheets, presentation and publish documents. This tool is free and user-friendly.



User-friendly “image editing software” which is a must have visual content marketing tools for b2b and b2c companies, especially those offering Social Media marketing and Website designing Services.

Canva consists of the color editor, learning source, combination picker, Photo collage maker, dedicated infographic, many free designs and many more.

You can even design the YouTube thumbnails with this absolutely FREE tool. You can also check Adobe VIDEO Editing Tool for your Videos.

Tools simplicity, a variety of useful tools and inspirational learning assets help in making effective designs. Canva works on the browser, Android, iOs, Mac.

Gravit Design

Gravit Design is a full-featured vector designed app for job posts, icon design, animation, and presentation graphics.

Gravit has an intuitive interface, with free graphic design software pack and offers many tools to create a beautiful vector imaginary. Including text engines, path graphs, and various blending modes.


Vectr is a free tool for 2D Vector Graphics. Using many filter options, shadows, fonts, and designs.

An important feature is live collaborations and synchronization option for creating an efficient design. Vectr tool is available different platforms on browse, Chrome OS, Windows, and Linux.

SVG(Scalable Vector Graphics) 

SVG is a new and fresh tool being used, as it illustrates the process thoroughly to the users in a few minutes. SVG is an open format that allows you to replicate your Vector drawings programmatically.


Infogram  is one of the best visual content marketing tools for social media and offers a wide variety of graphs, charts maps and the ability to add videos & upload pictures.

Infographics information is provided in an Excel-style spreadsheet that can edit and see real-time changes.

Infographic image can be published on the Infogram site and can embed it into a website or social media accordingly.Top 150 Content Marketing Tools Your Website Can't Rank Without

Free infographic tool which offers many free templates that are customizable for creative usage. the tool also allows you to access libraries like shapes, text styles, and sizes. This tool enables you to upload graphics and customize them. Easy and user-friendly tool


Pixlr is one of the most popular “Image editing software”. It consists of more the 600 effects, overlay, borders, cropping, resizing and many more. These features are helpful in making an effective piece of designTop 150 Content Marketing Tools Your Website Can't Rank Without


AVS Video Editor

AVS Video Editor: Best video software for video marketers. This tool consists of impressive features for creating stunning videos. Support formats like VOB, MP4, MOV, MKV and many more. It has the feature to process videos on different formats like HD, Full Hd.Top 150 Content Marketing Tools Your Website Can't Rank Without


Vyond an animated video creation platform, which I would say, is one of the best video editing tools to be used to create unique videos.

This tool consists of unique features like drag and drop files, select multiple backgrounds, assign dialogues to character and lip sync feature, voice narrations and import audio files to videos.

Go Animate deals with several platforms like MP3, MKD, MKV, AMV, WMC


Filmora offers customizable editing tool which most of the video editor do not provide. It offers many features like brightness, speed rotation, color effects, filter, movies, and overlays. With the help of these tools, we can create exciting videos with unique effects.Top 150 Content Marketing Tools Your Website Can't Rank Without


Simple video marketing tool to create international video content in minutes. It allows creating creative and animated videos.

WeVideo is an online video editing tool that can also be featured in the company logo, info cards, custom call action to generate leads through video content. This powerful online video editing software for mobile, mac, windows and web, enables to save time and productivity in the workplace.


Content marketing in 2018 trends and tools for success is continuously growing. Wirecast video tool can be used in live-stream videos like a conference, live interview telecast and many more.

There are so many content marketing tools and marketing content creation tools available in the market, especially for videos. However, the Wirecast has a unique feature of live production software.

This best Vidoe content marketing tool allows for processing various video formats, extreme editing features, easy video, and audio recording importing, sharing videos and animations



Audacity is a free and open platform audio software system. Features of multi-track recording and editing audios, Record and publish podcasts. This audio creation tool records live audios, digitize recording and capture streaming videos.Top 150 Content Marketing Tools Your Website Can't Rank Without


FMOD sound software is used in video games and applications on many operating systems. It has an efficient workflow and a powerful collaboration tool. Allows multiple users to work on the same projects.


Fabric software consists of various audio feature and custom interface tool that allows great quality and design of audio.

It consists of great quality of audio structures and event-based system.T his audio software uses many additional functionalities.

Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) Adobe Auditions

DAW Auditions audio software includes multitask, waveform and has a spectral display for creating, mixing, storing and restoring audit.

The important feature it consists of thousands of uncompressed, royalty free audio sound effects. Auto Sound

Top 150 Content Marketing Tools Your Website Can't Rank Without



Newscred is an integrated marketing campaign with consistent, relevant content. It is used to measure the content across the channel.

