7 Most Popular Web Hosting Companies For Indian Websites

Are you a new business person? Continuously thinking of starting an online trade?  Let me tell you the most important thing while starting an online business.

The foremost part is the domain registration for your website, then start your website and then the web hosting companies that you will choose for your blog or a website hosting.

Without web hosting services offered by these most popular web hosting companies, your website can’t live on the internet. It makes your online presence be felt for visitors and helps in targeting the audience.

The best website hosting service provider gives you tool and server space, that is necessary to get your site hosted, live and ready for the audience. Web Hosting companies act as a website house, the hosting providers are like a construction team.

It’s important to choose your website hosting provider, in terms of offering outstanding customer support, good and reliable for your website.

Better the web hosting service in India, better will be your website uptime and consequently perfect will be the presentation to your customers and hence generating more leads and conversions.

The Key Features of the Web Hosting Companies and their Web Hosting Services :

  • Web hosting server delivers your site to visitors.
  • It is helpful in simplifying things, server act as computers that deliver web pages.
  • Web hosting providers are the storehouse for data that connect the website with the browser & provides a quick summary for your website.
  • Web Hosting server consists IP Address i.e Series of the number used to identify a particular computer

While choosing the best web hosting company for your website, it’s important to keep some factors in your mind

Best website hosting factors for selecting a web hosting providers are

  • a good speed with big storage capacity,
  • 24/7 technical support provided,
  • Understand the value for money
  • More hosting space
  • Maximum uptime

To make the selection of web hosting companies and their services is no longer a tough job. Below mentioned web hosting companies, in this blog describes some highly rated and affordable web hosting providers for Indian websites. These can be helpful in growing your business online and give better results on ROI

1. HostGator


HostGator allows you to create blogs, set forum, use CMS server, upload your own photo gallery & sell products online with an e-commerce store. All this is can be done quickly through HostGator.

HostGator is compatible with many software like Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP & many more applications.

Hosting offered: Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Application hosting & KVM VPS Hosting

Support for platforms: WordPress Hosting, Joomla Hosting, Drupal Hosting, Wiki hosting, phpBB hosting,

Pricing: Starter plan at Rs 99/month includes 10GB Memory,100 GB Transfer and 5 E-mail accounts.

Cloud Rs 475/Month, 2GB memory,2Core CPU, and shared SSL certificate.



2. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is a fast web hosting about 20 times faster web hosting. A2 Hosting is a high powered web hosting for growing your business. Best web hosting solutions which are ultra reliable.A2 Hosting features in fast hardware, secure settings, ultimate service experience.

Other features are Guru Crew support, Free account migration,99.9% uptime commitment. Consists of a Global server, free SSL, free SSH, best version of PHP7 and SSDS to enhance speed.

Hosting offered: Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Dedicated hosting & VPS Hosting.

Support for platforms: WordPress Hosting, Joomla Hosting, Drupal Hosting, OpenCart hosting, Magento hosting,

Pricing: Stater plan at Rs 281/month offering 51% of getting it with using code: ZIP51 includes Turbo Server, WordPress, Joomla optimized.

Reseller hosting plan gets Rs 946.66/month, get using code – A2SELL. features in the individual hosting account, white labeled with WHM Control Panel. CHECK A2HOSTING DETAIL


3. SiteGround


Site Ground has powerful servers and offers full solutions for customizable site builders. Supports for launching site. Site Ground comes provides a professional website transfer and automated WordPress migrations with WordPress plugins. Provide access to SSL and WP-CLI access, Git Integration, WordPress sagging and PHP version control.

SiteGround mainly features in technical support, Monitoring security and preventing standards and fully managed services.

Hosting offered: Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Woo Commerce hosting & Cloud Hosting

Support for platforms: WordPress Hosting, Joomla Hosting, Drupal Hosting, Wiki hosting, phpBB hosting,

Pricing: Stater plan at Rs 292/month includes 10GB web space, 1000 visits monthly, 1 website and many features

Greek plan  Rs 876/Month, 30GB web space, multiple web space memory,100,000 visits monthly and many more.

