A Glance Shopify Reviews of How it Works and its Features

Many of you will be already familiar with this name; Shopify is amongst the largest online shop building site. It does not interact with the customer directly but allows the shopkeepers to place their products on the Shopify website and let them sell.

In my today’s blog of “Shopify Review 2019”, I’m going to cover each and every aspect Shopify, an eCommerce website designing platform.

There is much variety of website designing platforms and we’re the primary ones to admit, selecting the correct e-commerce online store builder is a hard task, Shopify store, however, is easy to build comparatively. A lot of good on-line look builders provide you with all varieties of tools and it’s confusing – to select which is right.

If you’re planning to begin a brand new online e-commerce business, or simply delivery associate existing business to the web world, Shopify website builder is one of the best options for e-commerce stores builders. Shopify shops provide you with better assistance for your perfect online store appearance.

Shopify website builder is one of the leading eCommerce online store builders – it’s presently empowering tons of online retailers. There are tons of eCommerce businesses turnover above $40 billion prices of sales, running by Shopify.

There are many success stories of business that have Shopify store. It has been a reliable and trusted platform for online shop retailers.

Shopify store will help you to save your precious time to focus more towards on the key aspects of your online business.

As per the latest Shopify customer reviews, it helps to gain high conversions, good profit along with marketing your business & selling on Shopify exceptionally well.

Shopify Invites different vendors (such as designers or online tools providers) and helps to integrate their services and merchandise in Shopify.

Creating a successful Shopify store is a one-stop-shop for all the recommended tools and services to flourish your online eCommerce business.

A Glance Shopify Reviews of How it Works and its Features

Is Shopify the best option? Yeah!! Shopify is a perfect Model for staring an Online Business, an eCommerce business. Is there anything better than Shopify for Online Store? Nops…

If you wish an ideal place to launch your online store within a day, Shopify eCommerce platforms are the best to go. Shopify provides a well-designed –

  • Shopify theme store
  • shopify fees structure
  • shopify payment gateway
  • shopify PayPal

Shopify Reviews 2019 - Why Is It The Best Online Store Builder?

Now what to sell on Shopify?? Who uses Shopify? Shopify holds many categories such as clothing, home décor, accessories, food, beverages, games, sports, fitness, gadgets, electronics and many more.

Is Shopify safe? is Shopify LEGIT?  Is Shopify good?… Off-course Yeas!!!

Your Shopify store manages your eCommerce websites very well and allows you to focus on the other key points (marketing, product development, administration, and customer care) of your online eCommerce business, to make your online shopping cart with great success.

#1 Point of Sale (P.O.S) for your online store Business

If you wish to integrate your offline retail store into Shopify online store, you will get responsive designs of Shopify themes for your phones, laptops, and tablets.

Customers can browse product catalogs, handle payment & transaction-related issues. Shopify is successful in being a true e-commerce service provider.

#2 Shopify Online Store has a user-friendly Interface

Its simple task to create an eCommerce website. There is no need of having a coding knowledge. A layman can easily handle the steps as you start entering details.

#3 Shopify provides the Good collection of tools:

  • Insert the details of product, descriptions, pricing and other details by preset Shopify themes and better Shopify E-commerce website support.
  • Management of account, administration, and inventories.
  • Systematize your products into different categories (Becomes easy to find by the customers).
  • Easy eCommerce website development and blogs related to your business
  • Track client details and generate leads.
  • Accept payments from at least seventy different payment processors in various currencies.
  • Set up client accounts and manage their employee login. Assign your staff different permissions accordingly to manage your online store.
  • Arrange your clients by location, cash spent, and services opted, etc.
  • This is done to make your services better in that location and even keep records of clients.

#4 Shopify Themes & Template Designed in customizable options

The appearance of your online store should look professional, organized and elegant. This helps in building trust, reliability, and credibility of your online store.

Basically, Shopify act as the platform to sell the product online in an organized and professional manner.

#5 There is a huge collection of Theme available on Shopify. Some are paid and some are a fee.

