Best Ever Content Ideas for Social Sites Dr. menka Yuvraj Varma

Not sure what to post on social media? Searching for best ever ideas of what to post on social media.

Now, learn how to never run out of content ideas on LinkedIn and other social media sites again…

Here are the Best Ever content ideas for Social Sites

Select 1 popular theme in your industry/niche, find 15 topic ideas and outline each of them with 15 bullet points.

  • Turn each topic into an article and publish it on your blog, Medium, LinkedIn and at least one guest post.  = 60+ articles
  • Turn each article into a slideshow = 60+ slideshows
  • Convert each article into a PDF = 60+ PDFs
  • Create a lead magnet for each article = 60+ lead magnet
  • Each topic becomes a video [long and short] on YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and IGTV. = 105+ videos
  • Extract the audio track of each video and turn it into a podcast = 105+ podcasts
  • Each bullet point becomes a post on LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram. = 675+ posts
  • Extract 1+ tweets per post = 225+ tweets
  • Turn each tweet into an Instagram quote = 225+ Instagram photos
  • Reformat each quote for Pinterest = 225+ Pinterest photos & = 1800+ pieces of content

What is your number 1 tip on how to create more high-quality content within a shorter period of time? 😃

Typically there 6 Types Of Social Media marketing Content that can give the greatest Value to your audiences

  • Interactive content is all the rage.
  • People love to share lists and infographics from the websites & Social sites
  • Image-rich content is incredibly shareable.
  • News articles get more social shares than any other type of article.
  • Infographics are the most socially shared form of content.
  • Social media Content that evokes strong positive emotion

Social media marketing is the greatest tool to get a lot of traffic. In this, you just need proper content to upload on social media networks. We are social media content generating company which will help you to reach high rank.

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I hope you enjoyed my Best Ever content ideas for Social Sites. Please share with your friends, as sharing the positive thoughts and knowledge with others is incredibly good habit!!!

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