How Can You Use Social Media to Increase Reader Loyalty?

Everyone knows what loyalty is. But sometimes it’s not as easy to define as people think.

If, for instance, a reader stops reading your novels for a year, are they still loyal? Some may never buy another book of yours.

For me, loyalty is a graduated thing. Yes, we can say we have loyal readers but are we getting the maximum possible level of repeat readers?

Are we encouraging people to recommend our books too, the highest level of reader loyalty?

If that is our goal, the maximum possible level of recommendation, can social media help us to achieve that? Yes, it can, in many ways. Use Social Media to Increase Reader Loyalty.

But before I talk about this I want to raise the issue of communicating with your readers. To do this effectively you will have to start collecting your reader’s social media details.

One of the main reasons for getting these details is to ensure you know how to contact them when you have a new book.

Having your readers follow you will help with the main issue of this blog, building reader loyalty.

Here are three ways you can use social media to Increase Reader Loyalty

  1. Communication Style on Social Media

Improve your book by listening and responding to negative comments or suggestions posted on all relevant social media channels.

People who say negative things about your work may have something valid to say. Listen to them, examine their issues, and fix them if you believe their criticisms are valid.

Deciding what issues are valid, will be a matter of personal judgment. If you are in doubt you may want to discuss any issues with your editor.

If you haven’t got a professional editor and you see editorial criticisms of your work on Amazon, then it is past time you got one.

2. Recommendations Matters

Ask people to recommend, Retweet or re-post something from you. People talk about “who promotes you scores” as a key metric for understanding loyalty.

The percentage who are willing to take action to recommend or Retweet you is an important number, as it’s not about stating intentions, it’s about taking action.

You may say you will “help promote” a book, but not actually do it, for instance. Actions speak louder than words.

3. Offer Something for FREE

Offer updates, free chapters & special offers to people who sign up to email lists or who follow your blog.

By making people feel part of a community in some way you will increase reader loyalty. Highly engaged readers become advocates too.

A percentage of them will recommend you to others. Your Facebook page can provide special offers and your Twitter & Pinterest posts can too.

Engagement is fast becoming a key metric for social media teams. How many Retweets, posts, photographs and comments people contribute on a daily basis is one measure of engagement?

How that compares to your overall number of readers and followers is another. But there are deeper measures of engagement too. How often are people coming back to each social media channel? And are people posting pictures to your Facebook group?


Some highly engaged people contribute in a truly significant way to sites, such as editors at Wikipedia. Can you encourage readers to be that committed too?

When you talk about engagement you need to define what you want from engagement. It may be a light engagement or it may be deep.

Only you can decide what is right for you and your writing You can change your mind too as the social media world develops.

That’s one of the best things about social media. It’s not a world set in stone. You can test, retest, then change. You can go for a light level of engagement then deeper, then light again. And you can decide when that happens.

I hope this article helps you as well to use Social Media to Increase Reader Loyalty. If you get the value out of it, please share it.

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