By managing content creation, distribution, the effectiveness of content and reliability. This tool enables to scale and rationalize the entire customer experiences and record their views.Top 150 Content Marketing Tools Your Website Can't Rank Without


Scribit tool features in vertical Plotter, that enables to represent the content from the web in a better way. Scribit is also used to update content in real time.

This tool offers access to a broad range of digital content structured across apps. This app is wall to the interactive canvas and creating new and attractive designs in minutes.

9. Conversion Optimization Tools

Optin Monster 

One of the most popular conversion optimization tools is Optin Monster. Various significant features of this top email automation tool are analytics, page level targeting, A/B Testing, Custom Optin Form, responsive, popup and many more.Top 150 Content Marketing Tools Your Website Can't Rank Without

Thrive Leads

Thrive leads tool is easy to use. It consists of various opt-in forms and consists drag-drop and creator.

Thrive leads offers relevant offers for web visitors. This tool enables to perform A/B Testing for documents


SumoMe is a WordPress plug-in. SumoMe is perfect content marketing manager that enables you to monitor lead generation through the list.

You can create popup forms, scroll boxes, and floating bars. With the help of this tool you can access, A/B testing insights and pro templates.

Form Stack

Is a conversion rate optimization tool. Form Stack tool is helpful in building surveys, contact forms, newsletter signups, and registration forms etc.

The designs offered are completely customizable. This tool provides A/B Testing and analytics. This tool is compatible with 40 other tools, payment platforms, and  CRM systems.

Google Analytics

Google analytics tool is easy to use, Helps you keep track of different metrics like bounce rate, visitors duration, conversion rate, bounce rate and many more.

Insight tool provides optimizing funnel and conversion process.


Optimizely an A/B testing tool and a good optimization software to compare the website performance for better conversion. Editor in this tools enables to modify pages and create a new one. You can link the conversion rate to analytics for proper view and understanding of dataTop 150 Content Marketing Tools Your Website Can't Rank Without


Flip Html5 

Flip Html5 ebook software used to make a page-flipping ebook from PDF, Microsoft office and images. All you need to import your document into this software.

This ebook creation software enables you to animate your digital content by embedding rich media like images, slideshow and many more into ebooks.

Flip Html5 displays logical way, eBook created is customizable content. Set Ebooks by setting a password of your own.Top 150 Content Marketing Tools Your Website Can't Rank Without

IBook Author

IBook tool is used to create multiple eBooks for iPad. These eBooks are customizable as it enables you to add Images, videos, graphics, audios and many more. A wide variety of templates and layout are available.


Presswork is easy and user-friendly software. PressBooks enables to publish your eBook in ef, mobi format. Great platform to print an eBook and increased efficiency.


Moglue is an intuitive tool, used to make an interactive eBook and app. This features magnetic puzzle, voice records, the action triggered by coordinators. This enables you to make interesting ebooks with great features inbuilt.


Kotobee is a comprehensive solution for EBook creation. This tool enables to publish eBooks on web, desktop, tablets, mobiles and distribute eBooks collectively on eBook library app. This tool is mainly used by education, corporate training, and eBook industries.Top 150 Content Marketing Tools Your Website Can't Rank Without


Ebook creation editor tool for Windows and Mac. Ebooks are designed in ePub formats.

Sigil allows you to add the cover picture, table of content, index and many more. This tool enables you to view code view and normal view.




Snapapp is an intuitive interactive content marketing tool used to create interactive and cool content. Embedding video, graphics, calculator, quizzes and contests.

Features of drag and drop, integration of all kind of system like HubSpot, sales force and most of the content platforms to generate more leads.Top 150 Content Marketing Tools Your Website Can't Rank Without


WebyClip tool is beneficial for those who own their e-commerce shop. This tool helps customer what they want, user-friendly and generate great leads.

Webycilp uses images of customers interest, displays more and different related images of catalogs. Also allows you to create videos according to customer interests.  tool provides the written content and values the readers. This tool enables you to embed the created files with images, audios, videos, in order to make it more readable.


Mapme tool helps you to “tell better stories”  using 3D maps, videos, words, and images.

This tool helps you to create an interactive design, a Creative way of presentation helps in generating more leads and then conversions.


Apster tool used for creating all kinds of interactive content, personality test, polls, and interactive videos.

These creative Ideas helps in the engagement of the audience helps to generate leads and make more conversion.

