So, finally, you have made your mindset to start a blog that generates $10,000 a month? That sounds great!!

You maybe have a lot of questions about blogging, before starting it or even before deciding to start your blogging journey.

In my article, “how to start a blog” you will find a 100% proved, step-by-step guide to starting your own blog for any niche (fitness, travel, technology, stay at home moms, make money online. etc)

Creating a blogging website or a blog is far easier and faster than you think. To start a blog, typically there is no need for any technical experience, just click here and get started.

I’m so enthusiastic to see you all here! I recommend blogging to anyone who is willing to make passive here is my dedicated post for all of you serious people.

In my workshops, I train about blogging to my students (professional, moms, start-ups and entrepreneurs) who had zero to minimum computer knowledge, still they are performing very well.

It takes so much time to google the all the information about blogging.

Hence, I have created this blog post “start a blog that generates $10,000 a month” guide, that covers what all is mandatory to learn before and while creating your 1st blog to make money online.

To start your first blog in 2018: here I have posted the complete guide for newbie “how to start a blog” guide and a step-by-step instruction in an easy and very simple mode

My recommended 6 steps guide to start a blog that generates $10,000 a month

  1. Choose your Niche for blogging
  2. Choose a blogging platform.
  3. Find web hosting service provider
  4. Choose a domain name
  5. Get started with
  6. Design your first blog post!

Before Start Blogging…

While I teach you how to start your own blog, a few services I do recommend, that will pay us as a referral fee if you buy service.

This doesn’t cost you a single penny, in fact, you will regularly save so much money with some special deals I’ve negotiated for you.

Exactly, What Is a Blog?

According to me, a blog is an online informational website or a journal, exposing the latest information in the reverse chronological order.

In the blog, the latest posts always appear first. A blog is a great platform where an author or writer or even a group of people share their opinions on a specific subject.

Why start a blog?

There are tons of reasons to consider while starting a blog. The most popular ones I have mentioned below:

  • Establish your authority. Your blogging capability generates awareness about you and your brand in the market.

It’s best used as a tool to establish authority and make people trust you. Tell your own story by blogging, as your blog is your business card from 2018 and 2018 onwards.

  • Knowledge sharing –Sharing your knowledge, thoughts, and opinion with a certain community that who want to learn a new in their niche is a great job.
  • Make money online from home – Blogging is a full-time income career option if you are serious about it. Blogging gives a financial freedom and a stable income. Making money online as a full-time blogger is little bit hard work, but it’s easily doable.
  • Attract a great community – Get exposure to the good networks to share a common interest, such as a community of your existing business members or organization.

A blog gives an opportunity to reach a large number of individuals at a slight cost. Blogging enables you to influence the billions of people that use the Internet, It can be your business or traffic generating opportunities.

Can you see now how you would get benefited from a blog? Do you see yourself in any of those categories?

Take away 1: The cost to start a blog.

WordPress Theme – Free. Buy Domain- $2-$3. Hosting space – between $2 – $8/month. Once you start monetizing your blog, you can opt for more premium tools and services, however, not required to start.

Take away 2: How can I start a blog for free?

Yes, You can start a blog for free on and  if you want to do it for the long term you need to buy domain and hosting. Your domain can be based on your niche such as food, travel, technology etc …

If you want to make money from your blog I will never, recommend you to start a blog for FREE. It’s because- 1st Most of the free services offers only limited and basic features/services.

This might not be an issue at first, but as you grow your blog, you will almost definitely feel the squeeze. 2nd You can’t create your accountability for FREE 3rd free services limit monetization. To reach a higher level, you must need “upgrade” services or features.


Here are my easy-to-follow steps to get start a self-hosted WordPress blog, no technical experience required.

Step 1: Decide what to blog about

(Your Niche can be anyone of these – tech, beauty, sports, food recipe, travel, marketing, finance, business, home décor, etc..)

If you’re a single entrepreneur, you have a good flexibility in picking up the topic as per your choice.