4. InMotion

InMotion Hosting Services offers a new business hosting and SSL drive for free. InMotion hosting platform can help in growing your business to the next level with a variety of features and services offered.

This website hosting company offers a commitment to open source, customer support service and many more. Main features are fast web hosting, secure web server, and super easy setup.

Hosting offered: WordPress Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Dedicated hosting, VPS Hosting & Business Hosting

Support for platforms: WordPress Hosting, Joomla Hosting, Drupal Hosting, Wiki hosting, phpBB hosting,

Pricing: Stater plan at Rs 466/month includes fast web hosting, free SSD hosting, free domain, 1 click installer with 400 application, unlimited disk space, unlimited emails, and many marketing features

Pro Plan  Rs 632/Month, unlimited websites, unlimited disk space, free SSDs, free domain, 1 click installer with 400 application, unlimited disk space, unlimited emails, and so many marketing features. CHECK HERE InMotion Website HOSTING

5. BlueHost

BlueHost web hosting services offer a variety of features for successful business growth. Cheap web hosting provider, BlueHost incorporates with many features like managed support (for connections, VPS and hardware related issues), Cpanel managing services (web services, FTP services, mail services & DNS), Software (Linux, Apache server, cPanel, cent O.S)

Program support (PHP, MySQL, Ruby, Apache, Python, and Perl ). BlueHost has a secured hosting service.

Hosting offered: Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting,

Support for platforms: WordPress Hosting,

Pricing: Stater plan at Rs 209/month includes unlimited domains, unmetered hosting space, unlimited email accounts & unmetered bandwidth.

Standard Plan  Rs 1399/Month, 2GB RAM, 30 GB memory,2Core CPU, 1 TB Bandwidth and shared SSL certificate. CHECK HERE BLUEHOST

6. Big Rock

Bigrock considered as A grade website hosting services provided, out of all the Web Hosting companies and is a leading provider of web presence solution to small business, individual and professional.

Offering a complete suite of products, services, and support to clients. A special feature of BlueHost is that it provides Cloud hosting and Cloud Business.

Hosting offered: Specialised Hosting, Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting

Support for platforms: WordPress, CMS, and E-Commerce

Pricing: Stater plan for own use at Rs 59/month includes 20GB Storage,50,000 Monthly visitors, and 5 E-mail accounts.server location the USA.

Business Rs 319/Month, Unlimited storage, 3 Websites, 100,000 monthly visitors and unlimited email accounts.

7. HostSoch

HostSoch provides a variety of hosting services. It offers Server built on art infrastructure, Easy to use cPanel. HostSoch offers advanced to programme database like PHP, Python, Apache, Ruby, Curl, MySQL  and professional email hosting

Hosting offered: Web Hosting, Reseller Hosting, Dedicated hosting & VPS Hosting

Support for platforms: WordPress Hosting, Drupal hosting, Magento Hosting, Joomla Hosting.

Pricing: Stater plan at Rs 99/month includes single Domain,10GB Memory, unlimited Transfer, and 5 E-mail accounts.

Business Plan  Rs 559/Month unlimited Domain Registration, unlimited Memory, unlimited Transfer, and unlimited E-mail accounts and shared SSL certificate.

Check out these beautiful templates from Leadpages

Types of Web Hosting Companies In India

It’s important to choose a reputed best web hosting services for your brand is a beginning to attracting traffic towards the website.

Best domain hosting and web hosting helps to rank higher in Google and Bing SERP. Choosing an appropriate web hosting service for your venture should first fulfill your requirements like Security, bandwidth, audience, and reputation of the provider.

Shared Hosting

Your website is hosted by a server shared by other website’s server hosting space. The major benefit of using a shared hosting plan is to have shared the cost of best web hosting services.

One disadvantage of shared hosting is that there could be partiality with other sites. This may affect the performance of your site and result in high downtime of the business website or a blog.

