How to Make Money Blogging Online in 2018

Make money blogging Online, seems so common on the internet google search.  And all the time you will end up with the same stuff such as “How WordPress Installation, from where to get the hosting of your blog – Hostgator or BlueHost for Hosting and finally start writing content for your blogs to Earn Money Unlimited”… Right??

BUT have you thought of “UNLIMITED” money is so easy to earn??? If I’m not wrong??? 🙂

Just for your kind information, it can be unlimited, if you are putting your best efforts and doing it considering it as your business.

How to Make Money Blogging Online in 2018

BUT, believe me, if the things would have been so easy then everyone could start it and become a billionaire in no time!!! 🙂

However, one thing I would say, that’s an initial process to start a blog. Reach thousands of people in the 2nd milestone.

And at last the 3rd milestone is to make tons of money, ONLY if you are consistent with your work. As this is not a part-time job.

Blogging is a full-time work. And off-course, after reaching a good level, you can retire early, travel, live and enjoy the life!

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Sounds actually incredible, doesn’t it?!

So are you excited to read more!!! Cool… Start writing about a topic you love the most and are passionate about. You must know that money is going to come in at any second.

But then it doesn’t. And you have no idea why. You are writing great posts, putting yourself out there, and even have ads on your site.

Up till now also, you’re not making money blogging online, from the time you started your online business journey.

What’s the reason behind you’re not making money blogging online if you’re doing all perfectly?

As per my personal experience, you’re not started making money by blogging online, because maybe you’re missing something important. The one main component of blogging, that truly make money blogging online for your online business.

Here’s a Simple Action Plan for YOU –

But wait for a sec. This is not at all an online business institute, it’s a blogging business. How to Make Money Blogging online essentially works in the following method –

  1. Become a Writer: Write your book on a topic people are interested in and sell it on eCommerce websites such as Amazon and eBay. (Check these books of Indian Entrepreneurs)

2. Offer Your Services: Package your top skillset into a service you can offer either as Visual Assistant or a Freelancer. Register here for Fiverr and Earn money Online as per your skills.

3. Advertise your own products – Create your own online course or a membership website for your readers. Your Course is your product here, that you can offer to your readers.

You can leverage social media also promote your online courses, especially Facebook campaigns.  Check out the favorite tool of world’s top marketers – Click Funnel for a FREE trial.

4. Optin/Email Signups – The main goal of your blog should be to give amazing, quality information on a consistent basis. To accomplish this, your 1st priority is to recognize and understand your targeted audiences.

Also, what they’re actually searching for (check their key problems and offer the best solution for them). Off-course, a professional or a start-up looking for some information about starting a new business or a side business.

They will surely prefer extra detailed blog content. Recommended to Use OptinMoster for email opt-ins and Email Sign-ups.

5. Build a Community: Yes, do this first before planning to monetize your blog. So I formed a Facebook group for that and started a community.

6. Don’t rely on a Single Income Source: If you are a Professional Blogger (ProBlogger) then you should definitely focus on 2-3 additional income sources for your blogging business.

You can’t always trust Google AdSense solely to make money online. Try, try and try, do experiments in Affiliate Marketing niche, Guest posts, Amazon reselling, sponsored reviews, selling products online and additional monetization approaches to taste the success.

If you are looking for good products to promote as an affiliate, here are some best resources to start with 

How to Make Money Blogging Online in 2018 . How to start side business

7. Sponsored Review/Posts: No matter which niche you write on, there will always be some product or service that you can review on your blog.

Hence, run the reach out campaigns to the influencers, related brands or you can try post sponsored reviews.

Nonetheless, it’s not that easy. To make money online blogging, you need self-promotion, branding, and a huge traffic on your blog/blogging website to start with.

Your topmost prerequisite is to find a highly profitable niche and capable enough to pull a laser targeted traffic on your blog, to start making money online by your blog.

From my experience, content is only 50% of the game, out of all the activities of blogging.

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Now, Do you really need a plan to make money blogging online? Why?

Because if you don’t have an actual plan to make money by blogging you won’t, in fact, no money at all you will make initially.

In this “how to make money blogging online series, I’m will cover & elaborate every single step that you must understand to turn your blog into a highly lucrative blogging business.

That is, turn a hobby into a money-making business. And the first steps start with you and getting your mindset straight.

It starts with getting your brain ready to make money from your blogging business. Getting yourself ready to make your wildest dreams come true!

How to Actually Make Money Blogging Online!!

So, when you first start blogging business and start generating content for your blog, you won’t make a lot of money or maybe no money any at all.

It takes some time to grow your online blogging business, your online fan following and on social sites. Such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

You need to put your best efforts into learning more and more about your niche. You need to pay attention to how exactly you can help and support your community. Getting your blog set up may only take 15 minutes, but making money from your blog and earn money from blogging takes a bit more time.