Some of the Shopify themes are paid while some are free. Paid themes range from $140 to $180. This payment is just a one-time payment.

Investment to make the online store look the best. We Work keeping the goal in mind, attracting visitors to your sites and increasing your sales. Once your sales start increasing, themes are ready to get updated later on.

You will find several varieties of Shopify Apps that are categorized in different areas of their functioning. Functions performed by apps like

  • Accounting & automation,
  • Administration,
  • Designing,
  • Inventory Management,
  • Real-time management and many more.

These apps simplify the business task and create an efficient work environment.

Further, these tools facilitate to manage or simplifies manual tasks like inventory management, shipping, client services, accounts management etc.

#6 Mobile E-Store & Mobile e-commerce Online Shop on Shopify

Shopify includes responsive eCommerce website designs that are displayed on your mobile without any hassle. It enables you to have a check on sales, statistics, customer information and manage sales from your mobile phone.

This gives a new and easy prospective top your customers to browse and make a purchase from your online store directly from your phones.

Some Important Things are Required to Start a Successful eCommerce Business

1. Best customer support.

Shopify provides the finest eCommerce Solution & support services for their customer. The customer can contact them 24/7 from phone, online live chat or email. Shopify also offers assistance for the troubleshoot technology at any time.

2. Customer data is secured

Shopify assures the security of their customer’s data. Online store includes an SSL certificate, that incorporates 128-bit encryption technology. In order to keep informed of your online store safe.

3. Hosting & Backup Options

Shopify offers a backup facility, this is included in the monthly plan of Shopify. It is considered as the safe e-commerce hosting platforms that you can rely on.

  • It also offers proper management and updating of these technologies automatically. Provide time to focus on other important aspects of your business.
  • Shopify takes care of all the protection upgrades for servers and technology ensures your website is running efficiently and is secured from the hackers.
  • Shopify Ensures that your client information is secure with our server. Shopify additionally backs up your information mechanically each day.

Shopify is efficient at taking care of these technical details and get done all the necessary tasks effectively.

Find Out How Shopify’s Apps will Take Your Store to the Subsequent Level.

Shopify facilitates to add new Apps for your existing eCommerce site, your online store. Shopify offers the collection of tools that simplify work and lessen the workload.

Shopify Reviews 2019 – Why Is It The Best Online Store Builder?

  • It operates on administration, management, accounting and many more.
  • The facility provided like for Live chat, pre-sale quires, client services, Shopify reviews, feedback forum, automate inventory, ratings.
  • You can choose the facilities that you want to avail in your online store & streamline your business work. Easily manage your eCommerce business efficiently.
  • Shopify offers ways to market your products on the different social media platform such as Facebook, Instagram & Pinterest. Can make the posts appealing Post to generate leads and generate conversions and eventually MAKE MORE MONEY ONLINE.

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Shopify Pros and Cons

Shopify Store Pros

  •  A number of beautiful, professional looking and responsive of shop front themes are available.

Shopify themes are an option to design your online shop and make it look attractive to the customers. This Shopify themes make your e-commerce website even more reliable and increase its creditability.

Shopify offers the best theme store that allows customers to pick the theme of their choice where some are paid and some are free to use.

Shopify is divided into categories of a collection like Clothing, accessories, Home décor, footwear and many more. This helps to set up your e-commerce websites in an organized manner.

(Resources: SEO Strategies To Increase Web Traffic by 200,000 Unique Visitors a Month!)

  • Versatile e-commerce builder with an App Store to increase the practicality of your online store

Shopify is extremely versatile and has all kinds of tools (Apps) to fulfill all requirements and to gear up & increase the functionality of your online shopping store. Shopify offers an App Store where you can select the required app accordingly.

Services provided by Shopify apps & tools like accounting, Inventory management, reporting, shipping, social media, customer service and many more. These all app can help to automate & gear up your online business process.

Shopify offers various designer themes, online store appearances, various accounting tools, handling payments and many more. These Shopify services help to gear up your e-commerce store to another level.

  • Shopify offers best customer support 24/7

Customer support is provided by phone, online live chat or emails. For customer connivances they offer 5 international phone numbers provide the option to select the number near to your region.