Iom Interactive

Iom Interactive tool represents the content in a more interactive manner.

Ion Interactive provides facility to use thousands of customizable template for creating an interactive infographic, white paper, contest quiz, and puzzles etc.

This helps in making more engagement of customer and generate more leads.


Translation Management System (TMS)

TMS tool is used for the project management aspect of localization. TMS enables you to manage your jobs and maintain workflow of the job.

The main feature of TMS allows you to manage the progress of jobs at different stages translation, editing, desktop, publishing, moving files, translation and file exchange.

This tool is essential for better management of projects and great more leads.

Computer Assisted Translation (CAT)

CAT tool enables you to process files, improve efficiency and increase speed.

CAT has translation tools, example English to French. This tool helps to increase the accuracy of translation and time to market.

Bug Tracking Platform

Bug tracking platform is a  tool also performs the tester and report bugs in translation. Tracking progression, making changes forms, create backlogs for engineers and many more.

Tracking bug can perform well while working with collaboratively with the customer. This is a great tool for defect management tool.

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 File Sharing Management & Version Control

Using this tool leads to great benefit for the business. These most file sharing tools are used by the business.

Every team’s works with file sharing cloud service. Some examples are media fire, Dropbox, Google service. Localization of information on private information should be through the secure server is necessary.

Version controller helps to save your old work from in case of corruption and loss of file.

Quality assurance Tool

QA tools are used for verifying translations, terminology, number, trademark, abbreviations and more. Tools are customizable, tailored to different brand and terminology. Example of QA tools is Xbench & verified.

Top 150 Content Marketing Tools Your Website Can't Rank Without


TermBase tool is used to create a specific branding and language purpose. This tool ensures whether appropriate words are being used in translations.

The Database can be saved  in universal  TBX Format, CSV file, XLS Files that are readable many tools,


Google Page speed Insight

Enter the URL and test the loading time and performance of the desktop. Google page speed insight offers service to improve your blog performance and efficiency of the website to generate more leads &conversions.

Open site explorer

Performs comprehensive link analysis. This tool is helpful for looking at the most impactful link coming towards the website. This way we can predict upcoming links in advance and get prepared. Top 150 Content Marketing Tools Your Website Can't Rank Without

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Schema creator

Schema creator tool enables you to customizable the updates and searches appearance. Creating custom codes for events, organization, reviews.

Once this code is copied you can paste this code on the website and use free WordPress plug-in for easier usage.

Google Analytic tool

Another feature of Google analytics is that it focuses on keyword insight as to search on audience land on pages.GA also has a tool named Keyword Planner.

Enter keyword or group of keyword Google will return guide of keyword strategy, monthly search, and competitive keywords.Top 150 Content Marketing Tools Your Website Can't Rank Without

Moz Toolbar

Moz Toolbar shows the SEO insights from within Google search engine pages or from the website. This tool is useful to predict the performance of a website and perform accordingly.

SERPS Rank Checker

This tool helps you to see your site ranks on certain terms. You can check the rank in two ways, Firstly Input your keyword and website to see where you land.

Leave website name to view the top bottom list of results for the keyword. This tool enables you to predict where your website stands in SERP ranking, this way you can improve performance Top 150 Content Marketing Tools Your Website Can't Rank Withoutaccordingly.



LeadFeeder the tool helps you to monitor which companies are visiting your websites. This tool gives the list 30 days visitor record by using Google analytics of your website. This enables you to find out information regarding leads you want.

Discover Org 

Discover Org platform enables to explore markets, build a list of prospects. This tool has a reputation in providing up-to-date information and accurate data. This is a beneficial tool in building a business.


Lead Genius is a part of Human Resource. This tool, data intelligence is gathered and filtered on the platform.

For this, there is a need to build a human resource team, which provides the best quality of data all times to the clients.

Inside View 

Inside view tool is used to search for and gain insight into prospects. This tool provides an access to information of leads. Help the marketer when to act for greater profits. Engagement with accounts for a bigger result.


The LinkedIn tool can be used manually to create business contacts all around the world. This tool is for beginners.

LinkedIn can be used the backup option if you haven’t built up your full contact list. LinkedIn marketing solution allows you to target ad campaign, once the list of your business contact is built. Then start implementing strategies.


Full Circle Insights

Full Circle Insights is a performance management tool. This tool is helpful to show the clear picture of Pipeline and revenue.

Main features of this tool handle response management, campaign attribution & its performance, match technology, Revenue driven marketers like B2B sales and also gives the insight b/w marketing automation & sales force.Top 150 Content Marketing Tools Your Website Can't Rank Without

Insight Squared

Insight Squared is a revenue intelligence Software tool. This tool is used to turn your sales and marketing data into a quality of the report.

