30 Rules for Moms of daughters

We as entrepreneur mothers should teach our daughters to become your own boss. Using few words by our little princess such as “thank you” and “please” on daily basis, don’t allow her to learn to become her own boss.

The great freedom of being your own boss, do want you love, is what (I think) an entrepreneurship all about. Same I want for my daughter too!!

30 Rules for Moms of Daughters

Hence, come up my today’s blog post “30 Rules for Moms of Daughters”. I love my daughter very much and by this blog post, I also remind myself my do’s and don’ts.

RULE #1 Love his Father

She will start learning love and affection like you. Choose happiness and healthy happy life for your family. Similarly she will also learn the devotion and dedication in relationship to manage family. Give your best, express love every single day.

RULE #2 Let her Drive

Let her believe that she is just like her Mom. Let her remember the best time she spent with her mom’s lap. Enjoy enough time with her. 🙂

RULE #3 Teach her to be Picky

Particularly when she need to take the decision to choose a perfect match. Never just go with the flow.

RULE #4 Teach to Empathy

Being able to support others and develop the stong sense of empathy for others. Make her understand the importance of empathy and positive connection.

RULE #5 Take her to the playground

Share the tiny and joyful moments with her in playground sunshine.

Rule #6 Love with bravery yet soft heart

Girls have few predetermined concepts that they have to be soft, however teach her to be tough to face difficult situations of life. Teach her to be Soft, sweet, brave and courageous in Love life.

Rule #7 Talk about Gender

Your princess needs to understand that all womens are equal. There is equal opportunities for all of us.

Rule #8 Teach about good character

Teach your daughter the value of good character in life. I hope my daughter will have such good characters -honesty, forgiveness, humanity, responsibility, courage, patience, respect and courtesy.

Rule #9 Teach her to be tough and brave

Make sure she knows that she should be brave and tough. No need to be perfect all the time. She needs to be strong, NOT to be perfect.

Rule #10 Teach her good manners

Encourage her to be gracious, kind and well mannered. Make her understand the basis of moral and good manners, that will help her for the year ahead.

30 Rules for Moms of daughters

Rule #11 Teach her when to walk away and when to stand-up

She should know that she doesn’t have to toss always to prove that she is right.  It’s not necessary to be right always. Make sure she understands how to gain the worth. Silence is more powerful than words.

Rule #12 Teach her to choose her battles

Make her clear which clashes are worth enough to punch back like for her favourite play team or for her family. Clarify her when walk way and shut his mouth. Remind her that individuals may be unkind, mean and offensive because of any particular reasons or may be jealousy. Teach her to be a bigger better version of you.

Rule #13 Share Music with her

Share your earphone with her at home and rock band music in the car. Create a good soundtrack for her and for yourself too, to live calmly together.

Rule #14 Let her win

Teach her that big things in life are possible and easily doable. Make her understand the mindset game to think big instead of jumping in the rat race.

Rule #15 Teach her about family

Let her recognize worth and value of family. Family is worth to stand up for always. Give her the best family values that helps her to shape up her attitudes, beliefs and ideals.

Rule #16 Listen to her patiently

Encourage her to talk and communication. Always listen to her patiently without any interruption while she is speaking. Wait for her to finish her words and then show your positive response.

Rule #17 Allow her to express emotions without suppressing her feeling

Encourage your daughter to express her feeling and emotions. Help her to identify, manage and express emotions. Be a positive role model for her.

Rule #18 Toss her around

Try to be with her as max as possible.

Rule #20 Share secrets together

Tell her not to keep any type secrets. Be always open with you princess in daily conversation. She will love to feel like she is the best friend of her Mom.

Rule #21 Teach her the Value of Hard Work

Educating the key values of hard work to her is crucial. Try to show her by examples. Admire the effort more than the achievement.

Rule #22 Share Positive and Inspirational talks with her

Persuade your little one. Talk inspirational. Motivate the little mind of your daughter to do big things in life ahead.

Rule #23 Ask her Daddy

Daddy’s permission & blessings is absolutely necessary, teach her.

Rule #24 Love her Like you Love your Son

Your little girl need your lovely hugs and sweet kisses. Love your daughter like you love your Son. Love is a sweet pink color of emotions.

30 Rules for Moms of daughters
30 Rules for Moms of daughters
Rule #25 Hangout with her

Spending time with your daughter is very important. Eat food with her for dinner and have healthy conversation with her.  Go out with her for a walk will allow you to teach her good life lessons. Your daughter will love it and learn also.

Rule #26 Teach her to believe in yourself and your abilities (Self-confidence)

Believe in yourself and your abilities is the cornerstone of your life. It provides you to take risk and think out of the box. Teach her to improve herself day by day and become confident.

Rule #27 Don’t say do

Mr. Charles F. Kettering, an American inventor said, “every mother must remember that one day her daughter will follow you as an example instead of your advice.” So, Be decent and good one.

Rule #28 Let her follow you

Be a good one. Let her follow you and your certain rules. It will give her a great sense of control to follow your advice.

Rule #29 Be her hero

Inspire her, encourage her and become a hero of your daughter. She is continuously seeing for integrity, leadership and on top of love and affection.

Rule #30 Cheer her up

Cheer up and appreciate her to feel her better. Make her feel like she is wonderful. Give her a good smile, as your sweet smile work wonders for her. Be supportive for her and always try to find best ways to make your daughter laugh.

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30 Rules for Moms of daughters

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