Shopify customer care services also provide access to support, when technology troubleshooting is needed.

Cons of Shopify Store

  • Shopify acquires a transaction fee for each sale.

(Exempted from this fee if you make use of Shopify Payment mode). Along with the monthly service fee, Shopify charges for every transaction fee for every sale.

Percentage of transaction fee charged by Shopify is 0.5% – 2%  for their plan. ( to exempt from this transaction fee, use of Shopify payment mode . to power your transaction payments.

  • One Important factor needs to be appreciated regarding Shopify is that they have exceptionally clear fee structures.

Many other brands own a hidden fee, it becomes difficult to calculate the sales at the end of the month. With Shopify, enables to calculate what amount you owe from monthly sales. Accordingly, calculate what percentage of sales you’ve generated.

  • Integrate Multiple apps with your online Shopify store to generate more leads.

Shopify offers More than 200 apps.; to increase the functioning of your online store. Many Shopify apps are free to use but there are some apps that are paid. To avail those apps you need to purchase them. This can increase your monthly expenses of online Shopify store.

With the help of these integrated Shopify apps, there is no manual work required to make the system s communicate properly. Integrated apps with your online store help to save time, reduces manual work to some extent, Enables organized and proper functioning of your online business. 

  • Knowledge of “Liquid” is language that is used to customize themes:

Shopify uses its own coding Language “Liquid”. Whenever you need to make any modification in Shopify coding or functioning program. There It important to hire a Shopify Expert, who knows Liquid well. Shopify enables you to make customizations for premium themes.

In the below section we will present to you some more general opinions of public about Shopify to make you understand this site even more and better.

Shopify Is Worth For Investment?

  • If you are in search of something that is free completely Shopify is not the platform. If you wish to have the best platform to showcase your products, firm and best sales option, Shopify is the best eCommerce website builder platform.
  • It helps to grow your business manage your task efficiently and increase your earnings to earn money online full time.
  • Best web infrastructure and 24/7 live customer support.
  • Collection of various fully featured eCommerce tools that offloads the workload and organizes the work in a better manner.
  • Helps in making your business successful. Shopify is a perfect eCommerce site where your investment is truly justified.

How to Make Shopify Store Available For Audiences?

To introduce your e-commerce store to the audience. Start marketing your e-commerce store to your near ones. It’s important to first select the appropriate plan that is required to start your e-commerce store. Various Shopify plans you can opt to start your e-commerce store. Get more features, more tools as you select the higher plans.

Here are the Plans Described by Shopify –

1. Basic Shopify Plan:

starts from $29 per/ month (Billed Annually)

2. Shopify Plan Professional :

$79 from $29 per/ month(Billed Annually)

3. Unlimited Shopify Plan:

starts from $179 per/month (Billed Annually)

Shopify Reviews 2019 – Why Is It The Best Online Store Builder?

Shopify Payment Review

Shopify Offers two ways to process payments

  1. Selecting Shopify Payments: can help in exemption from the transaction fee that Shopify charges otherwise
  2. Can opt for an external gateway for payment (such as PayPal, Money transfer etc): Shopify will avail transaction fee from your sales.

How Shopify is helpful in creating your e-commerce store?

Shopify is the reliable and best eCommerce Website building platform to set up your e-commerce store.

Shopify is one of the trusted options for beginners to own your an e-commerce store online and DROPSHIPPING Business. Shopify store has classified a wide range of categories for products and services. For availing the benefits from the store depends on requirements, Budget and plan opted for.

Is Shopify Ideal Platform for Online Business?

Shopify is considered the ideal platform to start your online business, eCommerce Bussiness or dropshipping website for entrepreneurs and business owners.

Shopify can even be beneficial for the retail business to bring their products online. Setup the Shopify theme, ie the design for your store, Select the plan and Add your product.

Is Shopify Able to Give Relevant Audience Reach?

To make a larger audience reach your online store, start branding, promotions and online marketing of your products or services around the world through Social media marketing and by the Paid ads Campaigns of Facebook, Instagram or Google PPC.