I’ve heard it takes on average 18 months to start making enough money to become a full-time blogger.

How to Make Money Blogging Online in 2018

If you do it right, you can start making money within six months in my opinion. I’m not saying it will take you years and years to turn a profitable blogging business.

But up until that point, you must have a servant’s heart. There are peaks and valleys of self-employment. Knowing you’re why, will get you through the hard times, and back up to the peaks.

Are you doing Business to earn money OR just doing Blogging?

Whenever I do anything I like to do brainstorming and start with the end in mind. What is my end goal?  What is your end goal with your blog?

What results do you want to see with your blog? What results do I want to see? This is what you need to do when you start a blog.

The first thing you have to decide is whether you want a blog or a business. A blog that makes money every once in a while is not a business and that’s okay. A business has goals with a plan and steps to meet those goals.

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Did you start your blog:

  • So you can live off the income from your blog and travel the world?
  • To retire your husband so he can work at home with you?
  • To pay off mounting credit card and student loan debt?
  • To help put your kids through college?
  • So you can quit your job and blog full-time?
  • So you can retire early?

If you wanted started your blog with the end goal of making money to meet one of your needs, you have a business, not a blog.

Your first step towards making money blogging online is to decide that your blog is, not only just a blogging website, in fact, a business, for a long run.

I know that you also have ambitions and dreams to do lot more efforts to settle your tons of pending debt. Or to quit the job you hate to work until your final retirement date.

Only the one who has courageous to hands up and say loudly “No more Now”. “I want to do something different.”

Action Step: Write it down in big fonts in your notebook & repeat it out loud every single day to yourself – “I am not just a blogger, I’m a business owner. I owned my own self-made business.”

First Believe in Yourself before thinking “How to Make Money Blogging Online”

We’ve established that being a business owner you must hard work. It’s also too tough on the heart. You must have a steady stream of self-belief & self-confidence when powerful & dominating emotions get to you on the inside.

What varieties of powerful & dominating emotions?  Comparison with others, criticizer’s bad words, jealousy and many more.

How to Make Money Blogging Online in 2018

Well, so many times we compare ourselves to others. Roughly like this “Oh wow, he or she is an incredible content writer, serving the community and earning more money.”

I must be dreadful with this wonderful line. “Always remember that you should never compare yourself with others. You never know the whole story of others.”

Action Step: Understand your skillsets and who you are? And find the way to help people even before you think to start your blogging business. Put efforts to lift yourself from the time when you had rough days.

How are you Going to make Money by Blogging?

Now, this is the right time for all of you to figure out the ultimate ways to make money online by blogging. And I think this is the number one issue where bloggers struggle.

They don’t create the perfect workable plan for their blog.

About how to make money by blogging you can absolutely start right away! Here, I would like to share some of the way bloggers make money online

1. Advertising (Banner Ads) – a popular form of making money online is selling ad space on your website. One of the most popular forms of advertising is Google’s AdSense.

After creating a free account on Google AdSense, you paste a snippet of code (easy) into a sidebar or on niche a page and Google will automatically fill it with relevant ads for your audience. You will get paid for every time someone sees the ad or clicks on it.

You get paid a lot more if someone clicks on the ad. See our sidebar banner ad for an example of what this looks like!

2. Sponsorships (Banner Ads) – While regular banner ads like Google AdSense may pay you pennies for views, you can try getting sponsorships for your website.

It will pay you a flat fee like a $400/per month to post a banner ad on your website to promote a singular company’s product or service. These are ideal because they become a guaranteed income each month rather than Google AdSense.

Google Adsense fluctuates each month depending on how many views/clicks they get. Places like AdThrive are a great place to start for better-paying ads once you get a larger following.

3. Affiliate marketing: Earning lucrative commission my promoting others products is an ultimate option for bloggers to make money blogging online in 2018.  To make this dream come true, you’re 1st priority is to become an opinion leader for your readers and audiences.

In blogging your trust factor is the only key to win. Your readers will make their buying decision ONLY based on your recommendation for any product.

4. Consulting – If you create a blog that helps people declutter their home. You can have a side business off your blog to offer consulting services to help others declutter their homes.

Your blog could become a funnel to convert people researching how to declutter to potential customers. The more successful your blog becomes, the more you can charge for your services.

5. Speaking – Perhaps your blog is a great resource for people, and helps people in a certain way. You could be seen as an expert on your niche and people are willing to pay to speak to experts. Set up a contact page on your blog where people can get ahold of you to speak for their event.

6. Convert Old Posts to eBooks – Consider taking some of your most popular blog posts and turn them into an eBook to sell on Amazon. These are what Amazon eBooks look like.

