Business Books Which International Women Entrepreneur & Lady Boss Business Books Could Be Your Best Career Bible? You Decide!!!

I have done tons and tons of International projects of Digital Marketing, Social Media marketing, Web design, SEO and many more. Hence, I inspired a lot with the amazing work these women entrepreneurs have done.

Business Books Encouraging Women Entrepreneur in their work. Maintaining a Spark of Self-Confidence within to give their Best shot & Importance of being independent

These 10 books have both- Life Advice and Career advice

Here, I have broken down a few of my favorites so you can find the guide that’s right for you. Now, go forth and conquer your career.

1. She Means Business By Carrie Green

Carrie Green is a female entrepreneur who started her first online business at the age of 20, and within a few years grew her business to a global level.

In 2011,  Carrie started the Female Entrepreneur Association – an online platform now counting 270,000 members, which inspires and empowers women from around the world to build successful businesses through videos, classes, and an online community.

Carrie has been recognized as an entrepreneurial “rising star” under the age of 30. (Check the Book- She mean Business)

2.Business Boutique by Christy Wright

A Woman’s Guide for Making Money Doing What She Loves!!

Christy Wright is a Certified Business Coach and Ramsey Personality who presents messages that educate and give hope to audiences nationwide.

As the creator of Business Boutique and through her podcast and sellout live events, Wright has equipped thousands of women to successfully run and grow a business so they can make money doing what they love.  (Check it Out-Business Boutique)

3.How to Be a Bawse by Lilly Singh

A native of Ontario, Canada, currently residing in Los Angeles, 28-year-old Lilly Singh is an actress, performer, and comedian.

She has developed a large, engaged fan base, thanks to her hilarious sketch videos, observational comedy, and no-nonsense advice.

She turned her focus to writing this book after her recent sell-out world tour, A Trip to Unicorn Island. (Check the book-How to be a Bawse)

3.Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg 

“If you loved Sheryl Sandberg’s incredible TEDTalk on why we have too few women leaders, or simply believe as I do that we need equality in the boardroom, then these Business books is for you.

As Facebook’s COO, Sheryl Sandberg has the first-hand experience of why having more women in leadership roles is good for business as well as society.

With stories from her own life and data carefully researched, Sheryl Sandberg reminds women that they have to believe in

themselves and reach for opportunities. (Check it out – Lean In)

4.Boss Bitch by Nicole Lapin

Nicole Lapin is the author of the New York Times instant bestseller Rich Bitch and the star of the nationally-syndicated business competition reality show “Hatched.”

She was the youngest anchor ever at CNN before holding the same title at CNBC anchoring “Worldwide Exchange,” while contributing financial reports to “Today” and MSNBC.

Lapin has served as a business anchor and special correspondent for Bloomberg Television as well as for “The Wendy Williams Show. ” (Check it out: Boss Bitch)

5. Get Over Your Damn Self by Romi Neustadt

Romi is an incredible mom, wife and lady boss. Her choice to empower, coach and lead others to freedom has resulted in tens of thousands of women jumping on their own journey to success.

She is a former corporate chick (first a lawyer, then a PR executive) who traded in the billable hour for more time and financial freedom through network marketing.

She built a 7-figure business in less than three years that’s allowed her and her doctor husband John to design the life they really wanted. (Check it Out – Get over your dame self)

6.The Big Life by Ann Shoket

A key architect in shaping the national conversation about and for millennial women.

The Big Life is a guide for women in their 20s and 30s who are hungry for a job they love, a supportive network of friends, respect from their bosses, and partners who want all those things for them as badly as they do.” ― The New York Times

Shoket has appeared on Good Morning AmericaTodayThe Oprah Winfrey ShowThe ViewCNNAccess Hollywood, and E! News, and on America’s Next Top Model. One of the “Most Powerful Fashion Magazine Editors” in the country. (Check it Out -The Big Life)

7.In the Company of Women by Grace Bonney

Inspiration Business Books and Advice from 100 Makers, Artist, and Entrepreneurs!! Grace Bonney is the founder of Design*Sponge, a daily website dedicated to the creative community.

Design*Sponge was founded in 2004 and currently reaches over 1.5 million readers per day. Her first book, Design*Sponge at Home, is a national bestseller and has over 100,000 copies in print. (Check it Out- In The Company of Woman ) 

8.#GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso

Sophia Amoruso is the Founder and CEO of Nasty Gal & Girlboss Media, a company created to help support women redefine success on their own terms.

Girlboss Media was born from Amoruso’s New York Times-bestselling book #GIRLBOSS that inspired a generation of women and has been adapted into a Netflix Original series.

A great book about starting a business from scratch. I [love] her story of ambition and hard work!

(Check it out – #GirlBoss)




9. Big Magic By  Elizabeth Gilbert

Elizabeth Gilbert is a renowned author with successful books Eat Pray Love and City of Girls many more. She has been selected 3 times finalists in National Magazine award. Her Books are in the category of Bestseller in the New York Times.

Big Magic a Creative Living Beyond Fears. a book that incorporates the thrilled spirit of adventure Happy moments & Inspirational stories.

Elizabeth has always brought realistic stories to cop up with the problems you face in your life. Books are a wide eye-opener for women.

(Check It Out: Big Magic)

10. Become an Idea Machine By Claudia Azula Altucher


Claudia Azula Altucher Portrays a unique style in Her books. She explains Entrepreneurship is a marathon Than a Race. Her book revolves around how to quickly & creatively solve problems & Produce flow of ideas in mind.

She describes a way to do it and Flex your Idea Muscle. Novel defines a motivational way to cop up with Entrepreneurship challenges in her style.

(Check It Out: Become an Idea Machine)




Basic Idea Behind Reading an Inspirational Book is to Define Yourself as an Identity, Know yourself. These Books are helpful to ignite the hidden spark of Ideas/skill/talent/work Within you. Reading Inspirational Books of such Motivational Author’s is surely going to Benefit You. As Life Never Stops Teaching, So you Never Stop Learning. Keep Learning Keep Earning.

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