Main features of this tool are better management pipeline, forecast accurately, Conduct data-driven Planning and analysis & optimize demand generation.

 Bright Funnel 

Bright funnel shows the Marketing true Impact on revenue This tool is B2B Marketing and forecast attribution tool.

The main feature of this tool is used to prove the value of marketing, Align Sales and marketing, Optimise execution and feature resources.


Adobe Analytic

Is one of the leading web analytics tools.  Adobe analytic tool offers a real-time analytics useful advertisement on the spot, social media third-party integration like videos, music. This tool understands your aggregate data much easier. Check the Adobe Video Editing Tool as well.Top 150 Content Marketing Tools Your Website Can't Rank Without

Chart Beat

Analytics for the editor, considering data of real-time output. If your traffic spikes bandwidth increases this tool immediately sends an e-mail hosting provider.

Allows it to set the limit of your site bandwidth so that you are not caught through a month with no bandwidth left. Chart Beat tool is good to be used for an increase in revenue of your business.


Coremetrics tool offers an easy user interface and detailed analysis of statistics. Coremetrics features in customizable designs, business model, reports on changing cart value, actionable marketing plans, customer lifecycle and many more.

Heap analytics

Heap analytics software is user-friendly. Main features are this tool efficiently tracks the activities and technical experiences and generate a tracking code.

This tool works on point on click interface rather than menu setting tabs. This tool automatically tracks your website and generate list and reports of ongoing events.


Mix Panel tool Focuses on real-time updates and user management, segmented function, navigate and indexed analysis of the report of your website.

This tool is helpful for growing business.


Woopra tool provides a real-time report with a focus on customer engagement. This tool enables you to manage multiple websites accordingly. This increases the efficiency of a website.Top 150 Content Marketing Tools Your Website Can't Rank Without

19. Content Marketing Platforms


Buzzsumo is one of the content tools with analytics.

This helps to recognize the best performing content that is chosen. Gives the information of most shared content which gives an idea to create most recognizable writing work to be done.Top 150 Content Marketing Tools Your Website Can't Rank Without


Prezi is a cloud-based presentation software. This adds various interesting features to a presentation like a zoom in & zoom out, slides from different angles, cinematic feel. This toll provides loads of templates to work with.


HubSpot is an inbound marketing tool that helps in sales and CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

It helps to create quality content, target audience and manage contact list efficiently. Hub spot act as the funnel for marketing system helps the marketer to build, administer, distribute emails and many more.


Klout is a content marketing analytics tool used for social media analytics to rate their audience on social media influences. This rating is called the Klout Score. Powerful analytic tool defines how to engage your audience with content.

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Curata is the world’s best content creation, content curation, and content marketing platform. This tool provides a quality of content, helps in searching relevant content and conduct a content audit on demand.

This content marketing specialist tool analyzes the impact of content marketing and Sales in Pipeline. This tool helps to streamline your content production process and built a content supply chain.


Sprout Social

Is the best social media analytical tool. Sprout social tool can measure performance across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn with a single platform.

Easier to track leads generated, traffic towards your website.Top 150 Content Marketing Tools Your Website Can't Rank Without


Buzz sumo is a tool which provides an idea to you how your content on the website is performing.

Social media is a way where the content for the audience, efficiency of content attracting traffic to the website.

Short Stack

A short stack is a tool which provides performance analytics. This tool enables you to see engagement metrics and recognize which type of contest work best for the audience.Top 150 Content Marketing Tools Your Website Can't Rank Without

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the Best way tool for evaluating social media analytics. This tool is helpful in measuring social ROI, monitor and analyze your traffic, tracking social media campaign. One more feature is to free to use


Cyfe tool offer service to manage your social media including brand protection, employee engagement, powerful analytics and reports



Hubspot is inbound marketing software used for business.

Main features of Hubspot is providing pipeline sales with total visibility, log sales activity automatically, lead generations (CRM) Customer Relationship managementTop 150 Content Marketing Tools Your Website Can't Rank Without


Pardot Tool is easy to use B2B Marketing Automation tool. Helps in sales, increase the efficiency of marketing teams, team work together to qualify sales lead, compact sales cycle, and marketing accountability


Marketo is powerful and easy marketing software used. Main features of in marketing, driving the professional sales revenue.