They don’t have to be so long. They can be short and reflect the ideals of your best blog posts that people are already loving. It’s another way to monetize old content.

7. Convert Old Posts to Online Courses – A cross between a service and an eBook, online courses have become popular lately because you can record courses and people can take them on their own time.

Try converting some of your best-performing blog posts into an online course that can become a form of passive income after you upload the course.

8. Set up a Webinar – As the creator of a blog that people regularly visit, you become an expert in your field. You can share that expertise with groups of people through online workshops or webinars.

People would be willing to pay to have direct access to you and the ability to ask questions over the web.

9. Sell a Product – Maybe you have a physical or digital product that would be perfect to sell on your blog!

Direct people on your blog to a product that your selling to make some extra money. You can use your blog as your very own Etsy and build your personal brand.

10. Subscription Content – If your blog content is so good that people would be willing to pay for it. Consider creating a subscription for exclusive content people can only get by paying a monthly fee. This would bring in reoccurring revenue to pay for your continued writing on your site

Create a Business Plan for Blogging to make money online

Create a solid plan of how you want to make money blogging online. I will give you an example of the best plan, that can work for you as well. Here is how I plan to make money blogging online from my blogging business: –

  • 50%: Community (VIP Membership) / Organize Workshops
  • 25%: My courses + eBooks
  • 25%: Affiliate Marketing income

Based on my plan I need to spend at least 50% of my time focused on bringing in new people into my community.

My main tasks everyday need to revolved around supporting my membership community. Similarly, you can also follow it

Most of the time during blogging or offline, I focus more on promoting my affiliate products programs and my own courses. I do work hard in bringing more females and folks into my network and helping them.

Do you want more sponsored posts or do you want to coach? Do you want to do a little bit of everything?

How will you turn your blog into a business and make money? So, if you are serious about making money from your blog, you need to figure out how you are going to do it. It doesn’t have to be perfect but you must have a plan.

Define Your Ideal Clients

Now it’s time to go figure out our audiences, who you’re going to serve! Who are you going to help? Who are your ideal clients?

For example, my ideal clients look like this:

  • Man or woman between the ages of 30-45.
  • Wants to start a new business or a blog or currently has a blog.
  • They have big dreams for their blogging business & lifestyle.
  • Eager to explore genuine (not a scam) online money-making ways.
  • Strong believes the system to achieve greatness in life.
  • Take blogging very seriously to start a lucrative business for lifelong

Action Steps: Who is your ideal client? Who do you want to work with? Take 20 minutes and write this out. Write out their story, what their needs, and what they want. The more you know who you want to help, the more you can target your posts, your opt-ins, and your programs

Set Goal to Make Money Blogging Online

I think every online business owner, me included, starts out with this thought: “I want to make $10,000 a month, every month.”  

That sounds nice, doesn’t it?! That’s my goal for sure! But guess what, if you start out aiming for $10,000, you will be disappointed when you make $100, $1,000, or $5,000. And that’s kinda sad, isn’t it?

How to Make Money Blogging Online in 2018

Now that you know how you want to make money, it’s time to set your goals. If you don’t set goals, you will miss your target every time and you will never get to where you want to be.

So start big, but build up to it. If you aren’t making any money online right now aim for making your first $100. Then shoot for $500, $1,000, and so on and so forth.

Once I know how much I want to make every month, I match that number to my plan of how to make money listed above.

For example, let’s say you want to start of making $1,000 a month. It would look like this:

  • 50% Membership Community: $500 or 11 People a month
  • 25% Online Courses: $250 or 6 courses a month
  • 25% Affiliate programs Income: $250

Action Step: Always 1st set your goals to make money. Then upsurge your goals from there to an advanced level. Match it to how you are going to make money to make it tangible. For example, I have goals set at $1000, $2000, $3,000, $5,000, $7,000 and $10,000/ month.

So, what’s next for your blogging business?

Every blog is different; you might expect 10,000 visitors a month or a day, it depends on your niche. Thus you have to plan for it and know your goals.

You don’t have to go into monetization mode from the minute you launch your blog but have your monetization strategy in place from the day one. Take the time to figure out why you are doing this and who you want to help. Then put your ideas to goals and numbers.

My Final Thoughts

How to Make Money Blogging Online in 2018

It is important to get your mindset ready and treat your blog as an actual business. Set yourself a reasonable goal and celebrate those successes. I think this is the best way for everyone to determine the blogging success.

Make a plan of how you will make money every month and what goals you need to hit. This is how you start to turn your hobby blog into a profitable business!

What are you doing to make money blogging online? Do you see yourself as only a blogger or a blogger + business owner? Have you made plans to make money blogging? Please share with us in the comments below!

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Thank you so much my all the dear friend!

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