Why Google Adsense Plugin is shutting down. Google AdSense had created on WordPress Plugins for the WordPress Websites - Dr. Menka Yuvraj Varma

As everyone knowing that Google AdSense is an amazing advertising service offered by Google. This program is designed for small and large website owners who want to display targeted videos, text or image advertisements on their site pages and want to monetize their website when site visitors view or click such advertisements.

Google Adsense Plugin is shutting down… Really??? But Why???

Google AdSense had created on WordPress Plugins for the WordPress Websites. Now Google AdSense has sunsetted it’s WordPress plugin this month. Website Owners now can no longer install it on their websites. It will be in effect by April 5, 2017. Those currently using it will not be able to make ad format updates through this WordPress Google Adsense plugin.

Regarding Google Adsense Plugin is shutting down, Google said on the support page for the plugin:

After reviewing the AdSense Plugin for WordPress, we’ve decided that going forward we can better support WordPress publishers through new innovative features like our automatic ad formats and other upcoming initiatives.

Website designers and Owners are currently using the plugin should look out for an email with “more information and advice,” says Google.

As of May 3, 2017, there will no longer be support or access to the Google Adsense plugin.


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