This software is the cloud-based marketing platform, which enables you to sustain the engaging relationship between the customers.CRM


Integrated cloud-based marketing platform. Act-on allows the marketer to inbound, outbound and nurturing the programmes together to maximize return on investment.

Infusion soft

Infusion Soft is a marketing software for small business owners, bloggers, authors. This tool offers to organize, grow the sales and save time.

This tool can also be used for creating a marketing campaign, funnels, email marketing and many more

Sales Fusion

Sales Fusion is a software is one of leading marketing CRM in the industry. This software is for B2B companies that allow aligning their revenue from sales and marketing.

This tool helps in building large revenue funnels, creating customizable digital conversation & measure conversation to drive more leads & conversionsTop 150 Content Marketing Tools Your Website Can't Rank Without


Optin Monster

Optin Monster Is a powerful eCommerce personalization tool as it helps to boosts revenue.

Targeting feature of Optin Monster personalized campaign, type website, WordPress plugins, floating header to promote flash sales, coupons sales, magnet offer and many more.Top 150 Content Marketing Tools Your Website Can't Rank Without


Monitate is an e-commerce personalization tool. Main Features of this tool are intelligent customer segmentation, personalization, product reconditions, retailer to personalize sales and many more.   


Personalization tool for customers journey, production recommendation, customer retention tools live shopping notification. Brilliance is a 5-minute setup process.


Evergage tool is helpful to track visitor’s behavior on your site. Other features of this tool are it offers right product, incentives at right time. It also lets you personalize recommendation and content to boost sales and conversionTop 150 Content Marketing Tools Your Website Can't Rank Without


Apptus tool uses artificial intelligence. It helps e-commerce retailers to predict sales and display the right products to the customer at right time.

This tool offers personalized navigation search, product recommendation, and relevant customer experience.


Attraqt is a visual merchandise tool. Helps to attract customers and increase the sales by showcasing new trends, sales, and best product combination.



Aweber is a most trusted email marketing software can be used to provide a wide range of tools with medium sized business.

Aweber provides great access to email segmentation, autoresponders, e-mail templates, email tracking, detailed insight, live webinars and many more.Top 150 Content Marketing Tools Your Website Can't Rank Without

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is an email marketing tool and automation is one of the fast-growing services. Easy to manage e-mails, contacts, templates and many more. This tool provides support to live chat, email, community support and 1GB storage for your own files.


Powerful email marketing platform for e-commerce, blogger, marketers. Drip is an email automation tool which provides a wide variety of tools like integration add-on available for the for woo commerce and website design.

The feature of signup forms, capture more leads and email segmenting and excellent documentation 


Professional email platform for authors, bloggers, and marketers. ConverKit Offers the variety of email marketing features content upgrades, incentives with signup forms, segment contact and writes great content for emails.


Most popular email marketing service providers. MailChimp tool Provide easy user interface, great tools, and support. Mail Chimp integrates with word press, Shopify, magneto and other platforms.

Main features are email creators, meta tag, autoresponder, segmentation list, simple tracking & analytic tool, get the location and many more.


Survey Monkey

One of the best online survey tools. Survey Monkey is well designed, easy to use and embedding survey. There is no exporting data, more respondent, more questions and many more.Top 150 Content Marketing Tools Your Website Can't Rank Without


TypeForm Is best for survey creation. Attractive interface, free question, unlimited answers, data export, Custom design themes and basic reporting.Good option for a successful survey.

Google Form

Google form is another great option for survey programme. The unlimited survey, Unlimited respondent, add your own custom logos, page branching, Page logic, and survey answers are automatically collected d into the Google spreadsheets.

Zoho Survey

Zoho is a decent way of survey creating. You can perform an unlimited survey, 15 survey questions, and 150 responses.

Survey Gizmo

Survey Gizmo creates a cheeky survey. Features of this survey tool are unlimited survey question, basic reporting, the option of export to CSV many more. Get the paid version with more features.Top 150 Content Marketing Tools Your Website Can't Rank Without

Survey Planet

Survey Planet is one of the powerful online survey tools. This tool offers a number of free tools for designing a better survey and reviewing survey results.

Survey planet offers unlimited survey, unlimited responses, the survey theme option, and survey embedding.

My Final Thoughts

Here I’hv discussed almost all content marketing tools and the importance of such tools, that’s high on demand to make your projects successful.

These content marketing tools play a major role in the growth of your business along with using them correctly can help in making a profit. Using Best content marketing tools efficiently for your website can help in getting the best ROI for your business.

We hope our information is valuable for you and your work. If you like it, please share this post with your friend on Social Sites.

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