If you’re part of any company business, corporation or group, then your blog must be related to the services or products.

The most critical part to remember are as follows-

  • You’re each and every blog requires a lot of interesting and unique content.
  • Your blog should be something that you enjoy. If you aren’t excited about your blog topic, it’s too hard for you to write about it.
  • Always advisable to select a niche in which you can launch yourself as an expert, specialist, and authority. The goal of any blog is to become the go-to resource for its topic or niche.

Take away: If I can’t choose the blog topic, then what?

Start nevertheless! You will learn from your mistakes. You can switch your blog topic anytime.

Step 2: Choose a blogging platform

To start a successful blogging, your main requirement is to choose a blogging platform.

In the internet marketing world, so many blogging platforms are available to choose such as Weebly, Wix, Joomla, Magento, Blogger, WordPress, Blogger, and Squarespace.

All blogging platform have their own pros and cons, but WordPress is my 1st choice and the most popular (source), and for tons of purpose.

It is user-friendly, easy to use, easy to understand, flexible and has a huge community of users who share the best tools and plugins to increase the functionality.

I personally use WORDPRESS for my 4 websites and also recommend the same for you (but not through BUT via WordPress.Org).

WordPress has two options: self-hosted and hosted.

  • Self-hostedWordPress: – It cost a little money, however, in exchange for it, you will get better control on your blogging website.
  • Hosted WordPress blogs: blogs – It is completely FREE of cost, it has very limited features, along with limit your earning possibilities.

My this guide “how to start a blog that generates $10,000 a month” will help you to understand how to start your in, i.e in self-hosted blogging platform. This the most preferred blogging platform for a beginner.

Step 3: Find a web hosting service provider

So, to make your blog online and visible publicly, you need the best server space. Hosting companies provide you the Hosting Space such as Bluehost, HostGator, inMotion etc.

Here is the best & affordable hosting that’s been recommended for you to use.

I personally recommend a hosting pf Bluehost.

Click here to –> go to Bluehost <– and start your 1st own blog(This link will open in a new window, use it as reference and instructions for your blogging journey). Click the Green button  “Get Started Now”-

Now, choose your hosting plan

I usually go with Prime or Plus plan, as here you will get unlimited web controlling features. To start, click on the green button “select”

In “Prime” Plan, there is Domain privacy, hence it is highly recommended. In Plan “Plus”, later on, you can get it in just $1 a month.

Step 4: Choose a domain name

Your domain name is your websites URL / web address. For example, is my blogging website’s domain name.

Check there websites to choose domain name for your blogging website –

Godaddy, NameCheap etc.. 

Enter your valid and authenticated account information – Enter your correct account information on the next page

Bluehost bills for 1, 2, 3 or 5 years upfront. So, choose an account plan according to your budget. You can upgrade it later on. Bluehost doesn’t provide a monthly payment option.

However, it has very reasonable monthly amount options. So, good to start your own blog or website, at the very affordable rate? It’s an incredible deal.

NOTE:  Domain Privacy Protection can be added on later very easily if required. Just for your kind information, Domain privacy is only available for new domains. BUT it’s FREE for in a case, choose the Prime package.

This domain protection has extra advantages. As it keeps your personal data and information private.

Enter the billing information –  Now, fill all the required billing information, then click “Submit”.

Skip the special offers and upgrades –

As of now, you can skip the upgrades and special offers by clicking the “no thanks” link.

Choose your password –

Once your purchase will be completed, you need to choose a password. Click the “Create your password” button and choose a secure & protected password.

Remember this password, as it will allow you to admin login and get started your blog.

Step 5: Get Started with WordPress

Click the blue button “login” in “Congratulations!” and start now working on your WordPress site.

Start building your site

At first,  your website will be on the temporary domain.

Tt takes min 24 hours for new domains, to become fully registered.

When the real domain is ready, Bluehost will switch it for you automatically.

Now, go ahead and start working on your blogging site.

As mentioned in step 4, in case you’re using an existing domain, you can contact Bluehost support (New Hosting Customers).

