Social Media Marketing Tips

Many self-employed and small businesses may use the social web privately, but consistently for their own business.

The social media platforms offer a lot of potential for your own company, which should not be given away.

In this article, I give tips for successful customer acquisition on the social media marketing sites.

Customer acquisition in the Social Media Web

There can be many reasons why the self-employed and businesses do not use the social Media marketing channels, i.e. social web for business.

Often they are convinced that this brings nothing because the users there are only out for fun and no advertising. The latter is usually true, but that does not mean that you can still use the social web successfully for customer acquisition.

Social Media Marketing Tips for small business owners for Winning Customers in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Maybe it is also the fear of allowing a loss of control in the social media channels. Everything is under control with classic marketing measures. For example, the ads are created and then “released” to the customers in print media.

On social media marketing channels, the target group can react directly, ask questions, criticize and more. Not only are you not used to this, but you are also afraid of possible negative consequences.

But these doubts should not cause you to easily miss the opportunities offered by the social web.

According to a study, involvement in the social media marketing channels is very often worthwhile. In 2010, 40% of the surveyed companies had already acquired customers on the Social media Sites.

Especially small business companies were more successful on Facebook and LinkedIn. However, around a third of companies said that social media will never play a role in customer acquisition.

A study from 2011 shows that even 52% of Indian companies use Social media marketing channels for customer acquisition.

These studies are now already a few years old and certainly, the numbers will have changed to this day. It can be assumed that the number of companies active in the social media marketing channels has increased even further.

Define Your Company Goals

Who wants to operate on such Social media marketing channels successful customer acquisition, must set the first goals. There are some questions to ask:

  • What do I want to achieve?
  • Which target group would I like to reach?
  • What makes my company special?
  • Why should customers want to buy my products/service?
  • How much effort do I want to invest?

As you can see, these are typical questions that you should ask yourself in any marketing activity.

From the answers, one can deduce on which social media networks one should become active and which contents one should publish there. The important thing is simply to focus on specific networks and start with the right Social media marketing strategy.

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Communication Is Key

Traditional marketing/advertising is less in demand for social networks and to get real profits on Social media marketing channels.

Whoever fills his Facebook profile with PR messages and only advertises its products and services in their profiles and discussions. This will not welcome to audiences and often leads to very negative reactions.

Social Media Marketing Tips for small business owners for Winning Customers in Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

Instead, as a company, you should first realize that all the social media marketing channels are above all is two-way communication.

One should participate in discussions, provide useful information and help others. If you help others and give out unselfishly know-how, this is very well received.

On social networking sites, it’s all about giving. The take comes later and then more subtly.

You first have to build a professional profile in social media networking sites, develop a good reputation and be useful for your audiences. As a result, you will build up a considerable number of real fans, which will greatly facilitate communication and, above all, subtle advertising.

Content Is Always King

In addition, you should plan well, which content you publish in your own profile. Short news and tips are especially good on Twitter. Also links to industry news, background articles, call to actions etc. are quite well received.

But you should also publish here the larger proportion of useful and readable content and only a few self-promotions.

Questions from customers or potential customers are also often provided via Twitter and open communication offers the opportunity to show their own know-how and fast service to the public.

On Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn you can ask your fans questions, publish general news, discuss current market status or competitions.

Also, coupons and limited offers work quite well on Facebook. Anyone who gives insights into the company and comes across more personally than in advertising often points to the fans.

On LinkedIn, however, it’s more common to talk about business, as it’s a business community (B2B) that deals with business more often than other social networks.

Above all, you should have a plan of what you want to publish over a period of time. This allows a good time/effort planning and the coordination with important dates in the enterprise (eg new products, fair etc.).

Advertise Strategically

Of course, advertising is the main moto of professionals and that’s also possible on the Social Media Channels. Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Facebook offer this feature if you are planning via a proper Social Media marketing strategy to promote your brand.

However, there are different opinions about the success of such Social Media marketing and advertising. In further articles, I will go into more detail on the advertising possibilities in the Social Media Channels.

Turning Fans Into Customers

If you have heeded the best Social Media marketing tips in this article, then your company will make a good brand name over time. You will have many followers (Twitter & Instagram) and fans (Facebook) and certainly, have many connections (LinkedIn).

Turning these people & friends into customers, later on, is not that hard anymore on top  Social Media Marketing Channels.

By linking your own company website in your social network profiles, presenting special offers and you lure the users, who are already quite positive. In addition, it is important to take care of the needs and wishes of users and to present them better solutions.

Coupons/ sales offers have also worked well in the past, although one has to be careful that this does not mean that users only buy something when there are discounts.

Often it is enough to confidently showcase our services and products. Because if the users are already positive towards the company, they usually come by themselves, if they later have a specific need or problem in this subject area.


The social media sites are more communication than anything else. There you can talk to potential customers, provide the solution, help them, give tips and thereby gain the confidence and a good reputation.

This will make it much easier to turn these “fans” into paying customers later on.

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