Check the Social Media Marketing Plan to increase traffic on your e-commerce website.

Why it is important to use paid e-Commerce Platform for your online business?

Shopify offers an ideal platform to the e-commerce business. Those who have less or no experience in the e-commerce business.

If you don’t opt for Shopify as an e-commerce platform, just keep in mind that you must have knowledge of Domain, Hosting, SSL certificate, PCI testing, and certification and software and security updates.

Difference Between Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress and E-commerce platform like Shopify.

Content Management System (CMS) is built to manage dynamic web pages in the website, such as Corporate website and blogs.

(Resources For BLOGGING- How To Start a Blog That Generates $10,000 a Month)

E-commerce platform is designed to sell goods & services and process their payments form through secure payment methods. Shopify Plugins can help to manage e-commerce website with your CMS website.

Does Shopify require a web Hosting Services?

Shopify doesn’t require Web Hosting to run the online store. Shopify takes care of your Web hosting. There is no need to Signup for external web hosting service providers. All these necessary services are handled at one place.

Shopify makes the use of Optimised server system to optimize its services. Shopify owns a cloud-hosted e-commerce platform. Shopify is a reliable platform for building your own e-commerce online store.

Shopify has it’s own content delivery network, that will help you to load your website store quickly and fast, no matter where they are.

(Resources For Website Hosting: 7 Most Popular Web Hosting Companies For Indian Websites)

Shopify Is Appropriate platform for which services?

  • Shopify is for beginners, startups and new edge entrepreneurs who are new in this e-commerce industry and for those who wish to own their e-commerce store.
  • Shopify is an alluring choice for the small business owners, who have just started their business. They wish to minimize their costs, to get more gains in less time. Marketing become easier on Shopify.
  • It offers a variety of template design. The advantage of designed themes is this, there is no need to hire any designer to give a featured look to your online store. This inbuilt tools can benefit to increase your conversions.
  • Shopify also provides offline way-out. Help to integrate your retailed store process with Online Ecommerce store.
  • Shopify owns powerful Shopify analytics, that records all products, offers, sales, customer details, and conversions.

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Shopify Features with advanced Shopify Plan

  • Abandoned checkout recovery tool: This tool makes your store even more flexible, expansion of your online store. This tool helps website level up your business for further gains. These Shopify apps will have a monthly fee but will get adjusted in the plan you opted for.
  • Shopify offers high-end Online shopping solutions
  • Grows your business and Helps to brand your products as well.
  • 24/7 customer support (relies on all your quires, assistance in technology solutions, Live chat support).

Shopify Reviews 2019 – Why Is It The Best Online Store Builder?

  • Investing for the tools can help to grow your eCommerce business in the long run. Also results in saving time, avoiding unnecessary expenses and resources.
  • Opting for a better plan reduces your workload, increases your efficiency to do work and gives a balance in life
  • Transparency in Shopify Pricing and Plans.
  • Shopify offers 14 days risk-free trial. Explains benefits that you can avail with Shopify.

My Key Shopify Reviews 2019 Points

Shopify offers all types of e-commerce services. Building the best e-commerce store, store designs, Add products to your store, Organised category, Payment process & modules all are taken care of by Shopify.

The tracking, respond to orders, analytics all are in Shopify interface. Payment plans for monthly billing but for that store is a big success, it seems less amount for them.

Offers the integration of e-commerce stores with a retail store to increase sales and conversions.

Shopify Alternatives

My Final Words For Shopify Review

In our latest updated Shopify review guide, we shared something exciting about bringing your own online store into existence with Shopify. To get a remarkable success in the online e-commerce business, Shopify is unbeatable.

In this Shopify Review blog, I have mentioned very clearly when you should use it and shouldn’t. It offers exclusive theme design, flexible features, customer care support and helps in business growth.

It offers a trial version for 14 days to take a glimpse of the super successful online store. There is no monetary risk if you give a try for Shopify.

I hope this article will help to classify about Shopify fit in your business or not. Please Like it, vote us and SHARE it!!!

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