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Although they are not as well known as Instagram and Facebook, there are tons of more expert social networking & social media platforms for entrepreneur’s networking in certain fields that are really useful for users.

Some social networks help entrepreneurs to contact people more similar to their interests and others allow businesses to locate new customers of the service.

  • Freelancer, a social network for independent workers: 27 million users and more than 13 million positions offered.
  • Foursquare, a platform that works as a huge database to locate small businesses: 50 million users and more than 105 million registered places on the planet.
  • Behance, an expert portal in creative fields: 10 million users.

Let of Top Social Networks For Entrepreneurs As Per Your Niche

Perhaps the amounts these Social networks offering are reaching heights, that attract audiences attention.

Although these portals are not for everyone’s need, like Instagram (500 million active users per day) or Facebook (2,230 million active users per month in the first four months of 2018).

However, these social networks are useful and are gaining followers every day. Let’s jump start the List of Social Networks for everyone.

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For Professionals and Entrepreneurs

For example, in the professional’s scene, there is not only LinkedIn. Actually, Social networks aimed for the business sector, so that business owners, start-ups, and new edge entrepreneurs can increase their professional contacts-

  • LinkedIn – LinkedIn is global social networking for professionals and entrepreneurs and leaders. It was launched with the purpose of helping startups to overcome the barriers they can find in the labor market and promote their presence in management positions.

The users have the opportunity to access specialists to climb the professional level and offer guidelines to make their career model according to the profile of each.

The portal also makes filtering of online courses on management and entrepreneurship and has in its directory the tons of job offers.

Normally, the users get the great information, interviews, appointments, and videos of the professional field, tools to improve their personal brand, find new customers of the service if they own a business and attend networking events carried out by the social networks.

  • The Funded – It is an online community of founders, CEOs, entrepreneurs aimed at discussing the franchise opportunities and funding outsourcing.

Today, it has more than 20,000 members, who share information on the news of the rates, facts, reviews of funding resources.

For Small Businesses

Who has not ever used your mobile to know the opinion of a restaurant or a store? Social networking and business opinions are useful for users and also for the owners of a local.

  • Foursquare Through Foursquare Location Intelligence, companies use geolocation tools to locate their establishment on the map, contact their customers and find out how many people who pass through the area come to enter their premises.

Companies can also create advertising campaigns or launch unique promotions.

  • Yellow Page. In Yellow Page, businesses have a control page to update their information, upload photographs, incorporate categories of services offered and answer the opinions and doubts of users.

The better the valuations of a business, the more advisable this will be on the platform. It also offers the option to promote but is only enabled for the United States and Canada.

For Freelancers

The Intuit 2020 Report study, published by Emergent Research and Intuit, in 1989 the autonomous collective represented 6% of the workforce in the United States and predicts that in 2020 it will be 43%.

Normally, the increase of independent workers (freelancer) is a worldwide trend. For this reason, freelancing platforms have been created that connect the self-employed with potential customers of the service.

They are aimed at professionals from a huge plurality of areas, such as web design, mobile, software development, legal, translation or architecture.

  • Freelancer – It was born in 2009 and is one of the top freelancing platforms of this class with more travel in the market. Here freelances can access work formulas.

On the one hand, small businesses publish a project and freelancer sends a proposal. The business values the different offers and chooses which person to work with.

Another alternative is competitions, that is to say: businesses access the ideas of the different freelancer and pay only for the one they liked the most.

Here, workers have access to an infinite number of opportunities, but at the time of making their budgets, they must take into consideration that 10% of the total value of the project or the contest will be deducted.

  • Upwork – On this social networking platform, the service or business clients publish a project. Through its algorithm, Upwork examines the profiles of freelancers.

Accordingly sends recommendations to businesses about professionals who can better perform the functions of such a project. On the other hand, workers can be full-time or part-time involved in a project.

Fiverr, is also booming Social network of new edge entrepreneurs. FREE to sign up here for FIVERR Or check my detailed Fiverr Review.

To achieve the maximum number of clients, the user must make proposals according to the needs of each project.

It must also take into account that the platform charges between 5 and 20% of the bill according to the total amount of the project.

For the Most Creative Professional

If there is something that predominates in each and every one of the social networks is the photographs.

Those people who dedicate themselves to a creative activity are lucky because they can show their projects through the images and also be inspired by the rest of the projects on these below mentioned social networking platforms.

  • Behance. It is aimed at professionals in sectors such as architecture, photography, fashion, graphic design, web and industry. Here, users can create an online portfolio of their projects.

The philosophy of this social network resembles that of LinkedIn, but the image has considerably more relevance as happens in other portals such as Pinterest or Instagram.

  • Dribble It is a platform for graphic designers and illustrators in which anyone can register as well as ask for the projects of other people.

At the beginning, the user only has the possibility to upload their work internally. They will be displayed in their profile and on a page called “sketch”, and the rest of the members can see their designs on that page only.

In order for someone to make their projects public to the entire world, they must perceive the permission of certain members of the platform.

  • YouTube It is a perfect social media portal for creative professionals worldwide. In it, they can publish their photography video creatives and also interact with other users.

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Resources to Speedup Your Social Networks

  • Instamojo for payments & Shopping cart
  • Leadpages for designing a beautiful and professional landing page.
  • Paypal for International Payments
  • Agorapulse for perfect social Media marketing campaigns and reporting.

My Final Thoughts

These portals bear similarities with the most popular platforms and user activity is vital. Sharing quality information, interacting with followers, stimulating conversations and using audio-visual content remain the essence of all such social networks. 

In summary, it is about being proactiveness of users. How active you are on such sites is the secret to success in each and every one of the social networks.

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