Domain Mega Sale

Shared hosting is good for a few websites such as news site or blog website as it does not get lots of traffic.

The Pricing $5 -$10 per month, sharing a super server with the option of 100 of the websites.

Reseller Web Hosting

Reseller hosting is shared hosting with extra tools and help to resell your hosting space. Reseller web hosting offers to resell your host space.

Those who want to sell domains as their very owned business, Reseller web hosting is a great option. It offers free website templates, label technical support, and private name server. Price ranging from $15-$50 depending on features of resource limit.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting

VPS Hosting is a private server but acts as multiple servers. VPS act as a bridge between Reseller Hosting and dedicated web hosting.

VPS comes with dedicated resources and offers a dedicated server for a website without any added cost. Pricing from $50-$200 with guaranteed CPU and memory (RAM) offered.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated server hosting refers that renting on a physical server from a hosting company. You can acquire full control over (permission to Linux ) if you want.

A dedicated server is the highest level of server helps you to get lots of website traffic. Pricing for it is $100 or up.

Cloud-Based Website Hosting

New web hosting technology that allows hundred of the server to work together so it presents as a giant server. The idea for this cloud-based website hosting technology is that the requirements are increases, hosting company can accommodate more new functions for hardware and make a larger cloud.

The advantage of cloud-based web hosting is that it can handle a severe amount of traffic rather than shutting down the website (due to heavy traffic load on a website)

Pricing: Offers highly customized pricing as per features they provide.

Managed WordPress Hosting

WordPress Hosting has gained popularity as WordPress is web building platform. This web hosting provider will keep your WordPress installation up to date.

It can protect your server from security threats and hackers. It’s an inexpensive shared web hosting. This hosting platform is good for a startup business and existing businesses.

Pricing: Starts from $8/Month with many inbuilt features

The Key Features of Web Hosting Companies for your Business Websites

It is a very crucial task to select an appropriate web hosting provider for your business. A web hosting provider having the important feature to increase the efficiency and impact of web hosting service.

The right choice of web hosting service provider ensures your data on the website is secured, the website rarely faces any downtime and service provider know the true value of money.

Adequate Scalability and Storage Space

If the business is growing your website receives thousands or more of visitors. Database (MYSQL, Linux, Perl) and email account may require more storage space.

There is a service plan provided that get upgraded your account to accommodate changes. Keenly select the web hosting companies who can handle thousands of visitors at a time.

Backup Service & Security service

While running a website there are errors like Software bugs, Hackers, and hard disk failure may cause loss of data. Select those web Hosting Companies that backup files regularly.

Some backup files in  24 hours, some has the option of downloading the important files manually from the control panel. Backup files are important if a user creates data online rather than uploading online.

Guaranteed Uptime

It’s important to maintain the online presence of the website in a better way. Many issues like device failures, power outages and loss of internet, these issues can cause the hosting service results in high downtime for clients.

A web host can compensate to some time of downtime. Measures were taken to install generators, uninterruptible power supply, and backup files without affecting the website uptime.

It’s important to note 99% uptime causes 100 minutes of downtime. Best uptime score for efficient working is 99.9% uptime.


Basically, the amount of data that the host will provide you and your visitor to upload and download in a month.

Whenever you upload your entire website you use 1MB of data. If your website consists of more pictures then there is greater bandwidth and higher storage space. While selecting, web hosting company choose the website with higher bandwidth.

Customer Service

It’s important that the web hosting service provider is capable to provide best customer support for the clients. There is a local and a toll-free number provided by the company for their clients.

Features offered by the best Web hosting services are  24/7 server and network monitoring, uninterrupted hardware, network configurations, onsite backup, and uninterrupted power supply.

My Final Thoughts

We discussed, how Web Hosting services beneficial for businesses management. It’s important to select the best web hosting provider which offers the main features and proper functioning.

There are so many web hosting companies for Indian Websites, and here I have compiled the best one for you along with their pricing.

This article focusses on the importance and ways to select your web hosting service provider in India for better and efficient management of the business.

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