After all the process and step, you followed, you can see the two options, “Start Building” (blue button) and “go to your Bluehost account” (the link underneath):

To access your “Bluehost account”, click the blue button “Start Building” and you will be landed on your new WordPress blog site.

Left hand side, the black column is your WordPress dashboard.

It’s recommended to skip the two blue buttons in the mid of the screen (Business & Personal) and select “I don’t need help” instead. Reason? Preferred to start your blog with a clean canvas.

Step 6: Design your 1st blog!

Cheers! You’re now a gratified owner of your self-hosted WordPress blog website.

Before starting,  I recommend the following changes in the dashboard settings:

  1. Change your username from “Admin” to something more secure.
  2. Activate your domain. If you have chosen a new domain as per the Step 4, check your inbox, find the welcome email, read the instructions and click the button inside to complete the domain activation process.
  3. Alteration your permalinks.
  4. Switch your domain from HTTP to HTTPS. Again, for security. Read the FAQ below for instructions.

The left-hand side, the black column is your WordPress dashboard.

It’s recommended to skip the two blue buttons in the mid of the screen (Business & Personal) and select “I don’t need help” instead. Reason? Preferred to start your blog with a clean canvas.

Take away: Stuck in between!! What to do?

Contact Bluehost technical support, if you come across something unpredicted during blog setup. OR call to the customer care number of Bluehost.

Take away: The best option I switch from HTTP to HTTPS on Bluehost

Note: Once your domain registration is successfully completed, then only with an option will be available. And your domain should be permanent, not a temporary domain.

The difference between HTTPS vs. HTTP –

  • Website URLs with HTTP looks like this: http://
  • Website URLs with HTTPS looks like this: https://

Now, do you understand the difference between HTTP difference? The difference of only of “s” after the http.

This “s” specifies that your website is secured website and it’s a critical factor.

  • First of all, Google love secured websites, so you are in Google’s best zone. In 2017, Google alerted tons of website owners to make it secured if their website is unsecured.
  • And second, it gives a good impression to visitors especially when they asked for private information on your website such as email address or sign up on your website or to purchase from your website

Bluehost SSL certificate for FREE

You can turn on your site’s free Bluehost SSL certificate for the new domain. It will add an extra protection layer for your blogging website’s visitors.

So, activate the Bluehost SSL certificate for FREE – follow the below mentioned steps –

login to cPanel of your Bluehost account or simply click on this link. After logging in, click on “My Sites” (left column). Click “Manage Site”. See the below image-

Select the “Security” tab, the 4th tab. And finally, turn on your Free SSL Certificate. Simply tog the switch to “On” –

That’s all you need to do! Now, you can see your website’s URL (domain name) into Chrome browser, you’ll see the green secure icon.  In unsecured websites, you will see “i” with a circle, in Chrome browser.

Next Way Forward

Now your blogging site is ready to go!!

Here I have given a basic way forward, to begin your 1st Blog –

  1. Go through the WordPress dashboard thoroughly.
  2. Create typically 2 main pages – About us and Contact us other than blog categories.
  3. After this create a high quality, unique and fresh content for your blog and publish your 1st
  4. Always remember, to post the content on regular basis.
  5. Start sharing your content on social Sites – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram.
  6. Install the Search Engine Optimization Plugin – Yoast SEO, to optimize your website.
  7. Repeat the same always.

NOTE: Login to your WordPress dashboard by – Replace “yourdomain” with your real domain name


Take Away: So, finally, How to earn money blogging online?

To get the detailed answer to your question, read my this post about how to earn money blogging online.

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Final Words, for starting blogging you don’t need many skills but a dedicated time of 3-4 hours daily at least for 6 -10 months and then later you can start making money and ready to generates $10,000 a month. Kickstart now for your blogs!!

If your website already been hosted on Hostgator and now you want to start your blogs, click here!! And start making $10000/month by blogging in 1st year…

You can get all the best themes here for your blog.

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